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Category: AFP Candidates

Mr. Tom Bowie

American Freedom Party Announces Vice Presidential Candidate Tom Bowie

The American Freedom Party’s presidential candidate Bob Whitaker recently welcomed Tom Bowie as his vice presidential running mate. Thomas Bowie is just an average blue-collar guy who awoke to the fact that this so-called “Race Problem” was just an Anti-White Scam to promote White Genocide. Tom was raised by his Grandparents and his Grandfather made […]

Bob Whitaker 2016

American Freedom Party Launches Robocall Campaign in Mississippi

On Saturday, August 15, 2015 the American Freedom Party (AFP) continued the automated telephone campaign which it began in Idaho two weeks ago. The Two Requirements of Tyranny: 1) Tyranny forbids all dissent; 2) Tyranny never calls it “dissent.” To a Communist, all disagreement is “fascist. ” To a Fascist, all disagreement is Communist. Today […]