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Category: American Voice

The West And European Heredity

Tom Sunic | The term ‘Occidentalism’ exists only in the French language and has a very specific meaning. Often the words ‘Occident’ and ‘occidentalisme’ obtain specific meanings according to its user and the user’s profile. The term ‘occidentalisme’ is never used in the German or in the English language. Even the French word ‘l’Occident’, having […]

Paul Craig Roberts

The Social Cost Of Capitalism

By Paul Craig Roberts | May 31, 2013 “Information Clearing House” – When I was a graduate student in economics, the social cost of capitalism was a big issue in economic theory. Since those decades ago, the social costs of capitalism have exploded, but the issue seems no longer to trouble the economics profession. Social […]

Phyllis Schlafly

Gang of Eight Immigration Plan Will Increase Unemployment

Phyllis Schafly | The bill created in secret by the Gang of Eight is an outrageous betrayal of American workers, both high skilled and low skilled. Claiming it is bipartisan, the drafters were Democrats and globalist Republicans. Economics 101 teaches that prices of products and wages go up when there is a shortage and go […]

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American Freedom Party or “Republicrats”

Dan Poole | In the wake of the Benghazi scandal, the IRS-Tea Party scandal, and the treasonous push for the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill, not to mention the ongoing awful state of the economy, Middle America must feel pretty depressed right now. The anger that manifested itself in the Tea Party rallies of 2009 […]

Mark Dankof and Merlin Miller Analyze Marine Corps TV Ad “Toward the Sounds of Chaos”

Mark Dankof and Merlin Miller Analyze Marine Corps TV Ad “Toward the Sounds of Chaos”

Mark Dankof is joined on May 22nd by Merlin Miller of Americana Pictures and the American Freedom Party after Mark’s news analysis. The show theme revolves around the U. S. Marine Corps TV ad entitled, “Toward the Sounds of Chaos,” with its closing question of “Which Way Will You Run?” Mark closed with references to […]

Boston And Woolwich

Boston And Woolwich

Dan Poole | The reactions to the Boston Bombing and the Woolwich meat cleaver attack are the latest examples of a bitterly unfortunate truth: For some white people both in America and Britain, there is literally nothing that will shake their zealous devotion to equality and diversity. It doesn’t get more emotional than seeing innocent […]

No Immigration Amnesty

Senators Approve Amnesty Bill While All Eyes Were On Oklahoma

By: Dave Gibson | On Tuesday night, while the nation had its full attention on the heartbreaking images still coming out of Oklahoma, and the aftermath of yesterday’s devastating tornado, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved the most far-reaching amnesty bill ever brought before Congress. In a 13-5 vote, the committee passed the Border Security, Economic […]

Time To Replace Congress

Time To Replace Congress

Before the results of the last election were final we saw Republicans celebrating exactly like the Democrats celebrated when they won control of Congress and the Messiah was enthroned at the White House. Conservatives are acting the same way, as if some huge change has occurred and the “Republican are now going to save us!” […]

Steve King

No Moral Obligation To Help Illegal Aliens Stay In USA

by Lee Stranahan | In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, straight talking Rep. Steve King (R-IA) makes a seldom heard argument that cuts to the heart of the immigration problem. American has no moral obligation to help illegal aliens stay in the USA. Congressman King said I was talking to someone about immigration reform […]

Heritage Foundation: The Jason Richwine Controversy

Heritage Foundation: The Jason Richwine Controversy

By Dan Poole | It’s not nice to beat a man when he’s down, but sometimes exceptions have to be made. For the last two days, the Heritage Foundation has been eviscerated by everyone from Slate, to Media Matters, to Chris Moody of Yahoo! News, to Politico, to Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, to […]