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H-1B Scam

The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage

The idea that we need to allow in more workers with (H1B) science, technology, engineering, and math (“STEM”) background is an article of faith among American business and political elite. But in a new report, a Center for Immigration Studies analyzed the latest government data and found what other researchers have found: The country has […]

ICE Police

ICE Released Hundreds of Immigrant Murderers, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping Convicts

By Caroline May | A murder or assault conviction is no guarantee an immigrant will be deported or even remain in detention, an internal Department of Homeland Security document reveals. According to the document, obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies and shared with Breitbart News Monday, last year the Obama administration released 36,007 immigrants […]

Dr. Adrian Krieg

The Political Dialogue Today

By Dr. A. H. Krieg | While I probably knew it all along, I have come to a clear understanding of the anomalous way that people of this century form their opinions. When I was a youth, news came from books, newspapers, radio and magazines. News agencies were neutral and did not try to politically […]

No Amnesty. Period!

Another Amnesty Scheme

Republicans like Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Grover Norquist, et al. who insist that the House GOP pass Chuck Schumer’s amnesty bill are saying that Obama can be trusted to enforce whatever new immigration laws we come up with. As if there weren’t already abundant evidence of the absurdity of such trust, a Buzzfeed story adds […]

Marine Le Pen

France’s New ‘Far-Right’ Mayors Offer an Alternative to Political ‘Progressives’

In the recent municipal elections in France, the Front National or FN have won eleven mayoralties, while the other several hundred remain under the control of one of the two major parties, the ‘center-right’ UMP and the ‘center-left’ Socialist Party. But even eleven FN mayors are enough to warrant fear and disgust on the part […]

Money Hole

Government Waste: Where Has All The Money Gone?

Most people, perhaps even the super-wealthy, who are usually accountable to auditors, want to know where their money goes. This is especially true when they detect money for which they can’t account. Not so with the federal government. Some recent headlines reflect a disturbing pattern that has contributed to our $17 trillion debt and to […]

Chinese Yuan for Dollars

Why The United States Is No Longer Number One

Last week World Bank economists predicted that China would soon displace the United States as the world’s largest economy. The fact that this one-time economic basket case is now positioned to surpass the US is one more sign of the damage done to American prosperity by welfare, warfare, corporatism, and fiat money. Some commentators have […]

Mississippi Monument

AFP Gains Momentum In Indiana and Mississippi

American Freedom Party is making strides throughout the country. One of our latest additions is a seasoned young activist and Civil War Re-enactor from Indiana and Mississippi. Our new Mississippi coordinator joined the American Freedom Party because he strongly believes that “the Democrats and Republicans no longer represent the interests of our people. The American […]

Federal Agent

Armed Federal Agencies Should Surprise, Shock Americans

By Rob Nikolewski | In late February, four federal agents carrying side arms with a drug-sniffing dog descended on the Taos Ski Valley in what was called a “saturation patrol.” Authorities were working on tips of possible drug selling and impaired driving in the ski resort’s parking lot and surrounding area. But the agents weren’t […]

The Donald Sterling Affair

The Donald Sterling Affair

Kevin MacDonald | The Donald Sterling affair is the latest example where Americans get to engage in a cathartic orgy of hatred against “White racism.” Another affirmation that attitudes that Blacks are inferior are ubiquitous among Whites, only waiting to slip out in an unguarded moment. Another affirmation of the new religion of White evil. […]

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