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Donald Trump

Phyllis Schlafly: Trump Is ‘Last Hope For America’

Long-time conservative leader and publicist Phyllis Schlafly believes that the only person who can save America from the precipice of disaster is Donald J. Trump. In a weekend interview with WND, Schlafly said of the GOP front-runner, “He does look like he’s the last hope [for America]. We don’t hear anybody saying what he’s saying. […]

Tom Tancredo

Had Enough? Sellout Repubocrats Must be Defeated

By Tom Tancredo | Congress has adopted a 2016 federal budget that makes it official: The Republican Party and the Democrat Party have merged. In the name of stability and progress, Republican leaders have agreed with Democrats to put big government on autopilot — with no change in the programmed destination, full-blown socialism. On December […]

Bill Barlow

Fascism at Yale

by Bill Barlow | Usually, we at Harvard are more than happy to see Yale students make fools of themselves on camera. The video that emerged this week of Yale students screaming down one of their professors might make for a good laugh, if its implications were not quite so serious. It’s a scene we’ve […]

Ann Coulter - Unifier

It’s Time For The Other 13 Candidates to Drop Out

At what point in Donald Trump’s inaugural address do you figure the GOP establishment will finally will grasp what’s been happening? The establishment — not “elites,” because they’re mostly bland functionaries who went to third-rate schools — have thrown absolutely everything they have at Trump. I’ve never seen so many Republicans featured on MSNBC. At […]

Should We Ban Jews Since They’ve Committed Terrorist Attacks Against Us?

Should We Ban Jews Since They’ve Committed Terrorist Attacks Against Us?

CNN Legal View anchor Ashleigh Banfield and former Ronald Reagan White House administrator Jeffrey Lord argued vehemently over whether or not Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s proposed ban on Muslims mirrored past calls to ban Jewish immigrants before and during World War II. “If you supplant the word ‘Jews’ for ‘Muslims’ in a lot of […]

Court Rulings Support Trump's Muslim Ban

Court Rulings Support Trump’s Muslim Ban

The hysterical response to Donald Trump’s proposal to restrict Muslim immigration is unwarranted. Contrary to the claims of Trump’s critics, the power to suspend the admission of “any aliens or any class of aliens into the United States” is expressly reserved by statute to the president whenever the president finds that such admission “would be […]


Convicted Jewish Spy Jonathan Pollard is Still a Threat: Prosecutors

The New York Post reported that Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard still poses a threat to the US — even after spending 30 years in federal prison for selling top-secret information to Israel, prosecutors said Monday. Pollard, who was released last month, appeared in Manhattan federal court for a hearing over whether to ease conditions of […]

Donald Trump

Legal Scholars Support Constitutionality of Trump’s Muslim Ban

One of the main criticisms of Donald Trump’s proposed moratorium on Muslim immigration is that it’s unconstitutional. For example, Republican presidential candidate and law graduate Marco Rubio said that the plan “violates the Constitution” earlier this week. However, two notable law professors — Jan C. Ting of Temple University and Eric Posner of the University […]


University of Maryland Insists ‘Illegals’ Be Referred To As ‘Citizens’

The University of Maryland is sponsoring a poster campaign encouraging students to refer to illegal immigrants as “undocumented citizens.” The inaccurate term, first noted by Campus Reform, is promoted by the school’s “Inclusive Language Campaign,” which is throwing up posters around campus to encourage the use of friendlier language. UMD’s Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy […]

Should US Democracy Be Based on Proportional Representation?

Should US Democracy Be Based on Proportional Representation?

In the United States, candidates can win elections without popular support. Just look at the 2000 presidential election, won by George W. Bush with 47.8 percent of the vote. For a democratic nation, this is a big problem. Because the outcomes of elections can make real differences, our government should represent the population’s views as […]

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