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Former Prime Minister of Hungary: Immigration is “Issue of Race and Ethnicity”

Former Prime Minister of Hungary: Immigration is “Issue of Race and Ethnicity”

Former prime minister Péter Boross claimed that mass immigration into Hungary presents a challenge because of “race and ethnicity” rather than culture, writes. In an interview for pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap, Boross, who was prime minister for seven months in 1993-94 after the death of József Antall, said that “Although no one has dared […]

Gun Rights

Federal Court Rules Illegal Aliens Have 2nd Amendment Gun Ownership Rights

By Brian Anderson | They don’t even have a right to be in this country, but a US Court of Appeals has ruled the illegal aliens have gun ownership rights. I’m not really sure how that works and as you will soon see neither do the federal judges on the panel that made the ruling. […]

Syrian Refugees

Why Don’t Rich Arab Countries Accept Muslim Refugees?

Because they don’t want them as permanent residents. Foreign workers are fine so long as they’re productively working, improving the economic of the country, and will go home when their contracts are up. Foreign residents, however, tend to bring their own cultural and political baggage with them. These countries are already struggling to deal with […]

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Donald Trump’s Breakthrough Statement on Immigration

By Kevin MacDonald | I certainly counted myself among the skeptics when it comes to Donald Trump’s candidacy. But it’s clear now that he is going full populist on the issues that matter, first with his statements on trade deals, but now—and more importantly—on immigration. Ann Coulter calls his immigration statement “the greatest political document […]

Illegal Dumpung

Feds Hide Fiscal Details About Vast Operation To Resettle Illegal Alien Minors

Breitbart | Illegal aliens who show up at the border have been resettled all across United States of America instead of being detained and deported, as Donald Trump recently called for in his new immigration plan. According to data from the Justice Department obtained by Breitbart News, 96 percent of Central Americans caught illegally crossing […]

Leo Frank

Politicians Commemorate Centennial of Leo Frank’s Death

One-hundred years after his murder, elected officials, community members and a relative he didn’t live long enough to meet gathered at Old Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale to commemorate the life of Leo Frank, a Jewish man and Brooklyn son lynched in the South. While serving a life sentence for murder, Frank was kidnapped from […]

Bob Whitaker 2016

American Freedom Party Launches Robocall Campaign in Mississippi

On Saturday, August 15, 2015 the American Freedom Party (AFP) continued the automated telephone campaign which it began in Idaho two weeks ago. The Two Requirements of Tyranny: 1) Tyranny forbids all dissent; 2) Tyranny never calls it “dissent.” To a Communist, all disagreement is “fascist. ” To a Fascist, all disagreement is Communist. Today […]

White Americans

University Teaches Students That White People Can’t Be Oppressed

By Blake Neff | An instructional guide apparently in use at Northeastern University in Boston is teaching the school’s residential assistants that it is impossible for white people or men to be oppressed. “In order to have the experience of being oppressed one must belong to an oppressed category,” the guide, titled “The Umbrella of […]

Paul Fromm

Free Speech Activist Paul Fromm Denied Entry to U.S.—But Illegal Aliens Receive ‘Sanctuary’

By Paul T. Angel | In the same week that one illegal alien out of tens of millions currently hiding out in the United States murdered a California woman in broad daylight, U.S. law enforcement denied entry to a conservative Canadian activist who was coming to the U.S. to attend a political conference. On July […]

Chairman Mao

The Most Leftist Professors In America

This mild summer is winding down. Professors across the fruited plain are preparing for another fall semester of spewing half-baked progressive ideologies at gullible undergrads. By Emma Coulter | It’s time, then, for second annual, highly definitive list of the worst professors in America. All the professors on the first annual definitive list remain terrible, […]

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