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AFP Metro NY Chapter Gathering Featuring Tom Sunic

On June 29th American Freedom Party members (AFP Metro NY Chapter) and area European Nationalists enjoyed hearty food, drink and a productive discussion on organizing our people in America. We all agreed that we must focus on local level activism and political campaigns for AFP to grow and prosper. Three board members gave presentations to resounding applause by the audience: Alex Carmichael, Northeastern regional coordinator; Harry Bertram, Midwestern regional coordinator; and renowned professor Dr. Tomislav Sunic, PhD, the Party’s foreign secretary in Europe.

Alex began the meeting by discussing events that AFP has hosted and attended so far in 2013. We have had a particularly solid responses to public “Free America” rallies organized at multiple locations throughout the US in February, March and April. The anti-amnesty ones were even simultaneously held at a dozen locations. We also received much publicity for our heightened presence at the American Renaissance conference, and have had great responses locally at firearms exhibitions, European festivals and sporting events throughout the Northeast, Midwest and West Coast.

Harry emphasized the importance of “doing over just talking.” Campaigning at the local level for the Party and cause generally is of the utmost importance. Harry has run for several offices in the state of West Virginia, including governor, state legislature and county school board. Campaigns must be focused on local issues of concern to regular folks, such as jobs, education and inefficient bureaucracy. His statements prompted a spirited question-and-answer session after the talks concluded.

Tom Sunic

Dr. Sunic began his presentation by broadly surveying the European nationalist scene. He compared European immigration issues with our own. He has had extensive personal experience with leaders of almost all of the patriotic parties there. Tom addressed the importance of Proportional Representation where political parties who support our agenda are able to thrive and influence coalition governments. AFP is a prominent advocate of that fairer system of elections. Tom lamented the hostility that still exists between European neighbor states. As a Croatian national, he spoke about the breakup of Yugoslavia and the resulting Civil War.

Tom emphasized that AFP activists must “bring our issues to light” as patriots in the United States. Most importantly, we must spread the word about the demographic disaster befalling our people here. Multiethnic nations are by nature self-destructive. There are 200 million European American people in America, though implicit now could easily become explicit tomorrow. This is quite doable given we all speak English and few of us maintain strict European tribalism that has destroyed nations in the past. Tom will be addressing the national-level AFP meeting in Southern California next weekend. Stay tuned for details.

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Tom SunicTom Sunic, Ph.D. (, is a former professor of political science, a scholar, a prolific writer and an accomplished linguist in Croatian, English, French and German. A number of themes emerge in his books and numerous essays: religion, cultural pessimism, race, liberalism, democracy, multiculturalism and communism.

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