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Category: American Voice


A Forecast of the Darkening of America

Dan Poole | In the second trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Selina Kyle whispers in Bruce Wayne’s ear, “there’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches.” She then yatters the implicit rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street, but that’s beside the point, which is this: A storm is […]

Muslims Decided the French Election

Muslims Decided the French Election

Kevin B. MacDonald, Ph.D. | A theme at TOO has been that the Democrat Party has become the party of the non-White (and often anti-White) coalition, able to win elections with less than 40% of the White vote. The Democrats aggressively pursue the importation of a new people, realizing that 60-95% of non-Whites will vote […]

Campaign 2012

Vote Merlin Miller 2012

Merlin’s talks about what we need to do to restore America to greatness. We at the A3P strive to represent middle America. Stop the financial tyranny, military interventionism around the world, and stop the Unconstitutional laws. The war on terror should defend our own borders. We need to change the moral degeneracy of the media. […]

Merlin Miller

OpenGlobe interviews Merlin Miller

by George Watson | Merlin Miller is an American independent film-maker from Iowa, best known for his 1998 television film A Place to Grow and the 2000 film Jericho. In the last decade, he has adopted a white nationalist ideology, and founded his own production company, Americana Pictures. He has also received the official presidential […]

Merlin Miller and Virginia D. Abernethy Discuss Campaign Issues

Merlin Miller and Virginia D. Abernethy Discuss Campaign Issues

2012 Presidential candidate Merlin Miller and running mate Virginia D. Abernethy explain their candidacy and the American Third Position party at a conference. Consider becoming a member. Anyone can join us! Send a contribution! We are raising $10,000 to assist Merlin Miller’s campaign. We are hiring activists to gather signatures. We have candidates running for […]

Mesa, Arizona

Brandt Seeks Activists to Gather Signatures In Mesa, AZ

A3P Political candidate, Ralph Brandt, seeks people to go door-to-door to gather petition signatures. Candidate is running for District-3 seat of Mesa City Council. This involves going door-to-door in the area west of Country Club Road, south of University Boulevard, and north of Guadalupe Road. Mesa Council District 3 MAP Contact: Hiring Organization: Ralph Brandt […]

US Border Patrol Patch

Left Wing Media Use Arizona Tragedy to Subtly Attack Patriotic Americans

“Mexican Cartel Assassination” conspiracies notwithstanding, authorities now believe that Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready killed his girlfriend, Lisa Lynn Mederos her daughter, 23-year-old Amber Nieve Mederos, Amber’s boyfriend, 24-year-old Jim Franklin Hiott, and himself at the home he shared with Mederos. Dan Poole of the writes Make no mistake: Jason Todd (J.T.) Ready is a […]

Hate Whitey

Anti-White Hatred Is Mainstream in the Media and the Schools

Kevin MacDonald | A while ago I commented on Lee Siegel’s horror about Mitt Romney being so egregiously White. I mean, his whole family is White; and there are lots of children. And they’re rich and good-looking. A veritable nightmare for a card carrying member of the hostile elite. Now another well-connected member of the […]

Far Left Brainwashing Occurs at Oakland University Graduation Ceremony

Far Left Brainwashing Occurs at Oakland University Graduation Ceremony

Dan Poole | Yesterday, Oakland University in Rochester Hills, MI held its ceremony for the seniors graduating in the spring of 2012. Yours truly was one of those graduates. A graduation ceremony is supposed to be a time of celebration and honor, and the speeches that are given before and after students receive their diplomas […]

Child Tax Credit

Illegal Aliens Rake in $Billions Through Tax Loophole

Millions of illegal immigrants are getting a bigger tax refund than you. A massive tax loophole is providing billions of dollars in tax credits to undocumented workers and, in many cases, people who have never stepped foot in the United States. And you are paying for it! How it works The Internal Revenue Service says […]