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School Board Candidate Proposes A “White History Month”


A White History Month is proposed by candidate Edward E. Stephens V. Mr. Stephens is a resident of unincorporated Missouri (Platte County). He has lived in or around the Kansas City Metro area all 25 years of his life. Edward graduated from Park Hill High School in May of 2006 as a tri-letterman of academics, 4A state champion football, and 4A state champion wrestling. His outstanding academic ability earned him the A+ Scholarship to Metropolitan Community College in Kansas City, Missouri, where he began studying engineering. While studying, Edward was accepted into Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society for two-year institutions. He later became president of his college’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter and led that chapter to many distinct honors. In 2008, Edward was named International Distinguished Chapter President of the entire international organization. He graduated from Metropolitan Community College with honors, earning an A.S. in Engineering.

Edward’s high academic ability, coupled with his leadership skillset, earned him several scholarships to the Missouri University of Science & Technology (formerly University of Missouri-Rolla). In 2008, Edward duly enrolled at “Missouri S&T” and began studying electrical engineering, specializing in power systems.

“We celebrate, and have celebrated for many years, a history month in our school district that is dedicated specifically to the accomplishments and the standards of the black race,” Stephens, who is white, says. “Yet there is no month dedicated to the history and the advancement of the white race. That, to my mind, is abusive.”

Edward continued to excel academically and socially. He made the Chancellor’s List for exceptional performance several semesters. He joined the student branch of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and was elected vice president of the university chapter.

While studying electrical engineering at Missouri S&T, he became involved in Toastmasters International and learned the valuable communication skills required of a leader in today’s marketplace. His unique speaking style, energy, and passion earned him several speaking awards and local recognition as an experienced orator. He was also to become chapter president of his university’s Toastmasters club.

In addition to electrical engineering, Edward also studied Russian and Missouri S&T. In 2010, Edward traveled to Moscow, Russia, where he further pursued Russian studies. He studied the Russian language and culture in a summer-long educational program at Moscow University for the Humanities. Upon returning to America, Edward finished his academic life at Missouri S&T in 2010 earning a B.S. in electrical engineering and Russian minor and graduating magna cum laude.

As a Christian and Freemason, Edward is one of us. Through leadership and service he honors our community. In these difficult economic times, we can count on him to reduce taxes. His motto is: “Raise standards, not taxes.”

Having also grown up in a working class household, he is much closer than the current BOE to the economic realities we face as a community.

-My Pledge-

  • I pledge to spend your tax money as I would spend my own, wisely and frugally.
  • I pledge to veto any proposal to raise taxes.
  • I pledge to vigorously oppose the introduction into our schools of lesson plans and reading materials created by extremist groups such as the ADL, SPLC, and NAACP.

Edward E. Stephens V

Stephens is critical of the school district’s lack of emphasis on European culture in the majority White school district.

“I think we need to also pay attention to the white culture and white accomplishments. The vast majority of the Park Hill School District is white … it only makes sense to honor those things as well,” said Stephens.

The American Freedom Party (formerly The American Third Position) supports Mr. Edward Stephen’s proposal for a “White History Month”. We recommend that all European Americans vote for this candidate who would represent the interests and concerns of White American school students. The school board position is a non-partisan position. Edward Stephens is an independent candidate.

Interested parties can support Edward Stephens with their contributions at Mr. Stephen’s donation page DONATE HERE

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The American Freedom Party (AFP) (formerly The American Third Position Party (A3P)) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the Anti-European political interests. Join the American Freedom Party.

Order Candidate Stephens Contribution

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  1. American3P says:

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  2. Gigi says:

    It's about time! I always said we should show Our Pride for The White Race. Great Idea! Our children need to learn about White History just as much as Black History…It's Only Fair!

  3. Shawn P says:

    It's about time we stand up and say what's fair is fair. Equal rights for all we have just as much right to feel pride and honor in are race and culture as white people.

  4. Pepall says:

    What for if white people did not go though what black people went through? Forget it.

    • American3P says:

      Sir, slavery exists to this day! And Whites were slaves also! This is about accomplishments. So be honest and acknowledge White accomplishments.

    • susan wilcox says:

      The whites have suffered many things. They were enslaved by Egyptians for 2000 years….and if it were not for the JEWS who owned shops in the South during protests there, who took them In and sheltered and championed their cause for civil rights, their marches would have been in vain. Many Christian whites stood up and defended and AGREED with their causes. We sang in our Sunday Schools: “Red and yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight…Jesus loves the little children of the world. And we fought beside them for their rights. As we celebrate Black History month, let us also celebrate Christians and Jews of all colors who helped break those chains from evil people…of all colors …who enslaved blacks. Many WHITES were punished and killed when they agreed with the black causes, by KKK.

  5. butthedd says:

    As a senior citizen, I have seen the country bend over and take it from homosexuals, Blacks, Hispanics, and more recently Muslims. Everyone wants to be “special” and get treated differently than the old white guy that seems to embody the scale of excellence. To be compared to European Americans boggles the mind! Why do you even care? Be you or be fucked until you bleed out your eyes. If my being white is offensive to you, get over it or leave!

  6. Laurie says:

    Yes! Me and my husband have said there should be a white history month too! Great to have a guy like this! As for the nonwhite whiners,you can go back to your own countries if you don't like it! This is ours and we allow you to come live in it. Remember that!

  7. Michael says:

    Its about damn time! All other racial/ethnic groups have their associations and organizations celebrating their culture and interests, why not have a White History month? And a Miss White America and any other organization of interest and concerns of White Americans without being labeled as “KKK” or “Neo-Nazis”.

    • margaret says:

      We can’t even have an all white bachelor show. I have been saying for years we need to do something. Every store you go in are nothing but black. They have all the rights we have no say anymore. and if whites don’t start standing up for ourselves we are not going to have our heritage. Thank you Laurie you said it very well.

  8. RegWalters says:


    What do you think is taught 12 months out of the year in school?

    A “white-genocide facilitating anti-white narrative grotesquely divorced from reality” is what is taught all year round by the Professor Priesthood.

    :"Keep bashing the dead white males,and the live ones,and the females too,until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed.Not deconstructed,but destroyed" -Noel Ignatiev, anti-Whte Harvard Professor

    “We are anti-white”

    Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-white.

  9. RegWalters says:

    I have to disagree with this. The anti-white state religion must be forced to accept white group rights and group survival, and having European White history taught inside the anti-white indoctrination centers is a crucial part of that.

    In case you`ve forgotten, the anti-white state religion`s denial of the public space to whites facilitates the ongoing genocidal mass immigration and "assimilation" imposed on >all< white countries and >only< white countries.

  10. wardkendall says:

    White Americans do not need a White History Month. Asking for one is akin to Thor asking for permission to carry his mighty hammer. He does not ask – he just DOES.

    Likewise, asking (or wanting) a White History Month is begging. And begging is an act of simpering weakness and cowardly fear. The reason that blacks have a history month is because those in power can afford to throw them a bone, much in the same way one kicks a table scrap at a mangy dog. It is not something any self-respecting white person should ever want. And if he should ever be given such a scrap (such as a White History Month) he should slap it back from whence it came.

    Our only goal is to have white history and only white history – now, tomorrow, and forever.

    Nothing less will do.

  11. Alex says:

    What do you think is taught 12 months out of the year in school. Black History Month is relegated a maximum of an hour and a half in the classroom in the entire month. Get over yourselves. Look at your local legislatures (where politics actually matters and affects your everyday lives) and form an argument that whites are underrepresented. I call BULLSHIT.

    • American3P says:

      But with increasing immigration and group/identity politics no one objects to Hispanic History Month or Black History Month! The fact that there should be such a month dedicated to identities should include all identities. That’s right! White History Month! Just to remind you of the contributions by White European and White European Americans! And don’t let anybody trivialize it.

    • Frank says:

      Who cares if a black person or a white person that did something great in American history? Why do we have to celebrate it as black history or white history? Why can’t we just celebrate them as American History month? Does this mean that we have to celebrate Italian, Polish, Jewish, Muslim, Irish, etc… history month? If you want to end and all racial and prejudice feelings we should celebrate all accomplishments as one. All of the people being celebrated were just great Americans and I don’t think they did what they did to be honored in a special themed month.

      • American3P says:

        IN HIS 2003 book, Human Accomplishment: Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 BC to 1950, Charles Murray argued that the great artistic and scientific accomplishments were overwhelmingly European. ”What the human species is today,” he wrote, “it owes in astonishing degree to what was accomplished in just half a dozen centuries by the peoples of one small portion of the northwestern Eurasian land mass.”

        So there is nothing wrong with recognizing cultural accomplishments!

  12. Harry Bertram says:

    We need more people like this young man any others wish to step up to the plate?

  13. Scooter says:

    Refreshing to read this article; it's been a "hush hush" concept for decades.

  14. Christopher says:

    $10 is not to much to ask. Job well done Edward.

  15. Jacob says:

    I don't see how it's a problem having White history month, unless you are anti-White and hate White children.

  16. alissa says:

    Freedom of Speech – why do you moderate your comments? This is America.

  17. alissa says:

    white history month is every month

  18. Waljoy says:

    God bless you, Brother, keep up the faith – I wish you all sucess with your efforts on this issue.

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