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Category: Establishment News

Mexican Voter ID

Mexicans Rush Home For Voter ID Cards To Vote In Mexico’s 2012 Presidential Election

01:09 1/13/2012, A3P Admin, american voice, establishment news, American Third Position An EGP News article says During the last few weeks, caravans of Mexican immigrants living legally in the United States have been traveling to Tijuana and other border cities to apply for a Mexican voter identification card (credencial de elector), in some cases escorted […]

Candidate Statement of Merlin Miller

Candidate Statement of Merlin Miller

America, the greatest nation ever conceived, is now on the precipice and needs her patriots to come to the rescue. She has been betrayed by career politicians and a two party system that no longer serves the interests of the American people, but instead serves global special interests. America has also been betrayed by a […]

Lawyer Defending South Carolina’s Voter ID Law Thinks DOJ Is Biased Against White People, Sues

Lawyer Defending South Carolina’s Voter ID Law Thinks DOJ Is Biased Against White People, Sues

Ryan J. Reilly | South Carolina officials plan to file suit against the federal government because the Justice Department stopped the state from implementing a voter ID law that the state’s own statistics showed would have a disparate impact on non-white voters. Fighting on their behalf will be a former DOJ official who claimed that […]

Drano ID

Government I.D. Needed For Drano But Voter I.D. Is ‘Racist’

This is no joke. According to The Blaze, Illinois residents were fuming Friday over a state law that took effect earlier this week requiring them to provide photo identification to buy drain cleaner. (Source) The law, which went into effect Sunday, requires people who want to buy “caustic or noxious substances” — excepting batteries — […]

South California A3P Meeting

A3P Southern California Members Meet

Last weekend, American Third Position activists from the Southern California area, including Chairman Bill Johnson, met to discuss a series of events that will take place over the next couple of months. After some time, familiar faces from our Southern California group have again resurfaced. Motivated A3P members met during the break. Activists and Chairman […]

Obama’s Post-Racial America: Abandon The White Working Class

Obama’s Post-Racial America: Abandon The White Working Class

Thomas Edsell writes “For decades, Democrats have suffered continuous and increasingly severe losses among white voters. But preparations by Democratic operatives for the 2012 election make it clear for the first time that the party will explicitly abandon the white working class.” New York Times: Nov 27, 2011 According to the think tank The Third […]

White Americans

Battered White Syndrome: Affirmative Action Excludes The Majority

From the soapbox: I am white. I am female. I am married, and I come from a middle-class family. I am supposedly one of the least persecuted members of society. So why is it I feel like I should be sorry for my situation? Answer: affirmative action. Affirmative action, a movement trying to help minorities […]

Ron Paul

Jewish Republicans Say ‘No’ to Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) issued a statement regarding its upcoming Presidential Candidates Forum and as to why Ron Paul is not invited. RJC Executive Director, Matt Brooks, is reported to have said this morning that candidate Ron Paul has “misguided and extreme views” as to the reason Paul was not invited even though seven […]

Straight Pride

Youth for Western Civilization at University of Idaho Celebrates Straight Pride

By Alexander Rowson | YWC at University of Idaho is proudly continuing the tradition of Straight Pride November. The bureaucrats of administration have randomly selected October to be ‘LGBQTGLBBQGLB History Month’, or something like that (even the school newspaper gets confused). Last year, YWC at Washington State University, in cooperation with the College Republicans, decided […]

A3P Director Tom Sunic In Dublin

A3P Director Tom Sunic In Dublin

A3P Director Tom Sunic In Dublin04:45 11/15/2011, A3P News Team, american voice, establishment news, American Third Position Dublin – Sunday, November 6 saw the onset of yet another successful conference held by Studia Europae, in conjunction with FAÉ and Fóram Átha Cliath, following on a series of similar events held over the past year. On […]

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