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White Genocide Phone

180,000 Alabamians Will Receive “Help Bob Whitaker Fight White Genocide” Robocalls

Catalan Scotland

Nationalist Secessionists Victorious in Catalan, Spain Election

Jews Say Black Lives Matter

Rabbi Says Jews Should Renounce Their “Whiteness” and Double Down on Anti-Racism

Tom Sunic

The Paranoid German Mind: Counting Down to the Next War

Freedom of Speech

Free Speech on Campus, Student Organizations and Our Future

Clock Boy Ahmed

Did Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ Perpetrate Hoax?

Pope Francis

Vatican Has Strictest Immigration Policy in the World


HP Lays Off 30,000 Workers and Demands More H-1B Workers

Higher Taxes

Lawmaker Demands Audit of U.S. Refugee Costs

Bob Whitaker 2016

AFP Targets Mississippi and Idaho Residents with ‘White Genocide’ Robocalls

Tom Sunic

“Fascists” and “Antifascists”: The Standard Memes Ignore the Real Costs of Immigration and Multiculturalism

Syria-Israel Flags

Israel Keeps Making, Not Taking, More Refugees


Migrant Rape Epidemic Moves to Germany

Mark Potok, SPLC spokesman & far-Left, anti-Christian leader

A Gruesome Harvest: SPLC Defends ‘Planned Parenthood’

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