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Steve Smith: NFL player Harry Hamilton has ‘anti-white’ agenda

Pennsylvania A3P Chair Steve Smith writes in The Times Leader: Recently, former NFL player Harry Hamilton, who happens to be black, announced his intention to run for Luzerne County judge. He cited the lack of diversity in the county courthouse as what sparked his potential candidacy. We need to be perfectly clear that when people […]

DHS Video Characterizes White Americans as Most Likely Terrorists

by Paul Joseph Watson | Big Sis fear campaign continues, but Americans are just as likely to be killed by peanut allergies than they are in terrorist attacks. A new promotional video released by the Department of Homeland Security characterizes white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, as Big Sis continues its relentless […]

The Rise of the A3P

Erick Erickson of RedState, a leading conservative Republican blog, is losing faith in his “red team” wing of the bipartisan machine. In his recent post, The Rise of the Third Party, he takes aim at Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell… I have long criticized the calls of many disaffected conservatives for a third party and […]

Meet The West Virginia Long Shots

By Sean Sullivan | July 14, 2011 Here at The Hotline, we’re often reminded that campaigns can attract a diverse array of long shot candidates with disparate backgrounds and views. The Charleston State Journal offers a look today at three minor candidates in this year’s West Virginia gubernatorial race: Mountain Party Candidate Bob Henry Baber, […]

Special Election Offers Forum for Gubernatorial Candidate Harry Bertram

July 13, 2011 | Meet the underdogs. Bob Henry Baber is a fundraiser for Glenville State College. Harry Bertram is a railroad employee from Monongalia County. Marla Ingels is an elementary school counselor from Mason County. All three would like to swap those jobs to become West Virginia’s next governor. They acknowledge their long shot […]

Freedom Palooza

AFP Networks at Freedom Palooza Fest in East PA.

by Alex Carmichael | During the Fourth of July weekend, several A3P activists engaged a number of folks who expressed interest in our political party at the Freedom Palooza Festival. This full-day outdoor event was held at a popular local establishment, located in the rolling country hills of Eastern Pennsylvania near the magnificent Delaware River. […]

Great Depression

16 Reasons To Feel Really Depressed About The Economy

If you do not want to feel really depressed, you might not want to read this article. The U.S. economy is coming apart at the seams, and there are a whole lot of indications that things are about to get even worse. After a time of relative stability, the pace of job cuts is starting […]

White Candidates Stampede

According to Eve Conant of the Daily Beast, “A startling number of white-power candidates are seeking public office. Eve Conant reports on their under-the-radar strategy and David Duke’s White House flirtation.” A former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives and Republican executive-committee chairman in his district until […]

The Rebirth of Nations

By Roger Scruton | The True Finn Party in Finland has broken through the left-liberal consensus to take second place in the polls, reminding voters that Finland is not just a geographical area but a country defined by language, culture, and history, a country that has been defended at great cost against the Soviet desire […]

The New Minority

by Todd Kinsey | Newly released census data shows that minority children (Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, and others) now outnumber white children in the United States. This decades old trend is expected to put the total white population in the minority by the year 2042 according to a 2008 report by the U.S. Census Bureau. However, […]

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