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Diversity is Anti-White

#WhiteLivesMatter: TradYouth Disrupts the Anti-White Narrative in Cincinnati

Guns on Black Friday

Federal Judge Throws Out Anti-gun Shenanigans in DC. AGAIN

Viktor Orban

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls EU Migrant “Quota” Idiotic

Hispanic Vote to Jump From 12 Million to 16 Million

Hispanic Vote to Jump From 12 Million to 16 Million

Ivy League Affirmative Action

Asian Americans Target Harvard in New Affirmative Action Suit

Barbed Wire Prison

Israel Offers African Immigrants Plane Tickets or Prison

DHS Buses

Obama’s DHS Caught Busing Somali and African Immigrants into California

White Appreciation Day

White Appreciation Day?

"Hellstorm" Thomas Goodrich

Interview With “Hellstorm” Documentary Producer Kyle Hunt

NAFTA on Steroids

Pacific Trade Deal ‘Suicidal’ for U.S.

Declaration of Independence

Declaring Independence from Israel — It’s Way Overdue!

Welcom to California!

California Inviting Even More Illegal Aliens to Cross Border

Illegal Immigration

Schlafly Warns America ‘May Be at a Breaking Point Already’


White People Always Were A Minority… So What?

Anti-White Racism

In Memoriam Tyler Cole

Benefits Agency Sign

Want IRS Benefits? Renounce Your American Citizenship, Become an Illegal Alien!

Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer

What Americans Must Learn From South Africa’s Tragedy

Students and Social Security Card

Students Shred Social Security Cards for In-state Tuition Given to Illegal Immigrants

Baby Face

Europe Turns to Urging More Births

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