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Crime. Taking back our communities.

Our country has become unrecognizably dangerous. The slow decline in the welfare of our people and nation has been marked by the ruling political-establishment’s acceptance of rampant crime as a way of life, as if we were actually incapable of curbing it. Our people have had to alter their everyday behaviors to simply keep from being victimized by predators roaming the streets. While the ruling elites drone on endlessly about the rights of criminals, the happiness and welfare of our people has been sacrificed at the altar of political correctness.

Our people have a right to both a sense and enjoyment of safety. We should not have to relocate from one town to another to escape criminal gangs who roam freely as the hands of the police and the criminal justice system are bound from above. We should not have to worry about the legality of defending ourselves, our families and our homes as we are attacked by criminals. These predators should not have any rights at the expense of the safety and welfare of upstanding, law-abiding people.

We will put these common sense principles into practice without delay: Enable police to concentrate on real criminals and serve the public welfare, not the political goals of the ruling elite. Permit victims of crime greater freedom to defend themselves and their property. Introduce automatic sentences for repeat offenders who prey on our communities. Support states rights to enforce capital punishment for those convicted of capital crimes. Make prisoners understand that they are being punished, and not rewarded with a state-subsidized vacation for their crimes; in part through wide-scale obligatory public-works projects.

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