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Presidential Rankings Show Merlin Miller Moving Up

by Mark Wachtler | Las Vegas. Merlin Miller, American Third Position Party’s candidate for President, may only be on the ballot in a handful of states, but that isn’t stopping him from campaigning hard across the country. His diligent effort is paying off, at least according to the most recent social media rankings. Based on the number of Facebook Likes, Miller has just passed the Reform Party’s Andre Barnett. See the complete Presidential candidates ranking below.

Facebook rankings – 2012 Presidential candidates
(from Whiteout Press, as of 9/22/12):

Candidate (party) – Facebook ‘Likes’

  1. Barack Obama (D) – 538,733
  2. Gary Johnson (L) – 62,224
  3. Mitt Romney (R) – 37,820
  4. Jill Stein (G) – 22,834
  5. Rocky Anderson (J) – 6,279
  6. Roseanne Barr (PF) – 3,915
  7. Virgil Goode (C) – 2,092
  8. Stewart Alexander (S) – 1,677
  9. Tom Hoefling (A) – 1,057
  10. Merlin Miller (A3P) – 309
  11. Andre Barnett (RP) – 197
  12. Ed Noonan (AI) – 93
  13. James Harris (SW) – 67
  14. Jerry White (SE) – 57

While candidates like the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode and the Libertarians’ Gary Johnson are growing their Facebook ‘Like’ totals at an impressive pace, only American Third Position’s Merlin Miller has been able to do what none of the other candidates have thus far – pass one of their opponents while moving up the chart. As recently as earlier this month, Miller was 11th on the list, trailing the Reform Party’s Andre Barnett. Now, he’s jumped up to 10th position.

Independent voters poll

Cyber space and social media aren’t the only place where Merlin Miller’s gains are being quantified. According to an ongoing poll at, the A3P’s Miller is currently polling in 6th place among the publication’s independent readers and subscribers.

Presidential poll of independent and third party voters
(ongoing poll, results as of 9/20/12). From

  1. Gary Johnson (L) – 49%
  2. Jill Stein (G) – 14%
  3. Stewart Alexander (S) – 11%
  4. Mitt Romney (R) – 9%
  5. Barack Obama (D) – 8%
  6. Merlin Miller (ATP) – 3%
  7. Virgil Goode (C) – 2%
  8. Rocky Anderson (J) – 2%
  9. Roseanne Barr (PF) – 1%
  10. Andre Barnett (RP) – 1%

*Receiving votes but not enough to register a percentage are; Tom Hoefling (A), Ed Noonan (AI), James Harris (SW) and Jerry White (SE).

There is still time to vote in the above poll. Visit No registration required.

Merlin Miller for President

The American Third Position Party’s Presidential nominee – Merlin Miller – has most of the credentials a typical Presidential candidate would love to have. He was born in Iowa, graduated from West Point, served his country in the military, and then moved onto the private sector where he was an engineering manager for the blue collar company Michelin Tire. Even more impressive is Miller’s happy 37-year marriage to his wife Susan and his four lovely daughters, three of whom also graduated from West Point.

And while Merlin Miller has been blessed with many aspects of the American Dream, he sees that it has become out of reach for many Americans. As far back as 2009 Miller wrote, ‘At one time, we lived in hope that the American dream was possible, that we could achieve greatness, and find peace, love, and happiness. The dream required hard work, honesty and humility, but it was within reach. Our founding fathers and ancestors proved it could become real.’

Miller describes his effort saying, “We must pursue truth, justice and liberty if we are to safeguard a future for our progeny, and restore the inspirational greatness of our constitutional republic. My campaign and the promotion of A3P’s platform offer our best hope for this endeavor.”

Merlin Miller For President 2012Merlin Miller has at times been criticized by racial and religious groups such as the Anti Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. From an independent viewer’s perspective, it would appear that the guardians of minority rights have unjustly lumped Miller and the A3P into similar categories as some of America’s most notorious hate groups. And while Miller doesn’t hesitate to defend the rights of whites, Christians, Europeans and other non-protected groups, this author has not seen any evidence where the Presidential candidate has made any derogatory statements about other groups or demographics.

Instead, the A3P Presidential nominee concentrates his efforts on both national issues like illegal immigration, as well as local issues like crime, drug trafficking and street gangs. Connecting on many of the topics that affect Americans’ everyday lives, Miller has touched a chord on Main Street while his establishment opponents have concentrated their efforts on appealing to Wall Street.

Merlin Miller admits that he has no mathematical chance of winning the race for the White House this election season. Perhaps he’ll have a better chance in future years. For now, he and the American Third Position Party will continue to introduce themselves to voters and slowly grow their network of supporters. Or as the results of the Facebook ‘Like’ ranking show, they’re doing it faster than many have noticed.

Merlin Miller’s name will be on the ballot in a handful of states including Colorado, New Jersey and Tennessee.

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  1. Keith says:

    Today, I'm happy to report that engaged in some activism with the focus on handing out tri-fold brochures.

    Thanks to Alex for meeting up with me. More activism will be forthcoming in the near future.


  2. Edward says:

    I say order some brochures on A3P and get busy putting them out to prospects.

    We need to reach our people…..let's start reaching them on a local level.

  3. Keith says:

    I'm a New Jersey resident and offered to volunteer last week. I only received an email of attending an Oktoberfest.

    There is no one in NJ that wishes to work with me to help the campaign?

  4. JamesinUSA says:

    These are all good indications for future success! By 2016 I can see the A3P being mentioned in every mainstream media in the country, and we can start seeing some real political achievement all across this country by 2020, if not before.

    It’s just a matter of continuing to build that foundation of activist and supporters that will eventually gather the needed votes to have a political influence in this country.

    I appeal to all good patriots to join the American Third Position today!

    • sonicwhip says:

      It might be to late for white people by 2020, we need to keep doing everything we can now, this party needs to build a power base at the bottom by winning local elections that is the only way to move up for a party with no corporate funds.

    • Help says:

      The A3P has to maintain it's membership drive and encourage already exist members to get active.

      The A3P can achieve a lot in local elections and national ones by 2016 if people come together. This can be done y giving volunteers more say in the A3P projects.

      • American3P says:

        Very true. We must increase awareness among the younger population. The youth have lost any say in how their legacy is being spent. We have left an enormous financial burden on a population group that has not objected to the economic mess they will have. They have been left with a debt that will make them slave-wage earners. They need to become more vocal.

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