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Guns on Black Friday

Black Friday 2016 Breaks Background Check Record for Gun Purchases


How to Spot a Media Hoax

Hate Crime

There Have Been Over 100 Hate Crime Hoaxes In The Past Decade

Mr. President

Trump Won Because of White People

israel military spending

Government Report Reveals Half Of Military Spending Goes To Israel

Ann Coulter - Unifier

The Nation is Drowning in Drama Queenery

Trump: the Media’s Frankenstein Monster

Trump: the Media’s Frankenstein Monster


UPenn Offers Puppies, Coloring Books to Students Distraught over Trump Win


After Trump and Brexit, Populist Tsunami Threatens European Mainstream

Trump cultural left

The Collapse of the Cultural Left

Border Agents

Officials: 150 US Border Agents Being Sent to South Texas

William Johnson, Atty.

Trump’s Nationalist Backers Train Their Eyes On Elected Office, Admin Posts

Ann Coulter - Unifier

Trump Victory Boils Down To “Globalism vs. Nationality”

Toxic Masculinity

Universities Work to Purge Male Students of Their ‘Toxic’ Masculinity

Election Terror

FBI Warns of Possible Pre-Election Day Al-Qaeda Terror; SPLC Warns of White People

Priest Stoned

Children in Germany Throw Rocks at Priests While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Hillary's Watergate?

Is This Hillary’s Watergate?

Dr. Adrian Krieg


Tom Tancredo

Tancredo: Hillary Clinton Should Step Down to Avoid Constitutional Crisis

Australia Turnbull bans asylum seekers

Australia to Propose Law That Bans Boat Asylum Seekers Permanently

White Working Class

Our New Country: Women and Minorities Hit Hardest

Patrick J. Buchanan GOP

A Presidency From Hell?

Illegal Immigration Invasion

Invasion from Mexico Steps Up

William Daniel Johnson

The American Alt-Right and Donald Trump

5sweden & Swedes

Wrecked Nation: Do-gooding Swedes Turn Against Migrants Amid Violence

Losing Candidate

Losing Candidates Don’t Have to ‘Accept the Results’

Closed to Whites

Emory U Looking to Establish Regular Black-only Social Events

Hillary Election Fraud

FEC Asked to Probe Hillary, Supporters

Patrick J. Buchanan GOP

Is The System Rigged? You Betcha!

Media Hypocrisy Trump

Jews Think Trump’s “Banker Speech” Means Them


Since 1990, the Immigrant Population Has Doubled in the US

Closed to Whites

Columbia University to Host No-Whites-Allowed Student Leadership Retreat

Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing? California Town Now Less Than 10 Percent White

Hillary's Watergate?

List of Hillary Proposed Trillion Dollar Tax Hikes

Dr. Adrian Krieg

FBI James Comey and Loretta Lynch Must Be Removed

Gun Rights

Hillary Email Proves She Will Use Executive Orders to Erase the 2nd Amendment

William D. Johnson

American Nationalist Super PAC Funds New Radio Ads Urging Votes for Donald Trump

Oscars Too White

Tim Burton Rebuffs Tyranny of Diversity; Defends Decision to Cast White Actors

Guns on Black Friday

Dallas Police Shoot Unarmed White Man – White Texans Protest by Going to Work

More Immigrants Than Ever Before

There Are Now More Immigrants, Legal and Illegal, in America Than Ever Before

Andrew Spieles Dead Democrats

Meet The Young Virginia Democrat That Registered 19 Dead People To Vote

Gun Rights

Gun Sales Hit 17th Straight Monthly Record, Up 27 Percent

Hate Whitey Racist Black Crime

Google Claim: It’s NOT Possible for Minorities to be Racist Against White People

Democrats bolt for Trump

Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities

Hungary PM Orban

A Look at Hungary’s Referendum on EU Refugee Quotas

Tom Sunic

Intellectual Terrorism Against Free Speech

Gun Sales Soar

Self-Defense Gun Sales Soar in Response to Violent Charlotte Protests


DHS Admits Refugee Fraud ‘Easy to commit’

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