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Education. Not Indoctrination.

The same schools that once taught our children the knowledge, skills, culture, and traditions necessary to maintain and enhance our nation are now controlled by social Marxists. They are using the educational system as a vehicle to indoctrinate our children against the very people who created it. Also shocking, while per student spending has more than doubled since the 1960’s, standardized tests scores have continually fallen. As the American Third Position firmly believes in freedom, we recognize that every community has an inalienable right to determine the educational programming for its children. However, there must be national level standards for accountability as well.

We support measures to restore our school system to its first rate status. Teachers must emphasize traditional mathematics and literacy skills which have practical application to everyday life. A full curriculum of American history must also be taught. This will instill in our young people knowledge of and pride in the history, cultures and heritage of the pioneers of the U.S., and not the poisonous politically correct nonsense being fed to our children today. Organized classrooms settings and well-disciplined learning environments must become the norm once again. We also support greater opportunities for home-schooling arrangements.

Critically, we would introduce a compulsory Community Service system after the student completes their schooling – whenever that may be – to instill in them a work ethic, discipline, and social and community values. Projects would consist of caring for the elderly and handicapped, environmental and heritage restoration projects, or military training. Service in this system would entitle each individual to get something back from the society to which they have learnt to contribute, such as subsidized university education or apprenticeship, and/or business training and start-up capital for would-be entrepreneurs.

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