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National Defense

The United States government’s most important duty, besides preserving constitutional freedoms for its people, is to safeguard the nation from external threat.

This should not involve policing the world or providing for the defense of other nations. Nor should our military be used in support of the ambitions of multinational corporations – but only for the defense of vital American interests. We should not engage military forces unless war is justified and declared by our Congress. Currently, American military forces are spread throughout the world, protecting other nations at great peril to our service people and at great financial cost to the American taxpayer. These foreign interventionist escapades must stop immediately and our forces brought home.

America’s standing military could be significantly reduced, but should be supplemented in times of need by well trained “state and local militias” – and our people should never be denied their constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. In accordance with the Posse Comitatus Act, military forces should never be directed against our own citizenry. The Patriot Act, NDAA, and equivalent infringements on Liberty should be immediately repealed. Currently, and while we are supposedly involved in this never ending “war on terror”, our own borders are left unprotected. We are undergoing an invasion of illegal immigrants which pose significant danger to our internal security and great cost to the American people. Our borders should be secured immediately by our military forces and maintained as required.

Foreign deployments should be limited to operations and occupations of strategic importance and only when properly authorized. We must, however, maintain our forces in an advanced state of readiness with an adequate research and development budget. We must also honor our obligations to our service personnel – insuring that veterans receive proper care and earned entitlements.

We should, in no way, share our technologies and operational plans with other nations. Currently, much of our threat resides with “friendly nations” selling our secrets to others and initiating “False Flag” operations to involve us in their conflicts. To protect against this, our intelligence services should not allow foreign nationals or their special interests to infiltrate our defense institutions. Our military and intelligence services should restore real security to American citizens and be a beacon for peace throughout the world. As President, I will implement these policies and strengthen our national defense.

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