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Border Reports Back Up Trump's ‘Rapists’ Claim

Border Reports Back Up Trump’s ‘Rapists’ Claim

Freedom of Speech

Using “Hate Speech Laws” To Destroy “Freedom Of Speech”

Free Speech

Redefining “Hate” as “Terrorism”

St. Helens, OR

AFP Announces Proportional Representation Initiative in Oregon

Money Hole

Busted! Your Welfare Dollars Were Sent to Yemen!

Recapping Camp Comradery 2015

Recapping Camp Comradery 2015

Whore House

Israel: Whorehouse of the Middle East


How Much Diversity Must We Tolerate?

Confederate Flag

Forget ‘Moronic’ Confederate Flag Talk, Ban ‘Democratic Party’ To Help Blacks

Child Rape

Child Rape and Obama’s Diversity


Do H-1B Visas Steal Jobs From American workers?

Media Signs

Kenn Responds to South Carolina Church Shootings


Church Shooter Another Drug-Induced Killer

Loaves and Fish Mosaic

Hateful Hebrew Extremists Burn Down 2000-Yr-Old Church

Marine and Geert

National Front Creates New Far-Right EU Group

Rachel Dolezal

The Rachel Dolezal Phenomenon

Obama Tyranny

Obama to Regulate ‘Diversity’ in White Suburbs


Norway Wants To Send Illegal Immigrants Back To Africa

Hungary Considers Building a Physical Barrier to Stop Immigrants

Hungary Considers Building a Physical Barrier to Stop Immigrants

Noel Ignatiev, piece of filth

Jews, Communists and Genocidal Hate in “Whiteness Studies”

Hate Speech

Hate-Speech Hypocrites

Dr. Adrian Krieg

Trade and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership)

USS Memorial Stone

48th Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty

Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer

Template For Terror

Illegal Dumpung

The Giant Deception of Diversity and “Illegal Dumping”

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