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“Block Boyz” Body Slam Elderly Woman Before Throwing Her Into Pool

A ahocking video shows an elderly woman who complained to a group of teenagers about their loud music being body-slammed and thrown in a pool.

The woman, who appeared frail and was walking her two small dogs, approached the kids and told them to turn their music down.

But instead of turning the volume down, or even just fobbing the woman off, the teens began taunting her and filming in her face.

According to MTONews, the woman “suffered serious head trauma” and almost drowned.

MTONews reports she was “later rushed to the hospital and is currently in STABLE condition” and police are investigating the incident.

The attack has so far gotten zero mainstream media coverage.

Some of the kids at the party, which appeared to be in the US, started chanting ‘Go home, go home’.

Then, one extremely tall man – who looks to be either in his late teens or early twenties – grabbed the woman around her waist and slammed her to the ground.

It’s unclear whether the bodyslam was intentional, or whether he had picked her up before slipping on water on the poolside.

However, he immediately grabbed her again and carried her towards the water.

The woman’s two dogs were dragged along behind her on their leads, although they then managed to run away.

While the media is currently trying to act like this never happened, imagine for a moment the outrage if an elderly black woman went to a frat boy pool party and asked them to turn down the music, then a white frat boy picked her up, slammed her to the ground to the cheers of his frat boy buddies, and then threw her in a pool leaving her for dead.

That would get 24/7 coverage and be characterized as a hate crime and an indictment on all white people. Instead, as the races are reversed, it’s being completely ignored.

Black Teens Body Slam Elderly Woman

From Saboteur356:

After viewing the video, scroll down the homepage to the post on Taylor Dumpson, a full of shit Negress college student whose life revolves around screaming about how racist white people are.

Yeah, I guess walking your dogs and politely asking that the noise be toned down is racist.

Damn it! The unidentified white woman and her dogs could have been killed.

I picked this version of the video to post because it was published on youtube by a race realist, rather than your typical namby-pamby fool.

From the Daily Mail:

A shocking video shows a man body slamming an elderly woman to the ground before hurling her into a swimming pool.

The unidentified woman, who was walking her two dogs, appeared to be asking a group of pool party-goers to turn down their music.

As she approaches the group of people, who are believed to be in their late teens or early 20s, a woman is heard in the background yelling: ‘Throw her in!’

A man then pops up in front of her and picks her up as they both fall to the ground.

"Block Boyz" House Party

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