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Conservative Lawyers Target “Revenge Porn” Websites

Ohio Attorney Kyle Bristow of the France Law Group, LLC, and Texas Attorney Jason Van Dyke of the Van Dyke Law Firm, PLLC, have made headlines recently due to their successful efforts in getting “revenge pornography” websites shut down. Revenge pornography is a recent phenomenon in which pornographers post onto the Internet nude images of women without the women’s consent.

The nude images are oftentimes acquired through “sexting”—a woman takes an intimate photograph of herself and forwards it on to a boyfriend. In situations not uncommon, after they breakup, ex-boyfriends forward the nude photograph to revenge pornography websites for retaliatory reasons. In some situations, the images are acquired illegally through computer hacking.

Attorney Kyle BristowVan Dyke recently set his sights on a notorious revenge pornography website called “Pink Meth.” This repugnant website not only posted nude images of women, but it also published the contact information of women so that third parties could stalk or harass them. Email addresses, cellular and home phone numbers, links to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, and residential addresses were displayed for all to see. Women featured on such websites usually receive hundreds of unwanted and unsolicited correspondence from strangers.

In December of 2012, Van Dyke filed suit against Pink Meth. In the complaint, he demanded more than $1 million in punitive damages. Not long thereafter, was shut down by court order and its anonymous website administrator moved the website to a Somali domain at Even though the website fled to war-torn Africa for safety from the fiery Texan lawyer, the Somali government recently responded favorably to Van Dyke’s formal request that the website be shut down. Now, Pink Meth is purportedly searching for a country less reputable than Somalia for domain hosting.

Bristow, a good friend of Van Dyke, recently managed to get two revenge pornography websites— and—shut down. Due to this accomplishment, mainstream media organizations were quick to contact Bristow for interviews. The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed him, and an Ohio television news station ran a feature story about the matter.

“Revenge pornography is nothing more than a manifestation of liberalism,” Bristow said. “Most victims on revenge pornography websites are young, white, blonde, middle class, American women. Women who the pornographers can link to conservatism or Christianity are especially targeted for harassment.”

Bristow and Van Dyke are no strangers to the conservative movement. In 2000, due to his exploits as a conservative activist while he was a student at Michigan State University, published an article about Van Dyke entitled “An ‘Honorary White Male’ in a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.” The title says it all, but the article is well worth the read.

“These websites are used as a vehicle to degrade and defile our people,” Bristow added. “Van Dyke and I are on the front lines of the culture war, and we are winning.”

Bristow, too, is well-known in conservative circles. He once led the Michigan State University chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom, through which he hosted as speakers at Michigan State University Nick Griffin of the British National Party, Congressman Tom Tancredo, Chris Simcox of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, and Jennifer Gratz, who led the campaign to outlaw affirmative action in Michigan by ballot initiative in 2006 and who was also the plaintiff in the United States Supreme Court case that delved into the legality of university affirmative action policies.

The leftists have also taken note of the legal duo that is Bristow and Van Dyke. Although the Southern Poverty Law Center has yet to decry the legal team of Bristow & Van Dyke as an evil white-wing version of Franklin & Bash, the SPLC did once see fit to slur Van Dyke as a “neo-Confederate lawyer” and Bristow as “the most annoying snot-nosed college kid”.

“I’m now an annoying snot-nosed attorney,” Bristow laughed.

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  1. […] the arguments of the duo when it ruled that homosexual marriage is not a fundamental right, and Bristow and Van Dyke have been instrumental in helping women—who tend to be White—remove from the Internet nude photographs that their former lovers or computer hackers publish […]

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