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Kyle Bristow in the West

Kyle Bristow Scores Landmark Second Amendment Victory

Jared Taylor NPI Conference

White Nationalists Make Robocalls For Donald Trump In New Hampshire

William D. Johnson

Donald Trump Roundtable

Donald Trump

Trump: ‘Honored’ With Second-Place Finish

Bloodhtirsty Birth of a Nation

BIRTH OF A NATION – New “Nat Turner” Movie Will Inspire More Black Violence

Gender Choice

Teen Students in UK Given 25 Gender Options

Rep. Dohrman Free Speech

Missouri Legislature Considers Mandatory Free Speech Course at Colleges State-wide

Rupert Murdoch

Coulter: Fox News Is ‘Indistinguishable From George Soros’ On Immigration

Marine Le Pen

European Far-Right, Nationalist Parties Meet in Milan

Sweden Rape

Too Little Too Late? Sweden Deporting 80,000 Muslim Refugees

Oscars Too White

Black “Oscars Boycott” Hypocrisy

Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Trump

Evangelical Leader Jerry Falwell Jr. Endorses Donald Trump

sheriff joe arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses Donald Trump

school in Israel

School Integration? Not in Israel

Senator Dick Black opposes sanctuary

Senator Black Introduces Sanctuary Cities Bill

hillary clinton reparations

Hillary Prepares to Embrace Slavery Reparations

Zwickau, Germany: Immigrant Depravity Closes Sauna

Zwickau, Germany: Immigrant Depravity Closes Sauna

Donald Trump Oscars

Donald Trump Weighs In on Oscars: ‘The Whites Don’t Get’ BET Nominations

White Students

Portland Community College to devote an entire month to ‘whiteness’-shaming

Milos Zeman

Czech Leader says Muslim Integration ‘Practically Impossible’ in Europe

Loretta Lynn Endorses Trump

This Huge Country Star Just Revealed She’s Supporting Trump

William Daniel Johnson

White Nationalist PAC Plans New Wave Of Pro-Trump Robocalls

Donald Trump

Nationalist Pays For Radio Airtime and Robocalls to Promote Donald Trump

American National PAC

White Nationalist PAC Earmarks Iowa With Robocalls For Trump

Israel Anti-Immigration Protest

Refugees — ‘Let them all into Europe!’ says Israeli Holocaust Survivor

Dylann Roof

The FBI Didn’t Investigate The CofCC Over Charleston

Netanyahu Will Block Obama UN Secretary

Report: Obama Wants to Become UN Secretary General

Donald Trump

Nationalist Pays For Radio Airtime and Robocalls to Promote Donald Trump

Non-citizens Vote

More than 808,000 Children of Immigrants Turn 18, Eligible to Vote Each Year

White Births Matter

White Births Matter

Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton: A Tale of 2 Sex Predators

Hate Whitey Black Crime

The Corrupt Leftist Media and Inter-Racial Violent Crime

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