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Blind Justice

Obama Packs DHS With Pro-Amnesty Leftist Attorneys

By Brenda Walker | Obama promised to change America fundamentally, and it’s one pledge he works daily to fulfill. The latest blow against the nation is the President’s unilateral move to transform the Department of Homeland Security into an illegal alien welcoming agency. The President has loaded up the DHS with dozens of amnesty-activist immigration […]

20th Anniversary FBI Investigation of Anti-Defamation League for Espionage

20th Anniversary FBI Investigation of Anti-Defamation League for Espionage

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the infamous “Anti-Defamation League (ADL) files controversy“ in which the ADL was discovered infiltrating, spying on and otherwise violating the privacy rights of a large number of anti-Apartheid, civil-rights and peace groups through the unlawful acquisition of private data from corrupt local law enforcement officials. The single best retrospective […]

Proof: Gun Registration Leads To Confiscation

Proof: Gun Registration Leads To Confiscation

by National Liberty Federation | Gun confiscations begin in New York, aided by existing firearms registry. In the wake of New York’s latest gun control law, the New York Police Department is now sending out notices to registered gun owners demanding that they give up their firearms, clear proof that gun registration leads to outright […]

FAR Overpass Activism

FAR Overpass Activism and Banner Rally

As travelers across the Nation’s highways went from mall to mall during the ‘Black Friday’ weekend they were greeted by Free America Rally Activists holding signs and banners promoting our identity, our pride and our solidarity — and the right of Freedom of association**. From the Greater Boston area to Sacramento, California and everywhere in […]

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D.

Jewish Hypocrisy On Immigration — Again

By Kevin MacDonald | A theme at The Occidental Observer is Jewish hypocrisy and double standards on various issues, particularly immigration (43 articles and counting). So it’s nice to see others noticing this rather large 800 lb. gorilla. The Irish Savant, “Ethics for me but not for thee”: The heading and sub-heading from The Jewish […]


It’s True: Government Is Aggressively Engaged In Gun Confiscation In The US

A report from is claiming that New York gun owners are being sent letters from the N.Y.P.D. demanding them to surrender their guns which have feeding capacities that violate the 5-round rule. Below is an excerpt from the New York Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act (NY SAFE Act). (Click to expand…) According to Kit […]


Seven Top Hate Crime Hoaxes

John Hawkins | One of the oldest rules in psychology and economics is that if you reward a behavior, you can expect to see it more often. In America, we reward victimhood. That makes us feel good about ourselves and in some cases, it helps improve the lives of the people who’ve been victimized, but […]

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Members And Supporters

Happy Thanksgiving To Our Members And Supporters

When you’re sitting down for Turkey Day dinner, wow your relatives with factoids about a few of the differences between Canadian and American Thanksgiving… (Including facts like Canada likely did it first and Canadian’s don’t do “black Friday”!) In other news, the anti-Western anti-American Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again. While most Americans […]


Holodomor Remembrance Day November 23rd

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has addressed his compatriots on the Holodomor Remembrance Day. “These days it will turn 80 years since trouble has come to our land. In the period of 1932-1933, the Holodomor covered the territory of Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR,” according to a statement by the president posted on […]

Free Speech “Overpass Activism” In Oregon

Free Speech “Overpass Activism” In Oregon

On November 18, 2013, activists conducted a peaceful free speech protest against the continued unchecked immigration. Overpass Activists and several party members expressed opposition to “culture clash” engendered by massive immigration. Many American do not want anymore of this “social engineering” shoved down their throats. [button icon=heart link= type=buy tip=Contribute Securely]Donate Now[/button] The American Freedom […]

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