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Jewish Star

Anti-Defamation League’s Murder Hit List


Rothschild Publication Predicts Single World Currency Will Be Put In Place As Early As 2018

Illegal Tuition

Maine Offers In-state Tuition to Illegal Immigrants Statewide


Denmark’s Contraception Aid to Africa ‘to Limit Migration’

Oregon Migrants

New Summer STEM Program in Oregon For Migrant Students Only

Baby Face childbirth

AFP Applauds Hungary’s Aggressive Policy to Encourage Childbirth


“Soft Communists” Target Trump for Resignation, or Worse

Professor Harrison

Insane College Making Insane Whiteness Accusation

US President and Polish President

European Union Rattled by Trump’s Rapturous Reception in Right Wing Poland


Antifa Officially Declared a Terrorist Group by New Jersey’s DHS

40 Orthodox

Orthodox Community Raided For Un-Orthodox Welfare Fraud


Brace Yourselves For Sad Photos Of Ossoff Supporters


Feds Brace For Antifa Protests At Gettysburg National Military Park

Supreme Court

Supreme Court: There Is No ‘Hate Speech’ Exception to the First Amendment

Gettysburg Headstones

Leftists Promise to ‘Desecrate Graves’ During 154th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg


Nonprofit Watchdog Guidestar Adds ‘Hate Group’ Label to 46 Conservative Groups

Mexico Immigrant Protest

Mexico Joins The Legal Battle Against Anti-Sanctuary City Law

Trump Vindicated

Trump Vindicated! CNN ‘a Disgrace to All of Media, to All of Journalism”

CNN Press-Conference Truce

CNN ‘No Longer’ a News Organization — ‘It Is a Campaign With a Political Mission’

Ukraine Ambassador

Westerners Fight in the Middle East While Refugees Sit and Drink Coffee

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders: Muslims Should Have Religious Freedom, But Christians Shouldn’t

Sam Houston

Armed Protesters Defend Sam Houston Memorial in Texas


Media Complains ‘March Against Sharia’ Is Anti-Muslim


Were Two People Responsible for Virtually All Anti-Semitic Incidents After the Election?

childless Merkel

Europe’s Childless Genetic Dead Leaders Sleepwalking Us to Disaster

Bob Whitaker

Bob Whitaker Has Passed Away

White Project

Pat Dollard Launches The White Majority Project

Mulim Store Owners

35 Muslim Store Owners BUSTED In Raid Raises Question About How They Bought Store

Willie Cory Godbolt

Mississippi Man Confesses to Killing 8 People, Including Deputy and 2 Children

Professor Eric Clanton

‘Bike Lock’ Professor Arrested With Bail Set At $200K

Money Grab

Minority Students Demand U Chicago Fund Race-specific Housing


Why Yankees Must Defend Confederate Heritage

Justice Roger Brook Taney

Now Baltimore Mayor Considers Removal Of Confederate Monuments

Inauguration Rioters

Inauguration Day Antifa Protesters Face Decades in Jail


Harvard Goes Full Racist; Approves Blacks Only Graduation Ceremony

Black Power

SPLC: The Battle of New Orleans (That Wasn’t)

Maxine Waters

Hypocrisy Alert! MSNBC Host Calls out Maxine Waters for Her Complete Lack of Credibility

Black Teens Body Slam Elderly Woman

“Block Boyz” Body Slam Elderly Woman Before Throwing Her Into Pool

US Senator Dianne Feinstein

Sen. Feinstein Slams “13 White Men” Who Will Decide Fate Healthcare

Rate of Murders

New Study: US Murders Concentrated in Nonwhite Counties


Documents Tie Berkeley Riot Organizers To Pro-Pedophilia Group, NAMBLA

Tom Sunic

Non-White Migrants and the Catholic Church: The Politics of Penitence

Michael Kadar

ADL: “Symbols of Hate Hidden in Plain Sight”

Leftist Concepts

Six Dangerous Leftist Concepts

heroin seizure

DHS: Almost as Many Americans Died of Drug Overdoses in 2015 as in ’12 Years in Vietnam’


The History of the Jewish Hoax


PETA Says Milk is a ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’

FAKE racist flyers

College ‘Diversity Council’ Posts FAKE Racist Flyers

Superintendant accuses parents of racism

Illegal Alien Rapes 14-yr-old and School Superintendent Accuses Parents of Racism


Lethal Opiates Delivered By Mail From China, Killing Many White Users In The U.S.

Anti-Semitic hate cirme hoax

Jewish Teen Arrested for Antisemitic Hate Crime Hoax Spree

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