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American Freedom Party Launches Robocall Campaign in Mississippi

Bob Whitaker 2016

On Saturday, August 15, 2015 the American Freedom Party (AFP) continued the automated telephone campaign which it began in Idaho two weeks ago.

The Two Requirements of Tyranny:
1) Tyranny forbids all dissent;
2) Tyranny never calls it “dissent.”

  • To a Communist, all disagreement is “fascist.
  • To a Fascist, all disagreement is Communist.
  • Today all disagreement is “Racist.”
  • Tyranny never answers.
  • It just bans.

Approximately 169,000 telephone numbers in Mississippi were called to inform them of the crime of white genocide through mass-non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL white countries. The AFP also invited Mississippians to support the AFP and it’s presidential candidate Bob Whitaker in their efforts to expose this crime.

The AFP is calling people directly because the media has refused to discuss this important issue.

Visit Bob Whitaker’s campaign web site.

Contribute to Bob Whitaker’s campaign.

Flag of Mississippi

Political Power for European Americans!

European people should organize and advance their own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity!

The American Freedom Party needs your help! Send $10, $20, $50, $100, or any contribution you can via PayPal “Send Money” to or click here:

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a National Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!

Support American Freedom Party growth and our heritage of Western civilization! The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European-American communities and all Americans.

Nationalism! Not Globalism! — America First! Not America Last!
Freedom from Republicans. Freedom from Democrats. American Freedom Party! Political Power for European-Americans!

European-Americans should push back! European-Americans should abandon the Republicans and Democrats. Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

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