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Trump cultural left

The Collapse of the Cultural Left

By Benedict Gambino — It’s been happening gradually over the past 35 years but suddenly, it seems, cultural leftism is on the verge of imminent collapse. The phenomenon surrounding the candidacy of Donald J Trump is not a sideshow but an opening act. He may not win the nomination, but through insult comedy, Trump isn’t […]

Border Agents

Officials: 150 US Border Agents Being Sent to South Texas

According to the Associated Press, About 150 Border Patrol agents will be deployed to South Texas from Arizona, California and elsewhere to help process a spike in immigrants who have been apprehended after illegally entering the U.S., federal officials announced Saturday. Agents from Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego will be temporarily reassigned to the Rio […]

William Johnson, Atty.

Trump’s Nationalist Backers Train Their Eyes On Elected Office, Admin Posts

WARNING. THIS POST CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO READERS. ANTI-WHITE RACIST SCREEDS AND PEJORATIVES MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO EUROPEAN-AMERICAN READERS AND SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PODCASTS OR IN PUBLIC. In the wake of Donald Trump’s upset presidential win, the small yet vocal cohort of white nationalists who supported his campaign are refocusing […]

Ann Coulter - Unifier

Trump Victory Boils Down To “Globalism vs. Nationality”

Bestselling author and early Trump advocate Ann Coulter appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ shortly after the Republican candidate officially won the presidency. “It was entirely predictable, that’s why lots of us did predict it,” she said about Trump’s victory. “It is all part of the same thing,” Coulter said about the issues Trump won on: […]

Toxic Masculinity

Universities Work to Purge Male Students of Their ‘Toxic’ Masculinity

Universities across the nation are taking steps to actively purge male students of what’s been labeled “toxic masculinity.” Examples abound of campuses hosting training sessions, group meetings, lectures and other programs to effectively cleanse what many campus leaders and left-leaning scholars contend is an unhealthy masculinity in young men today. On campus, toxic masculinity is […]

Election Terror

FBI Warns of Possible Pre-Election Day Al-Qaeda Terror; SPLC Warns of White People

Al-Qaeda may be planning pre-Election Day attacks on Monday in New York, Texas and Virginia. US intelligence officials have alerted joint terrorism task forces of the threat, whose credibility was still being assessed, sources told The Post. Specific sites that may be targeted in the three states were not mentioned in the threat, the source […]

Priest Stoned

Children in Germany Throw Rocks at Priests While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Young nonwhite Muslim invaders stoned a Christian Ethiopian priest last week outside Frankfurt, Germany, indicating in the clearest terms where the Third World invasion of Europe is inevitably leading. According to a report in the Christian Today newspaper, the vicar, dressed in priest gear with a crucifix around his neck, was attacked while visiting the […]

Hillary's Watergate?

Is This Hillary’s Watergate?

After posting Friday’s column, “A presidency from hell?” about the investigations a “President” Hillary Clinton would face, by afternoon it was clear I had understated the gravity of the situation. Networks exploded with news that FBI Director James Comey had informed Congress he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal, which he had said […]

Dr. Adrian Krieg


By Dr. Adrian Krieg — In 2000 I wrote a book titled, “July 4th 2016 the Last Independence Day” it was published by Hallberg Publishing of Tampa FL, you can still buy it from my company at A2Z Publications. I concluded in the mid 60’s after the government report on the Jack Kennedy assassination that […]

Tom Tancredo

Tancredo: Hillary Clinton Should Step Down to Avoid Constitutional Crisis

The announcement by the FBI that it has reopened the criminal investigation into Hillary’s email server is more than an embarrassment to the Clinton presidential campaign. It is a ticking time bomb that could do more damage to our country than the Watergate scandal if allowed to explode. The Watergate investigation revealed Nixon’s attempted cover-up […]

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