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US Border Control Patch

The Endless Invasion of America

by Pat Buchanan | For 10 days, Americans have argued over the wisdom of trading five Taliban senior commanders for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. President Obama handed the Taliban a victory, critics contend, and imperiled U.S. troops in Afghanistan when the five return to the battlefield. Moreover, he has inspired the Haqqani network and other Islamists […]

Veteran Saluting the Flag

Letter From A US Veteran

Obama has broken the law once again. This time the results WILL come back to hurt Americans! He has released 5 of Al-Qaeda’s most dangerous terrorists. Both the Democrats and Republicans agree that this should have never happened. These detainees planned, led, trained the Taliban, and had alliances with other terrorist groups. They killed our […]

Eric Holder

Obama Funding Attorneys to Help Illegal Aliens Avoid Deportation

Yes, that headline is real. You have not gone insane, although we wouldn’t be surprised if you did, given the utter lawlessness of this administration. Texas is being overrun by illegal aliens at the highest rates in U.S. history. More than 47,000 unaccompanied minors have been caught in the first five months of this year, […]

No Amnesty. Period!

Texas Border Patrol on Brink of Collapse

Filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch has chronicled the problems along the Mexican border in his documentaries, including his latest: They Come to America II. Lynch sat down with Megyn Kelly to reveal some new information about just how bad things are getting at the Texas border. Lynch said the influx of immigrants from Central America, not […]

Immigration Amnesty

The Racket of Guest Workers

By Phyllis Schafly | Tom Donohue, U.S. Chamber of Commerce president, just hurled a challenge to Republicans. If they don’t pass amnesty for illegal aliens, they “shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016.” Somebody probably told him that outrageous statement was a gaffe, which means the inconvenient revelation of an embarrassing viewpoint, so Donohue […]

European Union Broken

Jewish Responses to the European Elections

Kevin MacDonald | It’s no secret that Jewish organizations have been strongly in favor of the EU and its policies promoting immigration and multiculturalism. So it’s no surprise that they are quite negative about the results of the elections for the European Parliament. A Jerusalem Post article gives some reactions (“Far-right’s election success worries European […]

Earthquake In Europe Coming To America?

Earthquake In Europe Coming To America?

Much of the surprising election earthquake in Europe revolves around the Schengen Borders Code. This regulation allows unchecked movement of populations between member countries in the European Union. In effect, French borders were erased (as were other EU nations) and their sovereignty was lost. Much of the immigration was from poorer EU countries to wealthier […]

Memorial Day 2014

Memorial Day 2014

To memorialize all the victims of war: servicemembers killed and maimed, families, innocent bystanders, taxpayers who are extorted to fund armaments at the expense of greater needs, the kidnapped of mercenaries who emulate national warmakers. Sanitized memorials are cruelly deceptive by institutionalizing, excusing, even celebrating, the sacrifice, suffering and death without recourse to support means […]


The Specter Haunting Europe

By Patrick J. Buchanan | Memorial Day will likely bring alarmist headlines in the elite media about a populist fever raging in Europe, and manifest in the shocking returns from the elections for the European Parliament. Marine Le Pen’s National Front may run first in France, and Nick Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP) first in […]

Notes on the Institution of Marriage

Notes on the Institution of Marriage

Nelson Hultberg | In today’s rapidly disintegrating, “do-your-own-thing” culture, our pundits, professors, and judges are in desperate need of some powerful doses of rationality. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the conflict over the institution of marriage and what its definition is to be. What follows are several insights that hopefully will clear up […]

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