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Beyond Conservatism: NPI’s Washington, DC Event

On February 27th, 2015, the National Policy Institute (NPI) will host a conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Presented by top spokesmen of our cause, the theme of the gathering will be Beyond Conservatism; NPI President Richard Spencer (pictured), Jared Taylor of American Renaissance, and Peter Brimelow of will speak on how the conservative movement has failed to fight for the interests of European Americans and will offer a new vision for the future. The National Youth Front encourages its members, supporters and other genuine nationalists to attend.

Conservatism Ballot BoxThose aged 30 and under can get into the event for a discounted “Millennial” price of only $25. As of this writing, there are 6 tickets left for millennial registration, and 13 tickets left for “Early Bird” registration for $45. See here to get your tickets or for more information.

The National Policy Institute is an independent think-tank dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people wherever they may live. The group publishes Radix Journal and organizes conferences to develop an intellectual community based on identity and nationalism across the European-American world. Despite interference from the US State Department and even an official banning of their event by the Hungarian government, NPI successfully held its first “European Congress” in Budapest last October.

Like NPI, the National Youth Front understands that conservatism will not solve the problems our people and the nation face.

In a June, 2013 interview with the American Freedom Party Report, Richard Spencer explained why a conservative approach is doomed:
“The fact is, if we shut down all immigration tomorrow morning (as some conservatives suggest) our destiny in the United States wouldn’t be changed one iota. The tipping point of 2050 when whites become a minority may be delayed by a decade, but it’s not going to change. Since the summer of 2011, the majority of births in the United States have been non-white. We have to grasp the very hard truth that our situation is not very workable as it is… That’s why we have to go beyond conservatism right now, instead of 30 years from now when it’s obviously unworkable.

“When you’re in the position of the Boers of South Africa where there are laws supporting your dispossession, where the state sanctions the murders of your farmers and the expropriation of your land, you’re not going to talk about tax cuts or about a gay marriage ban. No. You’re going to talk about the real issue, the survival of your people. Although it’s not as direct and will play out differently in America and may not be as violent, we’re in the same situation as the whites of South Africa.

“The ‘conservative America’ approach isn’t workable. You can lower taxes all you want, return to the Constitution… none of will alter our destiny at all. We need to start thinking about long-term solutions for our people now, instead of 30 years from now when it’s too late.”

The American Freedom Party and National Youth Front is a forward thinking organization and our mission is to unite and train today’s Euro-American youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. To that end, we wish to meet with honorable men and women who share our vision at likeminded gatherings and at our own events in the future. Join us.

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