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BNP Conference 2013 – Tom Sunic Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Tomislav (Tom) Sunic (author, professor and Board member of the American Freedom Party), and a leading intellectual of the European ´New Right´ and a Director of the American Freedom Party, is now confirmed as guest speaker at the forthcoming BNP Annual Conference of Voting Members.

Author of numerous books, Croatian-born Dr. Tom Sunic was first associated with nationalist thinking in Britain way back in the 1980s, when he was a regular contributor to New Right theoretical magazine, The Scorpion.

As you can see from this or this sample speech on YouTube, Dr. Sunic continues to be a very well-informed and sometimes controversial speaker. We´re sure his contribution will add an extra dimension to BNP Conference 2013.

Dr. Sunic will be speaking on the subject of “The ‘Balkanization’ of the EU and the USA; Some Parallels with ex-Yugoslavia”.

BNP-GraphicTickets for this year´s Conference are selling fast, and owing to the problems of securing venues caused by bureaucratic and police harassment of hotel owners, we have a strict upper limit on numbers, so we recommend you book your ticket NOW to avoid possible disappointment.

[Source: British National Party]

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