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Border Patrol Agent: Nothing Done to Secure Border from Ebola

Border Patrol Agent and National Border Patrol Council #3307 Vice President Chris Cabrera said that “nothing” has been done to secure the border in the event the Ebola virus spreads to Central America, and that the apprehension rate on the border was down to about 30% on Thursday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Cabrera said, “I agree with that 100 percent,” when asked whether he agreed with Marine Corps General John Kelly that there would be a “mass migration” to the US if the Ebola virus spread to Central America.

Then when asked if any steps had been taken to secure the border if such a migration occurred, he stated, “You know, actually, nothing has.”

Cabrera also reported, “We caught an individual last night from East Africa, which obviously, is not from the zone where it’s concentrated, but there is still some type of threat there.”

Mexico Border Illegals - EbolaHe criticized Border Patrol management’s handling of this individual because “the quarantined area set up has just consisted of four traffic cones and some yellow caution tape, and for them, they thought, border patrol management thought that was sufficient.”

“We’re looking at probably a 30 percent apprehension rate, and we need to get in front of this one where we’re unfortunately, we’re more reactive than proactive. And until that changes we’ll be behind the curve on this one,” he stated.

Cabrera continued his criticism of the upper management of the Border Patrol, saying, “What needs to be done is we need to have our agents in the field where they belong, we need to stop cutting our manpower and stop cutting our hours and get our guys out there on the front line so that we can secure this border.” And “at least from what we heard they don’t seem too concerned about it. They think, they don’t think anything’s going to happen down here, and I hope they’re right. However, I don’t think they are. I think it’s just a matter of time before we see the first one.”

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