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Recapping Camp Comradery 2015

Recapping Camp Comradery 2015

Dan Poole || This past weekend, June 26-28, the American Freedom Party was invited to speak at Camp Comradery 2015, an event featuring several pro-White speakers and lots of fun activities. Located at a remote but pristine camping site near Bakersfield, California, the event went pleasantly uninterrupted by “anti-facists” who are notorious for protesting any […]

Whore House

Israel: Whorehouse of the Middle East

By Robert Litoff as a rebuttal/supplement to the AFP’s article on Human Trafficking | Israel is an especially bad nation when it comes to sex slave prostitution. And, many of the customers of the sex slave prostitutes in Israel are orthodox Jews wearing their black suits and black hats clearly showing their memberships in extreme […]


How Much Diversity Must We Tolerate?

In his seventh year of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” as Barack Obama memorably promised five days before he was elected president, we’re learning new details about thousands of immigrants who were released from custody after being convicted of serious violent felonies and horrific sex crimes. Instead of doing his duty to keep […]

Confederate Flag

Forget ‘Moronic’ Confederate Flag Talk, Ban ‘Democratic Party’ To Help Blacks

Ann Coulter — Daily Caller | Conservative commentator Ann Coulter dismissed the “completely moronic” debate going on about the Confederate flag Tuesday, arguing that the Democratic Party should be banned in order to help African-Americans. In an interview on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal,” Coulter also jumped on “liberal talking points” about the flag’s connection to Republicans, […]

Child Rape

Child Rape and Obama’s Diversity

Phylis Schafly | In his seventh year of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” as Barack Obama memorably promised five days before he was elected president, we’re learning new details about thousands of immigrants who were released from custody after being convicted of serious, violent felonies and horrific sex crimes including child rape. Instead […]


Do H-1B Visas Steal Jobs From American workers?

By Casey Logan | Ever heard of Hertz, Chico’s FAS, FGCU or Lee Memorial Health System? Those are among the dozens of companies doing business in Southwest Florida to seek employees through H-1B work visas, with the number of workers on these visas in the region appearing to be in the hundreds. The visa is […]

Media Signs

Kenn Responds to South Carolina Church Shootings — Nine innocent lives were taken in Charleston, South Carolina. I understand and share the pain Americans feel in the wake of this senseless mass murder. It is a pain I feel each day when a black American is murdered in Chicago, Detroit, or St. Louis. It is a pain I expressed last week […]


Church Shooter Another Drug-Induced Killer

A WND Report | Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof was a known drug user who was caught with the powerful mind-altering narcotic Suboxone when apprehended by police during an incident on Feb. 28. Suboxone is used to treat addiction to opioid drugs such as heroin. It has a host of adverse side effects including irrational, […]

Loaves and Fish Mosaic

Hateful Hebrew Extremists Burn Down 2000-Yr-Old Church

An arson attack gutted part of the church at the site where Christians believe Jesus performed a miracle by feeding 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish, Israeli officials said Thursday. A verse from a Hebrew prayer denouncing the worship of “false gods” was spray-painted in red on a wall at the […]

Marine and Geert

National Front Creates New Far-Right EU Group

The EU-skeptical and immigration-critical parties have at last formed a bloc in the European Parliament. The group will be known as “Europe of Nations and Freedoms”. Among the participating parties are the Front National (France), the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV, The Netherlands), Vlaams Belang (Belgium), and the Northern League (Lega Nord, […]

Rachel Dolezal

The Rachel Dolezal Phenomenon

By Kevin MacDonald | The case of Rachel Dolezal, the “trans-Black” who is the head of an NAACP chapter and has apparently reported false “hate-crimes” is all over the Internet. It’s hard to know if this is just a case of rent-seeking by someone taking advantage of Black privilege or a case of someone who […]

Obama Tyranny

Obama to Regulate ‘Diversity’ in White Suburbs

By Cheryl Chumley | HUD effort to house poor is called ‘federal neighborhood engineering.’ In other words there are too many white people in one area. President Obama is pressing forward with regulations to diversify wealthy neighborhoods – and critics of the idea haven’t been shy, calling out the idea as ridiculous and an irrational […]


Norway Wants To Send Illegal Immigrants Back To Africa

Per Sandberg of the Progress Party (PP) and his party colleague Siv Jensen want to send back illegal immigrants to Africa. They raise the issue as the only viable solution to stem the inflow of thousands of African migrants. What they suggest is that instead of bringing the illegals rescued at sea to European soil […]

Hungary Considers Building a Physical Barrier to Stop Immigrants

Hungary Considers Building a Physical Barrier to Stop Immigrants

The PM of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, announces this Friday that the Hungarian government considers building a physical barrier on the southern border of the country in order to stop illegal immigrants from entering the EU. Unlike many other EU countries that border non EU states, Hungary wants to fight the current wave of illegal immigrants […]

Noel Ignatiev, piece of filth

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies”

By Andrew Joyce | “Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as ‘the white race’ is destroyed—not ‘deconstructed’ but destroyed…” Race Traitor As a general rule, you can be fairly certain that any academic discipline […]

Hate Speech

Hate-Speech Hypocrites

Jews have too much influence over U.S. foreign policy. Gay men are too promiscuous. Muslims commit too much terrorism. Blacks commit too much crime. Each of those claims is poorly stated. Each, in its clumsy way, addresses a real problem or concern. And each violates laws against hate speech. In much of what we call […]

Dr. Adrian Krieg

Trade and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

By Dr. Adrian H. Krieg CMFGE | TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is an intended treaty involving 14 nations, essentially an expansion of “Free Trade” the “Trojan Horse” of multinational and globalist interests. The planned treaty consists of 29 chapters only 5 of which deal with trade, not unlike NAFTA that comprise two entire books and […]

USS Memorial Stone

48th Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

by Charles Coughlin | Today is the 48th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. The Liberty was flying a large American flag on a clear day in international waters in the eastern Mediterannean when Israeli forces attacked it. Navy veterans have been fighting a battle for 48 years to get the truth […]

Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer

Template For Terror

By Victor Thorn | In the advent of Baltimore’s April race riots, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People spokesman Shabaka Afrika urged blacks to take up arms. Malik Zulu Shabazz, another black activist and former head of the New Black Panther Party, advocated the building of a black army that would target and […]

Illegal Dumpung

The Giant Deception of Diversity and “Illegal Dumping”

By Phyllis Schlafly | Ann Coulter lives up to her reputation of issuing warnings and political comment nobody else dares to say in her newest book, “Adios, America!” It’s aptly titled; she makes the case that it is goodbye to the America we know and love if we don’t stop diluting our population with people […]

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