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American Freedom Party Conference 2013

The American Freedom Party Conference and American Freedom Party members and supporters met in Orange County, California, on July, 6th, to ponder what possibilities lay ahead for European American peoples and how we, as advocates and activists on their behalf, might assist in bettering the chances of a decent future for all of us living in America, a geo-state whose not too distant future is in question.

Having orchestrated the largest American Freedom Party speaker-meeting since the party changed its name (formerly American Third Position) earlier this year, local organizers were excited to find not only renewed interest in the party’s mission but a level of enthusiasm and even practicality that has been absent from area activism for too long. California, even its southern half, is still home to a considerable number of Americans who can make a difference in their communities. The stand our people make in California might determine much of what unfolds thereafter, as California continues to lead the country, even in its decline. The party has always received its greatest support from the beleaguered white residents of Southern California precisely because it is in this area of the country that what is befalling our nation is so blindingly apparent: a cataclysmic population shift has occurred and much ground seems already lost.

The first speaker was Dr. Tomislav Sunic, an American Freedom Party Director, author, multi-linguist and former Croatian diplomat. An American citizen and Croatian National, Dr. Sunic has promoted the party by providing a unique perspective concerning nationalist movements in Europe, compared their successes and failures, and what the American Freedom Party can learn from the efforts of our kinfolk. A multilingual scholar, Dr. Sunic frequently travels throughout Europe meeting with and speaking before nationalist groups in numerous countries. His discourse at the conference concerned a detailed analysis of several of the more prominent European nationalist political parties, providing insight into how the success of each is due to their social investment within local communities.

Tom Sunic

Dr. Sunic travelled from Croatia this summer to make two appearances in front of AFP audiences– in New York on June 29th and here in Orange County, California. Dr. Sunic will be in the U.S. during August for a week-long instructorship at the SOTC Training Institute ( and will speak before the National Policy Institute Conference ( in October. Later this fall Dr. Sunic will coordinate meetings and events with directors and party members in Arizona in a effort to build additional American Freedom Party chapters.

After Dr. Sunic’s lecture, American Freedom Party Chairman Bill Johnson spoke about the paramount significance of national identity and how the best-sounding concepts, such as “democracy” and “freedom,” can become detrimental if they are not applied to the benefit of the nation, of European American communities, and the planet. Mr. Johnson implored the audience to join and work on behalf of the Party and other nationalist organizations, maintaining that the benefit of numbers is how social pressure is thereby achieved. Most people arise to express their true opinions only when they witness others doing likewise. There followed a lively question and answer period, Mr. Johnson explaining that ours is an intergenerational perspective and that the moral structure underlying our thought process extends far beyond a single election or even lifetime.

Institute for Historical Review Director and internationally renowned historian, Mark Weber, was next to speak before the by now excited crowd. Mr. Weber analyzed the current state of American life, relating how the majority of people, in any time, are usually uninterested in much beyond their personal lives. He detailed the risks and sacrifices made by those who founded our nation and contrasted these with the minimal losses faced by patriotic revolutionaries of recent generations. Mr. Weber quoted John Adams and Robert E. Lee concerning their views on duty and wished these ideas might inspire those in attendance.

Kevin MacDonald

Following a brief break, the crowd was treated to a short talk by AFP Director and California State Long Beach professor, Dr. Kevin Macdonald. Professor MacDonald related personal experiences concerning the difficulty faced by people within academia who seek to present ideas concerning race and national identity that do not fit the politically correct establishment-approved views. He encouraged his listeners to maintain a sense of doing right in being nationalist activists, regardless of the efforts and hypocritical moralizing of detractors.

Matthew Heimbach

Former President of Towson University’s White Student Union and co-founder of Traditional Youth (, Matthew Heimbach, spoke next, covering a range of topics, surprising the audience by his level of insight and the extent of his knowledge. Mr. Heimbach provided numerous examples for why compromise with the establishment only ever ensures being stabbed-in-the-back and explained the need for a white homeland as the only solution to the predicaments of multiculturalism and diversity. After considering various geo-cultural options as being likely candidates for a separate ethno-state, Mr. Heimbach reasoned that those of us who understand the situation facing our people must begin, now, in being more clear about precisely what we are advocating: nothing less than what is absolutely necessary – a White Homeland.

Matthew Heimbach

Rita Wagner, a local Southern California activist followed Mr. Heimbach, explaining from her perspective what it has been like to be a female activist and what is needed to encourage more women to take up the fight for posterity. Ms. Wagner related the importance women place on feeling safe. She mentioned charity work and other methods for softening our movement’s approach toward outreach.

The final speaker was Michael Myers, an organizer for one of California’s more prominent, short-haired nationalist organizations, Golden State Solidarity. Mr. Myers, a long-time boots on the ground activist, introduced himself as an ordinary working-class white man who cares about his race and nation. Mr. Myers gave several examples of what he and his friends have accomplished toward helping European American peoples stating that activism is what being an activist is truly about. Rallying all of our people to unite in our common cause, Mr. Myers asked that others in our movement recognize the important role we ALL have.

Besides the entertaining and informative speakers, throughout the evening numerous sub-meetings assembled to discuss plans for future projects. The level of excitement, enthusiasm of the speakers, and the conference setting all provided the meeting with an atmosphere of determination and inspiration: namely, a sense that the American Freedom Party is making progress toward becoming an influential nationalist political alternative.

Support and maintain American Freedom Party growth! The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European American communities.

Freedom from Republicans. Freedom from Democrats. American Freedom Party!

The American Freedom Party needs your support. Send any contribution you can via PayPal to AFP Treasurer

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European-Americans should push back! European-Americans should abandon the Republicans and Democrats. Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the anti-Western Democrat and Republican parties. Join a Nationalist Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

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Comments (14)

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  2. Amen comrades. White separation to create our own Homeland, in respect to regional identity, is crucial for our survival. Being a knock off of the Constitution Party has been a failure. White nationalism or bust.

    • socalnationalist says:

      Great speech, Matt. You're a natural.

    • Eric says:

      White separation to create our own Homeland – it's called the UK Empire, Europe and the USA…. Now they just need to fight for it. Trying to make some small getto is a trap and a dead end… fight for what you have or die.

      • HJ11 says:

        Trying to save former White nations as a whole and trying to start White enclaves in the belly of the beast are not mutually exclusive means to an end. Personally, I think the White enclave idea is a good one if there is strong enough glue to hold Whites together and if they try to increase their numbers.

        I point to the various White polygamist towns as an example of glue and also as an example of how a group can grow by breeding to the maximum.

        • HJ11 says:

          The way to increase our numbers of our people is to have all of us have more children. This requires that we rid ourselves of false morality that keeps down our births.

  3. socalnationalist says:

    I like that skinhead dude. K-Mac also has the right level of cynicism and cautious pessimism. This party has the right outlook. It's practical, real, and present.

  4. maureenmartin5 says:

    Well we have had little success over the last few years in stemming the tide of immigrants so we have decided to divorce ourselves from a dysfunctional, anti-White regime.

    If White people had a country of our own, we wouldn't have to worry about Affirmative Action etc.

    • Eric says:

      They have a Nation of their own. Its called the UK Empire, Europe and the USA…. Now they just need to fight for it.

  5. Merlin says:

    Advocating for a white nationalist state will marginalize this party. This, of course, plays into the Zionist/NWO agenda of divide and conquer, rather than working to rapidly grow a viable nationalist/populist party which could save America – and purge our nation of its betrayers. A focus from the moral high-ground, which respects all legitimate Americans is the wise course. Stopping illegal immigration and leveling the playing field (ending affirmative action, etc) is what the party should press for – and that would resonate with most Americans. Other very important issues (stopping the wars/occupations, restoring a sound currency, ending destructive "Free trade" policies, ending the decadent/untruthful mainstream media monopoly, etc) are what Americans most need.

    • Manuel says:

      I'm from Portugal, and being from Europe and knowing it's reality i can tell you that the path you are advocating is the worse thing one could do. You'll start giving in to the mainstream and become a party of the system like it has happened to several parties in Europe over many years. The only way is to focus on cultural strugle or metapolitical strugle; that is creating parallel societies and trying to change the mindset and the values of the population. First you need to conquer the minds, only then will you conquer the political power. This change of the values and culture will be extremely facilitated by the coming economic collapse. The vacuum created by the rejection of the current system by the population, as a result of the destruction of their way of life; the fall of capitalism/liberalism will give us the last opportunity.
      This will enable a true 100% white nationalist party to come into power, because the collapse will be total. People will seek out a totally different system, and the apathy and condescendence of white people will be substituted by revolt, anger, and will to defend themselves and their interests. Just like it happened in Greece; It would be completely impossible for a hardcoce national-socialist party to be so close to power in such a short time, or even ever, if it was not for the collapse of the system. Look well at Greece and study the situation and Golden Dawn party. This is no time to moderate your speech and search for social acceptance, but prepare for what is coming; our last opportunity to save our race.
      Creating a White Nationalist state is the central goal of this party, i know it is, and it is also an absolute necessity to save our race. This should not be hidden, at least this issue which is so central. Your movement should not be infiltrated by people that don't support racial separatism.

      • Eric says:

        Dear Manuel, much of what you have to say is very true. But, one big thing – the USA is just that – NOT Europe. We are not yet the Greeks and cannot be the Golden Dawn. If your power has no chance to gain power… what is the point?

        Eric – Texas

    • socalnationalist says:

      Marginalize the party from what? A Jewish elite that controls our culture, mocks us at every opportunity, and whose open aim is to rid the world of us? Or do you fear that we'll be abandoned by the white masses, who, like you, are hopelessly infatuated with the ideals of the French Revolution, whose infatuation only grows stronger by opposition to it, who betray us as a matter of course, and who revel in the destruction of good.

      Will they not allow us to vote for our favorite American Idol contestant? Will they not allow us to partake in their Monsanto syrups? Will they keep us from their cubes? Will they not allow us to be obese and disgusting in appearance? Will they not allow us to be alone? Will they not allow us to be without an identity? Will they not allow us to buy nick-nacks at trinkets at Walmart? Will they not allow our daughters to be whores? Will they not allow us a sense of ennui, anomie, listlessness, helplessness, emptiness?

      Here's a novel concept: fuck the American public. Fuck them in their fat faces. They should be shamed for having become the pathetic bunch of losers, quitters, brigands, and all-around shitheads that they are. If the moral high-ground means betraying our thoughts, our spirit, the truth, our dignity, and common sense, fuck the moral high-ground too. Abandon the hill, and leave it to the enemy, for they deserve it.

      Opposition to illegal immigration is a monument to the undying stupidity of the last of the liberal conservative R-tards who refuse to die with grace, an eternal flame whose fire burns on in tribute to unnecessary stubbornness. Somewhere an ancestor shakes his head at your inability to comprehend the present, the recent past, the distant past, the immediate future, the near future, and what is obvious to even the dullest and dimmest of immigrant refuse. Guess what? Where I'm from, illegal immigration is a non-issue. If there were no restrictions on immigration, the area would likely get whiter! Where illegal immigration is an issue, it's not an issue, because nobody gives a shit about it.

      The only issue this party should concern itself with is the continuation and spread of the Aryan race, in both a biological, spiritual, and moral sense. Every other policy should rest on that foundation.

      Liberal conservative types, like Merlin Miller, for example, believe that the world is progressing toward something. It's not. The cosmos is cyclical, and policies must change accordingly, the basis always being what's best for our kin, who are agents of powerful forces that work through us and all things.

      The idea that we need free trade policies, foreign policies, immigration policies, et cetera, is laughable at the present. We need to concern ourselves with controlling even one square inch of land. Then two. Then three, and so on.

      You should go be a Republican. They're just gay enough.

    • HJ11 says:

      Save America? You mean that place where Whites are being slaughtered in the streets and in their homes by Blacks? That place where Whites are sent to the back of the bus? That place where Whites are second class citizens and are being wiped out in every way possible? That place where a simple sign at a parade reading "Hug a White Person," is considered radical–even by weak-seed Whites who want to rush to the nearest Black and tell them how unracist they are and how they hate Whites who would dare to have such a sign in a parade?

      Nope. That's not for me.

      We need to circle our wagons, and if it is a small circle, so be it. In time, others will join and the circle will get larger. We can't appeal to the masses without taking positions that are as mild and meaningless as the GOP and the Dems. Both of those parties go for masses cradled under the center of the Bell Curve.

      We don't have to be strident, and we can be clever, but we must protect that which is the most essential thing we can protect: the who and what we are by birth. We must make it safe to be White again.

      All revolutions begin with just a few people who are able to attract others to their cause.

      We need to present our positions in ways that will appeal to our people, and we need to start winning small elections–dog catcher elections–all across this country. And, those who win those elections must stay focused on our larger goal and they must be able to withstand the media spotlight that will be put on them.

      Our positions are not unreasonable to reasonable intelligent people. Those who think otherwise are either stupid or are White haters or both.