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Towson White Student Union To Host Patriot Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller To Speak At Towson 11/27

For More Information:
Matthew Heimbach
Commander and Founder, Towson White Student Union
(240) 343-4943

Towson White Student Union To Host Patriot Merlin Miller

Towson, Maryland – The Towson White Student Union (“WSU”), has announced that it will be hosting Merlin Miller as the centerpiece of our second entry in our year long speaker series.

Prior to running for president, Mr. Miller was a film director, writer, and producer. A graduate of West Point, Mr. Miller also once served in the military as an officer.

Matthew Heimbach, the founder and commander of the WSU, said, “We are thrilled to host Merlin Miller, the man Americans should have elected for President in 2012.”

The event will be held on Tuesday November 27th at 7pm in the Towson University Union in room 305. We will be accepting RSVP’s to guarantee a space by contacting

Merlin Miller’s campaign website can be visited at The American Third Position party website can be visited at

Also, the WSU is currently trying to solicit financial assistance from its supporters so as to continue to advance its mission of advancing White interests. Personal checks, made out to “Matthew Heimbach” and with “WSU” in the subject line, can be mailed to: White Student Union, P.O. Box 42431, Towson, MD 21284.

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  1. MSFan says:

    Good work Mat! It helped me to understand the topic more.

  2. AlexDCN says:

    So…. how did the event go? Who are you guys hosting next? What is coming up for Spring 2013?

  3. AcrossThePond says:

    Does anyone know if this event ever took place?
    I cannot find the video on Youtube.

  4. Mstr Rick says:

    Listened to Mr. Miller on The White Voice Radio Podcast replay this weekend. Very strong advocate for White Identity and creating a party in advancement of white cultural and political interests, Looking forward to watching the video. I assume you guys will be posting it here?

    FYI-saw the "If I wanted…" video short, that which is self evident displayed in sound and pictures, most excellent!

  5. AcrossThePond says:

    Liberals have never won a debate against nationalists.
    The liberal academics have, however, succeeded in the
    imposition of terminology. It's time we impose terminology
    of our own.

    Merlin should introduce these kids to the word "meritocracy."
    It has much context in the Supreme Court case
    Fisher v. University of Texas. Meritocracy should also
    be one of the core principles of the WSU.

  6. URESAPresident says:

    Good work Matt.

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