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New England A3P Well Received by Outdoor Enthusiasts

New England A3P Well Received by Outdoor Enthusiasts

New England A3P members distributed A3P literature to a large crowd of hunting and fishing enthusiasts at the Garden State Outdoor Sportsman Show in Edison, New Jersey, reports Alex Carmichael, who led the event. Correctly believing such an event would attract people naturally sympathetic to our party’s message, A3P activists braved snowy weather to bring […]

Confident Spirit Marks Successful Southern California A3P Meeting

On Saturday, February 5th the A3P’s flagship Southern California unit held the party’s largest meeting to date, providing food, drink, and inspiration for better than sixty local nationalists.

Bill Johnson Issues "Activist Challenge" for Month of February

Bill Johnson Issues “Activist Challenge” for Month of February

Speaking from behind an A3P activist stall at a mall in Burbank, California, where he and the So Cal team met to distribute fliers, Chairman Bill Johnson offered his members and supporters a challenge.

Chairman’s Message: Lobbying for White Interests at the Highest Levels of American Leadership

These past few days have been busy ones, full of opportunities to lobby for white interests at the very highest levels of American leadership. I spoke at length (in person and on the telephone) with two presidential campaign managers, three subordinate campaign managers, one U.S. Congressman and eight U.S. Senators. In some of the conversations, […]

So Cal Activists Try Hand at “Hard Sell” Laguna Beach

Activists with the Southern California A3P team  linked up in Laguna Beach, California to distribute leaflets and talk with members of the public about the benefits of supporting the American Third Position, reports organizer Brian Alexander. The activists were joined by visiting members from Washington State, who, while traveling through the area, asked to join […]

Directors Mark A3P Anniversary With Radio Address

The American Third Position Board of Directors, comprised of Mr. William Johnson, Mr. James Edwards, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Dr. Tom Sunic, and Mr. Don Wassall, have given a “State of the A3P 2011” radio address on the occasion of the party’s one-year anniversary. The Directors briefed listeners on the accomplishments of the A3P during its […]

Stand with the A3P

Although our demographic was able to show we can exhibit a powerful political influence, politicians ostensibly representing our interests remain afraid to openly represent us or to admit they work on our behalf.



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