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Behind The Scenes at Amren 2016

Adapted from TPM Muckraker (and I do mean Muckraker!) At Amren 2016 three hundred self-stylized “race realists” [couldn’t they say European Americans?] came together over the weekend at Tennessee’s Montgomery Bell State Park for the fourteenth annual American Renaissance conference, put on by one of the country’s leading white nationalist publications. Many of them, ardent immigration activists, pointed to Donald Trump’s campaign as a positive sign for the future of their movement.

According to Jared Taylor, this year’s conference saw a 100-person jump in attendance from 2015; a show of hands identified half of the participants as first-time attendees and one-third as under-the-age-of-30 millenials…

Amren 2016 Nathan DNathan Damigo, undergrad majoring in social science, California: “Is Trump’s campaign good for the country and good for people of European ancestry? I’d say yes to both of those.”

Almost every conference attendee said he or she voted for Trump in the primaries. Some had attended rallies or canvassed for his campaign. A few, like William Johnson, have done much more. Johnson, the founder of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, poured thousands of dollars into his American National Super PAC’s effort to blanket early voting states with robocalls urging voters to back Trump. He caused a stir earlier this month when his name appeared on a list of Trump’s California delegates.

Though the Trump campaign attributed Johnson’s inclusion on the delegate list to a “database error,” his support for the real estate mogul, who he repeatedly called a “strong male leader,” was unwavering..

Amren 2016 NathanNathan, Tennessee, worked as canvasser for Trump campaign: “I’d say 9 out of 10 doors I’ve knocked on are already Trump supporters.

Amren 2016 Tina NicholsTina Nichols, former restaurant industry worker from Seiverville, Tennessee: “I support him. But I have such a good memory I still remember his womanizer days back in the 1980s. I can’t help it. I’m female. If he runs the country well, I’m all for him making this country a good place again.”

Amren 2016 Peter BrimelowPeter Brimelow, panelist and editor of “He does like building things. I think we can count on that wall.”

Amren 2016 Sandeep and AbhilashjSandeep and Abhilash, Nashville, Tennessee: Abhilash (right): “I had actually been following this since before Trump. I do think he’s changed the zeitgeist. I think [without Trump] these hidden animosities would manifest in other ways.”

Amren 2016 Jake and Bonnie CoxJake and Bonnie Cox, Kenosha, Wisconsin: Jake: “I don’t work for the Trump campaign. Sometimes I make memes and sputter them around.”

Amren 2016 Fernando CortésFernando Cortés, panelist and self-avowed Mexican Indentitarian: Trump is “breaking the taboo of political correctness, and making it a lot safer for subjects like this to be talked about.”

Amren 2016 Jeannie D.JeannieD, former IT project manager at Microsoft from Seattle, Washington: “I do like the wall on the border. I think we need to know who is coming here. I don’t think that we need to stop people from coming here but in terms of refugees I think they do need to come here but they do need to be vetted well. I think we do need a moratorium so we can come up with a plan so we know who is coming.”

Amren 2016 James EdwardsJames Edwards, panelist and host of “The Political Cesspool” podcast: “I think we’re going to win this thing.”

Amren 2016 Ingrid ZundelIngrid Zundel, head of Holocaust-Skeptic, Sevierville, Tennessee: “I think that he’s an alpha male. He speaks off the cuff and shoots off the hip and I think this country is hungry for that. Our country really responds to that.”

Amren 2016 RamZPaulRamZPaul, 6’5” panelist and YouTube video maker: Trump saying “you don’t have a country without a border” is “what brought us to him.”

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