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Category: American Voice

Trump Hotline

American Freedom Party Launches Trump Hotline

The leader of the American Freedom Party wants to ensure that any Trump supporter who has been “traumatized” and bullied simply for loving their candidate has a number to call to get help. William Daniel Johnson, a practicing lawyer and the leader of the American Freedom Party, told The Daily Beast he plans to launch […]

Moshe Kantor EJC

Racist European Jewish Congress Slams European Patriots

President of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) Moshe Kantor has slammed everyone who opposes the overrunning of Europe by nonwhite invaders as promotors of “hatred and intolerance.” Jewish supremacist Kantor specifically listed Germany’s AfD, Slovakia’s People’s Party, Hungary’s Jobbik, Greece’s Golden Dawn, France’s Front National — and America’s Donald Trump. Writing in an opinion piece […]

Gun Rights in Colorado

Colorado Middle School Brings Guns Into the Classroom for Safety Training

While liberals insist that gun-free zones are the solution to gun violence, Craver Middle School in Colorado City decided it would be better to bring firearms into the classroom — so children could learn how to use and respect them. KOAA reported that Project Appleseed and the NRA brought the three-day gun safety program to […]

John Kerry

John Kerry Admits the Islamic State Is Committing Genocide, But Not South Africa?

On Monday, March 14, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed Resolution 75, which declares and condemns, in the clearest of language, that the Islamic State has committed acts of genocide against Assyrian Christians and Yezidis in Iraq and Syria. On March 17, after much pressure from the Congress as well as a number of […]

Patrick J. Buchanan GOP

GOP Suicide or GOP Rebirth?

By Patrick Buchanan || “If his poll numbers hold, Trump will be there six months from now when the Sweet 16 is cut to the Final Four, and he will likely be in the finals.” My prediction, in July of 2015, looks pretty good right now. Herewith, a second prediction. Republican wailing over his prospective […]


US Congress Debated US Policy on National Self-Determination & Secessionist Movements

The US Congress’ Foreign Affairs House Subcommittee on Europe, Eurasia and Emerging Threats discussed the US policy on the recognition of self-determination movements. Dana Rohrabacher, Chairman of the Subcommittee, opened the debate with a rather practical approach to the issue an inviting everyone to debate it with an open mind “Over time, it is natural […]

El Chapo

Rifle Found at El Chapo Hideout Tied to ‘Fast and Furious’

It’s baaack! Fast and Furious still haunts the American people. says “One of the guns that Mexican officials say was found at the hideout of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera has been found to be associated with Fast and Furious, a failed “gun-walking” operation, according to the Justice Department. The department said […]

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan Hints at Convention Showdown to Select GOP Nominee

In speaking with reporters on Thursday, House Speaker Paul Ryan acknowledged that the GOP presidential nomination process could “result in a convention fight” this summer. In comments to the Washington Examiner, Ryan also took a swipe at front-runner Donald Trump for comments Trump made concerning the fallout from trying to oust him as the nominee. […]

Illegal Immigration

Record 61 Million Immigrants in U.S., 15.7 Million Illegally

Center for Immigration Studies writes A new analysis of government data from December 2015 indicates that more than 61 million immigrants and their American-born children under age 18 now live in the United States; roughly three-fourths (45.3 million) are legal immigrants and their children. While the national debate has focused on illegal immigration, the enormous […]

Anti-Trump in Chicago

Anti-Trump Groups Threaten ‘Largest Civil Disobedience Action of the Century’

With little fanfare and almost no news media attention, some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month. They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that transforms the political climate […]

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