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AFP Response to King Barack the First

This was not a State of the Union speech; the State of the Union was not even addressed. It was the thoughts of a community-organizer bureaucrat.

We are now in the imperial presidency. The speech last evening was noticeably missing any vision, devoid of compromise, and a threat to those in opposition, which has been articulated over the past few days as, “My way or the highway”! America has three branches of government the judicial that runs the courts and interprets law, the legislative that makes the laws and the executive that enforces the laws. The executive i.e. president is prohibited from making law, period. With the national debt $4 trillion larger than the national economy, we will spend even more on progressive pet social projects. The president will act unilaterally to increase the pay of government contractors to over a minimum of $10.10 per hour; my guess is that this will not affect anyone. We were told that he wants unemployment benefits that already have been extended to 99 weeks to be extended for another 90 days (13 weeks) bring unemployment benefits up to 112 weeks. This will cost about $ 6 billion, where the money is to come from was missing. On jobs the nations greatest concern, Harry Reid is sitting on 40 House passed bills, which he refuses to offer for vote in the Senate, the president forgot that.

One decided theme was central planning, top down larger government the exact same thing he has been trying for the last five years, which has not worked. Simpson-Bowles the bi-partisan effort in 2013 that would have reduced the deficit by $2.5 trillion was again overlooked. As before, the president clearly stated that the opposition has offered nothing but that he was willing to listen to anything they had to offer; this was a repeat of his previous State of the Union addresses in which he made the identical statement that came to nothing. Obama is a socialist ideologue that will neither accept nor consider any opinion other than his own. “I got a pen and a phone,” implying omnipotence.

The three big issues of the 2013 address, healthcare, the environment, and education were skirted with meaningless innuendos, and the same 2012 slogans we have come to accept as his management style, which is to lead from behind were pronounced. The Obama creation of 8 million jobs, more Pinocchio’s, we have the lowest labor participation rate since 1978. We now have lower unemployment, well yes, when you eliminate most of those who have no jobs, U-3 7.3%, U-6 13.7% (used during Bush admin.) 23.3% ShadowStats ® which counts everyone. We cut the debt in half. Really as of the speech $17,339,419,865,012 rising at $820,000 per minute.

He said, get the bills on my desk! Tell Harry he’s sitting on 40 of them. This was the address of a consummate bureaucrat, a community organizer, no vision, no plans, no solutions with the exception of more government, more regulations especially against the energy sector, on that note, he chided our national increase in energy production, which occurred despite his opposition, and a reduction of federal drilling licenses by 19%. The Keystone pipeline was nowhere to be found in his speech. He spoke of immigration reform—in progressive terms amnesty, but did not address the popularly national concept of closing the borders before any immigration issue is considered. In education where we have fallen from 4th in world student competency in 1952 to depending on subject number 13 to 34 in 2014 his solution is more government and an expansion of the totally proven waste of extending pre-kindergarten education. He proposed to cap student’s college loans to 10% of their annual income; he did not consider forced reduction of college tuitions, which have grown 14% faster than inflation, nor where the funds for this will come from. He told us that 3 million young people were now covered under Obamacare because they were on their parent’s plans to age 26; he seems to have forgotten the actuarial consequence of taking all those healthy young people out of the insurance pool. He told another Pinocchio when he claimed 9 million had signed up for Obamacare, in fact no one has signed up because no transaction is complete until payment is made and the Obamacare site does not have a means of tabulation, or transmission of financial transaction to any insurance carrier. Furthermore not even Sebelius has exceed the number of 2.5 million, and the 6.75 million who lost coverage, which by the way he never mentioned, seem to have been lost in the woodwork. He again stated that there would be even more illegal gun EO’s.

We will not comment on our totally failed foreign policy, which is in a state of dissolution far beyond commentary; thanks Hillary!

It is our opinion that 2014 will be a busy year of litigation in various courts as Obama attacks America with his phone and his pen, as Clint Eastwood so aptly put it, a president with a phone and a pen is more dangerous than 200 million American’s with guns.

Things that Obama missed

U.S. Sovereign debt downgraded first in history, federal spending 25% of GDP, greatest since WWII, budget deficit 10% of GDP greatest since WWII, federal debt 67% of GDP, population employed only 58.1% of total, long term unemployment 45.9% of total highest since the Great Depression, drop in homeownership rate to 59.7% lowest since 1965, percentage of citizens paying income tax 49%, total American citizens on government dependency 47%.

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  1. Easy Pickins says:

    Nice job commenting on another BS article to draw attention to your own BS! Kudos!

    Your words and actions show you to be nothing more than a snake-oil huckster. You belong under a tent directing the rest of the clowns!

    • American3P says:

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    • Brad says:

      Did the President talk about the state of the union or did he instead promote is agenda that is basically a hodgepodge of left wing special interest jargon…..?

      This President has proved 2 things. First is that Elections do matter… and Second, he is in fact the Worst President we have ever had in our entire history. He makes Jimmy Carter look like Ronald Reagan. He has cut the military, exported more manufacturing jobs overseas, let in more illegal immigrants and done more to oppress the middle class than anyone in history. So Easy remember one thing. When your left wing team wins they tend to eat their own first… Thankfully we are not going to allow this to continue and his term is almost up so we are fighting for you even if you don’t realize it.