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The Immigrant Invasion is Genocide

by Mike Walsh — Slovakian Premier Fico told thousands of cheering Slovaks that he will build a border fence between Austria and Hungary to stop African and Middle Eastern illegal immigrants going to Germany. “We’ll never bring even a single Muslim to Slovakia; we won’t create any Muslim communities here because they pose a serious […]

Israeli Online Fraud: Case Launched

Israeli Online Fraud: Case Launched

Around 2,500 victims of the Israeli-based online “binary options” fraud scam will be suing in a London court, it has emerged—and there are “tens of thousands” more complainants waiting to join them. Their legal representative has also written a scathing letter to Israel’s Justice Ministry pointing out that the Jewish state has refused to intercede […]


Tom Sunic and Far Right In Europe Hope Donald Trump Will Set Them Free

Representatives of far-right political parties and groups across Europe tell BuzzFeed News they’re eager for a Trump victory. Donald Trump has not only excited white advocates and anti-Muslim organizations [European Preservationists] across the U.S., he is also finding fans among European far-right groups and populist leaders. The Republican presidential candidate’s fiery rhetoric — from his […]

American Dream

Fed Official: America No Longer Top Country to Achieve American Dream

Research finds upward mobility higher in Canada and Denmark. Federal Reserve official William Dudley said America is no longer the top country for achieving the American Dream in remarks on economic opportunity and income mobility at a conference in New York on Monday according to the Washington Free Beacon news source. “While income mobility in […]

Netanyahu Roman Salute

Israeli Arms Sales Top $5.7bn

Last year Israel sold in excess of $5.7 billion worth of military hardware to nations around the globe—while raking in at least $3.1 billion (to increase to $5.0 billion) in “foreign aid” from US taxpayers, reported The New Observer. This does not include Military Grants. This means that American taxpayers are in effect subsidizing the […]

Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland

Maryland: Whites Ordered to “Integrate”

The US Government has forced the 63 percent white Baltimore County to accept being flooded with impoverished blacks from Baltimore city in taxpayer-subsidized “low-income housing.” The order, which will destroy the region’s last white residential suburbs, was made legal in terms of a “conciliation agreement” between Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the […]

Western Civilization

Stanford Students Want Western Civilization Studies Back as the PC Backlash Begins

Stanford students are voting on a plan to reinstate the controversial Western Civilization curriculum more than 25 years after Jesse Jackson helped kill it. In 1988, the Rev. Jesse Jackson—then a contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination—joined students at Stanford in chanting, “Hey, hey, ho, ho Western Civ has got to go!” With that spectacle, […]

Tom Sunic

Comment on White Genocide/White Dispossession

By Tom Sunic, Ph.D. on April 5, 2016 — I am aware of the troubling issues surrounding the ongoing White dispossession in the USA and EU. I also understand Bob Whitaker’s concern about my/AFP suggestion to drop the expression “White genocide” and replace it with “White dispossession” instead. I am also saddened at Mr. Whitaker’s […]

Patrick J. Buchanan GOP

Trump Unleashes ‘the mightiest force of the 21st century: Nationalism’

As Wisconsinites head for the polls, our Beltway elites are almost giddy. For they foresee a Badger State bashing for Donald Trump, breaking his momentum toward the Republican nomination. Should The Donald fall short of the delegates needed to win on the first ballot, 1,237, there is growing certitude that he will be stopped. First […]


White Advocacy Group Floods ‘Every Wisconsin Landline’ with Robocalls Backing Donald Trump

The leader of a self-proclaimed “white nationalist” group has sponsored robocalls in support of Donald J. Trump ahead of Wisconsin’s Tuesday Republican primary. William Johnson told the Journal Sentinel that his group spent $6,000 to call “every Wisconsin landline” with the recorded message. An older woman narrating the recording says that Trump “will be a […]

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