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"The System" by Adrian Krieg

“The System” by Dr. Adrian Krieg

It is amazing that the people of this nation continue to support a system that is so corrupt from one end to the other–Republocrats all–that they continue to re-elect the same useless morons by a rate of over 87%. It amazes me that people like Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner and Harry Reid are in positions […]

Katyn Memorial 2013

Katyn Memorial Ceremony April 2013

April 20, 2013 | The ceremony was about 2 hours. This was a very solemn occasion and I give many thanks to the Polish community and all of Polonia, our Polish brothers, in Brooklyn and Philadelphia for organizing the event. Photographs were captured by a party supporter. Several American Freedom Party members attended. The Katyn […]

Illegals Crossing

Will the GOP Embrace Amnesty?

By Patrick J. Buchanan | During President Eisenhower’s first term, 60 years ago, the United States faced an invasion across its southern border. Illegal aliens had been coming since World War II. But, suddenly, the number was over 1 million. Crime was rising in Texas. The illegals were taking the jobs of U.S. farm workers. […]

Gun Rights

Gun Shows Drawing Record Crowds – Party Members Attend

Members and supporters of the American Freedom Party helped with a booth at the Collectors West gun show in Portland, Oregon on Saturday, April 20th. Filling about half the tabletop with party related literature and displaying an old banner, party activists settled in for a day of conversation amongst themselves and with as many passersby […]

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Boston Bombing Aftermath: David Sirota and Ben Shapiro Claim Jews Are Not Part of White America

By Kevin MacDonald | David Sirota’s blog hoping that a White guy was responsible for the Boston terror has gotten quite a lot of mileage (“Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American”). [David Sirota had his fingers crossed for a white male marathon bomber.] The basic idea is that if it’s a […]

2013 American Renaissance Conference Recap

2013 American Renaissance Conference Recap

The 11th American Renaissance conference took place last weekend on April 5-7 at Montgomery Bell State Park near Nashville, Tennessee, and your humble Examiner was in attendance. Here is a recap of the events that took place at the conference: For starters, the conference was nothing like its anti-white detractors claimed. There were no Nazis. […]

American Freedom Party Information

American Freedom Party At American Renaissance Conference

By Dan Poole | There’s nothing quite like attending an event where you are surrounded by likeminded people who share your goals, vision, hopes, and dreams. Representatives of the American Freedom Party had the privilege of attending such an event this past weekend on April 5-7 at the American Renaissance conference. The Amren conference, which […]

Golden Dawn Celebrates Greek Independence Day in New York

Golden Dawn Celebrates Greek Independence Day in New York

Members of the Golden Dawn New York chapter came out to the street to awaken the people regarding the situation of our betrayed and forsaken countreyman in Greece. Hundreds of high quality flyers appealing for donations of basic necessities were distributed. The reaction from the crowd in attendance was so positive it is not surprising […]

Broadcast Antenna

American Freedom Party Launches Weekly Radio Show

By Krzysztof Lesiak | The American Freedom Party (formerly called the American Third Position) is a small political party founded in January 2010 that promotes white nationalism. On April 6th, the party launched its own radio show, the American Freedom Party Report. The host is David Duke protege and AFP membership coordinator Jamie Kelso. The […]

Members Attend Successful 11th AmRen Conference

Members Attend Successful 11th AmRen Conference

By Amren Staff Henry Wolff | Despite the presence of noisy protesters–indeed, stimulated by their clowning—the 11th American Renaissance conference (AmRen conference) took place under ideal circumstances over the weekend of April 5 through 7. As we did last year, we met in beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park not far from Nashville. Some 150 people, […]

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