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PETA Says Milk is a ‘Symbol of White Supremacy’

FAKE racist flyers

College ‘Diversity Council’ Posts FAKE Racist Flyers

Superintendant accuses parents of racism

Illegal Alien Rapes 14-yr-old and School Superintendent Accuses Parents of Racism


Lethal Opiates Delivered By Mail From China, Killing Many White Users In The U.S.

Anti-Semitic hate cirme hoax

Jewish Teen Arrested for Antisemitic Hate Crime Hoax Spree

White Live Matter Flier

Shock! ‘White Lives Matter’ Fliers Left at Homes in Texas Neighborhood

Steve King

Why the Left Wants a Non-White America

Planet of the Apes

‘Planet of the Apes’ Subway Brawl in Philadelphia

Jared Taylor NPI Conference

South African Whites Prepare for Anarchy

Morris Dees Hate Group

The Hate Group That Incited Middlebury College Melee

demographic warfare

Erdogan Urges Turks To Wage Demographic Warfare Against Europe

Merkel - Trump Handshake

Fake News of The Day – “Handshake” Outrage…

Planet of the Apes

‘Planet of the Apes’ Breaks Out At Oakland Carnival

Alliance Defending Freedom

WATCH: Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians

Steve King

Rep. Steve King Warns That ‘Our Civilization’ Can’t be Restored With ‘Somebody Else’s Babies’

Rutland Vermont Mayor loses over refugee plan

Rutland Mayor Loses Reelection Bid Over Refugee Plan

Trump Rally

200 Attend Pro-Trump Rally in Middletown, NJ Saturday

Charles Murray

Middlebury Students Shout Down Charles Murray

Money Hole

Israeli Police: “Israel World Center for Online Fraud”

Non-Citizen Hispanics

Nearly 2 Million Non-Citizen Hispanics Illegally Registered to Vote

Tom Sunic

European or Ethnic Identity?

Viktor Orban

Orban: Hungary Will Welcome ‘European Refugees’ Fleeing Multicultural West

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz: ‘The Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan’

Good for Jews

Israel’s “Blacklist” Prevents Jews Marrying Non-Jews

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Jewish Activists Urge Aid to Refugees: Is it Good for the Jews?

Jared Taylor NPI Conference

Spread the Message of White Consciousness


American Freedom Party Organizing on UW-Madison Campus

Hungary’s Viktor Orban

Hungary’s Viktor Orban Praises Trump’s ‘End of Multilateralism’

Marine Le Pen Koblenz

‘Europe Will Wake Up in 2017’, Le Pen Tells Germany Right-wing Congress

koblenz meeting

Leading European Right-wing Populists Attend Koblenz Meeting

New President New World

New President, New World


Conservative students ARRESTED for handing out Constitutions

African Migrants

African Migrants Surge to U.S. Via Mexico Ahead of Trump

Tom Tancredo

Report Reveals Massive Indoctrination of Students at Universities Through ‘Transformative Civic Engagement’

Ann Coulter - Hoaxers

Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers

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