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Border Chaos A Ploy To Reboot North American Union?

The author of a book that is credited with revealing to the public a clandestine campaign for a “North American Union” suggests the current border crisis – in which tens or even hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are simply moving into America – is a steppingstone to the original NAU plan.

Jerome Corsi - North American Union“We stopped the [Security and Prosperity Partnership] simply by exposing the plan to create a North American Union,” said Jerome Corsi (pictured), author of “The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada.”

The book tackled the issue of the governments of the U.S., Mexico and Canada meeting to coordinate activities and actions, regulations and more, but those overt efforts have diminished since the controversy erupted.

“Now the timetable for continental integration has slowed down,” Corsi said. “The decision seems to have been made to accomplish first the integration of the United States and Mexico by leaving the southern border open to an unstopped flood of Hispanics crossing the border illegally.”

Rep. Candice Miller (R-MI) suggested that the United States should consider repealing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to punish Mexico for “dishonorably” being “complicit” in allowing illegal immigrant children to come to America…

We [America] are not an ATM machine.

Regardless of why illegal aliens enter the U.S. from Latin America, the fact remains that their presence in large numbers could make it much easier to integrate the U.S. with Mexico, Corsi argues.

And once integration happens, it would become even easier for Mexicans to migrate to the United States, with illegal immigration and an open borders concept . So illegal immigration and a North American Union would reinforce each other.

He said in an age of mass immigration and a “global economy,” a national sovereignty is hard to continue.

Get your copy of “The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada,” and be forewarned about the strategy.

“The pressures for the United States not to be a sovereign nation in a 20- or 50-year period of time are almost overwhelming,” he said.

He doesn’t, however, expect public plans for any “union” plan to be discussed any time soon.

“With the open borders and the invasion going on from Central America, I think Americans are again seeing that the SPP plans are still in place, just today in a stealth methodology,” he said.

The official Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, which some called a prelude to the NAU, has been officially inactive since 2009.

But Corsi said the globalists have not stopped, “and the globalists will never stop.”

Corsi’s “The Late Great U.S.A.: The Coming Merger With Mexico and Canada,” was written two years after President George W. Bush teamed up with Mexican President Vicente Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin to announce the creation of the SPP.

It was amidst the backlash after the book publicized the plans that the SPP eventually was shuttered.

“As people began seeing the components of the North American Union that were coming into place, went to the website and read it for themselves,” Corsi said, “it produced very much of a negative reaction. People said, ‘No.’ They didn’t want a North American Union; they wanted to preserve U.S. sovereignty, and they wanted to secure the border.”

It went quiet.

“What happened was the globalist integration of North America took a different direction. Basically, it went underground,” he said.

But Corsi claimed the infrastructure continues to be put in place for a unified North America.

He said Canada is quietly opening its oil supply to China, as well as building a transcontinental highway and rail system with ports on both coasts to open itself to world trade. Pipelines in Canada are planned to transport Canadian oil to Canadian ports on the Pacific Ocean for transport to China.

Mexico, he said, continues to build ports, roads, and railroads, preparing for a renewed flow of containers from China to be transported into the heart of the United States where Kansas remains ready to host a Mexican Customs office, should a global economic recovery restore international trade to the U.S. from China to reach pre-2010 levels once again.

“You don’t have the same big-fanfare summit meetings,” Corsi said. “President Obama is still meeting with Mexico and Canada. The meetings occur on an annual basis. But now they have been renamed, downgraded to the status of North American Leaders’ Summit meetings. Gone is the designation of these conferences as Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America meetings. Gone are the dozen or more ‘tripartite working groups’ the U.S., Mexico, and Canada had constituted under the SPP to knit together a bureaucratic structure of continental rules and regulations.”

Still, Corsi maintains, under the rubric of the North American Leaders’ Summit meetings the globalists continue their efforts to erase the borders separating the United States from Canada and Mexico.

In his book, Corsi predicted an NAU could be in place by 2010, and he believes that would have happened without the backlash created by the book.

In 2011, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced two new initiatives – one to better align the two countries’ regulations, and the other to strengthen their shared security and ease the flow of people and products across their border.

However, Mexico was not part of these initiatives.

“With the demise of the SPP, globalists have decided that we will evolve into a North American Union … with integration achieved simply by allowing people to walk across the border with Mexico or to swim across the border,” he said.

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