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Patrick J. Buchanan GOP

Is The System Rigged? You Betcha!

Media Hypocrisy Trump

Jews Think Trump’s “Banker Speech” Means Them


Since 1990, the Immigrant Population Has Doubled in the US

Closed to Whites

Columbia University to Host No-Whites-Allowed Student Leadership Retreat

Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Cleansing? California Town Now Less Than 10 Percent White

Doctors question Hillary's health

List of Hillary Proposed Trillion Dollar Tax Hikes

Dr. Adrian Krieg

FBI James Comey and Loretta Lynch Must Be Removed

Gun Rights

Hillary Email Proves She Will Use Executive Orders to Erase the 2nd Amendment

William D. Johnson

American Nationalist Super PAC Funds New Radio Ads Urging Votes for Donald Trump

Oscars Too White

Tim Burton Rebuffs Tyranny of Diversity; Defends Decision to Cast White Actors

Guns on Black Friday

Dallas Police Shoot Unarmed White Man – White Texans Protest by Going to Work

More Immigrants Than Ever Before

There Are Now More Immigrants, Legal and Illegal, in America Than Ever Before

Andrew Spieles Dead Democrats

Meet The Young Virginia Democrat That Registered 19 Dead People To Vote

Gun Rights

Gun Sales Hit 17th Straight Monthly Record, Up 27 Percent

Hate Whitey Racist Black Crime

Google Claim: It’s NOT Possible for Minorities to be Racist Against White People

Democrats bolt for Trump

Bombshell: Over 1,000 Illegal Voters in Eight Virginia Localities

Hungary PM Orban

A Look at Hungary’s Referendum on EU Refugee Quotas

Tom Sunic

Intellectual Terrorism Against Free Speech

Gun Sales Soar

Self-Defense Gun Sales Soar in Response to Violent Charlotte Protests


DHS Admits Refugee Fraud ‘Easy to commit’

Doctors question Hillary's health

Hillary Clinton Vows to Speak ‘Directly to White People’ to Stop Racial Police Shootings


The Alt-Right Has Been Vindicated


Croatia: No More Invaders Allowed


Universities Offer Segregated Back-to-school Events

White College Students

Cambridge University Student Threatened For Exposing Anti-White Secret Society

Doctors question Hillary's health

Hillary Clinton First Presidential Candidate Proposing to Abolish U.S. Borders

Zimbabwe Chinese

Zimbabwe: Chinese Given Farms Siezed From White South Africans

U.S.A U.S.A.

Schools Crack Down on “USA, USA” Chant, Ban Flags

Ethnic Cleansing

Low Skilled Migrants a ‘Ticking Time Bomb’

Ann Coulter - Unifier

Ann Coulter: Can Hillary Tells Us What Percentage of Muslims Are ‘Deplorable’?

Tom Sunic

The Croatian Identity: Status, State of Emergency

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

How Liberals Wage War on Reality

Phyllis Schlafly

Donald Trump at Phyllis Schlafly’s Funeral: A Movement Has Lost Its Hero


Leprosy in U.S.: Not Just a 3rd World Problem Anymore

Hungary PM Orban

‘Man of the Year’: Anti-immigrant Hungary PM Orban Honored in Poland

How to be a White Ally

‘How To Be a White Ally’ Posters Say All White People Are Racist

Angela Merkel

Merkel Beaten by Anti-migrant AfD Party in German State Election


Leaked Documents: Soros Group Spent $600K To Mainstream Pro-Refugee Attitudes

Obama's Border Fence

Obama’s ‘Back-door Amnesty’ Brings Somalians to U.S.

Baby Face White Nationalist

White Nationalist Movement Growing Faster Than SJWs on Twitter

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Alt-Right Kevin MacDonald Retweeted by Donald Trump Jr.

New Black Panther

SPLC Lists White Lives Matter as Hate Group, But Not BLM

Attacked By Leftists

Multiple “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) Party Members Attacked By Leftists


Why Is The Alt-Right?

Clinton Global Initiative- Syrian

VIDEO – Bill Clinton: Rebuild Detroit with Syrian Refugees

Ann Coulter - Unifier

Trump: The Great Unifier!

concealed carry

Kansas State University Gun Policy to Allow Campus-Wide Concealed Carry

Confederate Flag - White Lives Matter

SPLC to List White Lives Matter Movement as a Hate Group

Stop White People

State University Now Offers ‘Stop White People’ Training

Dontell Jackson - We Thought They Were White

We Thought They Were White

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