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Attorney Bill Johnson: Trump Is An ‘American Nationalist’ [VIDEO]

William D. JohnsonWilliam Johnson, a self avowed white nationalist, says that Donald Trump is an “American nationalist” who has made “nationalism popular.”

The Daily Caller reported that ‘in an interview with MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff on Wednesday, Johnson said, “[N]ationalism is becoming popular right now. Donald Trump is making it popular. We’re battling the globalism that’s been in place for the last 40 or 50 years and Donald Trump is leading the charge.”’

Soboroff said, “Your political views are, you are a white nationalist.”

“Yes, I’m a nationalist,” Johnson said.

Later, Soboroff followed up, “Donald Trump is making White nationalism popular?” [How slippery! An attempt to position Trump as a “White Nationalist” but Bill Johnson sidestepped the mendacious question.]

“He’s making nationalism popular. I’m a white nationalist but he’s, you could call him an “American nationalist”. [America First!] And just like nationalism is becoming popular in the Philippines, in Egypt and in Europe, he’s making it popular here in the United States,” Johnson claimed.

“The large influx of immigrants primarily because of the concept of globalism has destroyed western civilization and Donald Trump is battling that,” Johnson said.

[Editor: How many immigrants is enough? We have 19 million illegal aliens already. The politically correct term is “undocumented immigrant”. Invaders, occupiers, and infiltrators are references used by others.

Why doesn’t America export the “American Dream” as they export automobiles and American jobs?]

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