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The Alt-Right Has Been Vindicated

Recent events have vindicated the Alt-Right.

Hunter Wallace Alt-Right

1.) First, you have Ford building plants in Mexico and moving small car production out of Michigan to Mexico.

2.) Second, you have refugees or the children of refugees launching terrorist attacks in Orlando, St. Cloud, New York and New Jersey.

3.) Third, you have black radicals shooting cops and rioting, looting, torching cities and lashing out at White people in Milwaukee and Charlotte after black cops shoot armed black suspects. Hillary Clinton and the #LyingPress nod in agreement that “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” is to blame.

4.) Fourth, you have the #LyingPress denouncing anyone who raises questions about Hillary’s health as a lunatic conspiracy theorist, and the whole country watching her collapse on national television.

5.) In Utah, you have the state’s top amnesty activist who denounced Trump for saying illegal aliens are rapists getting arrested and charged with rape.

6.) In Syria, you have Obama bombing the Syrian Army in order to clear a path for ISIS.

7.) Back home, you have Hillary winning the support of 96 percent of Jewish donors, all of Wall Street, and the support of big donors in 9 out of 10 sectors of the US economy. It is not just Wall Street supporting Hillary. The oligarchy has unified behind her.

8.) You have George HW Bush best known for the “New World Order” endorsing Hillary Clinton thereby proving the two party globalist cartel preserves the status quo.

9.) You have Hillary Clinton calling half of Trump’s supporters an irredeemable “basket of deplorables” in which she shows her naked contempt for those she expects to govern.

10.) You have a Republican Congress that balks at defending its own voters, and nodding in silent agreement with Hillary and the #LyingPress that its own voters really are “deplorable.” These people wonder why they are pillored as “cuckservatives.”

11.) Finally, a leading presidential candidate and its lapdogs in the media have declared that anonymous Twitter trolls swapping images of a cartoon frog – many of them who are still in high school – are the leading threat to the Republic in the backdrop of daily pandemonium on the streets.

That’s where this country is at today. Is it on the verge of falling apart?

SOURCE: Hunter Wallace

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