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White People Not Welcome

A3P Dr. Adrian Krieg | The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA) is sponsoring the 2012 Gun Rights Policy Conference at the Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport on September 28, 29, and 30.

We had repeatedly requested to set up an information booth on behalf of A3P-FL and they repeatedly postponed the decision. On the afternoon of September 12 the issue came to a head when A3P Director, Dr. Adrian Krieg had a conversation with said CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb on the telephone.

Alan GottliebMr. Gottlieb announced that A3P was a “white supremacist” organization and that CCRKBA was all-inclusive and multiracial and multicultural and would not tolerate us at their meeting. He has however invited Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO), NAACP, and an entire raft of leftist and non-White and Jewish organizations to the meeting. When I pointed out that he and CCRKBA was not very inclusive by omitting us he said that was their “policy”. I directed him to our sites and he could not find any racist comments, so I pointed out that all his scurrilous information came from the SPLC, an organization that has no credibility whatsoever, he did not comment. The SPLC was recently accused of recklessly labeling the Family Research Council (FRC) a “hate group”. The SPLC fostered a climate that allowed a domestic-terrorist to shoot an FRC employee according to FRC President Tony Perkins (Politico).

Do not support anti-White organizations and reverse-bigots, especially those organizations that broker their membership lists to interested buyers. Read on.

Merril Associates is a “list broker.” List brokers act as “go-betweens,” matching list owners to those who wish to buy or rent lists. According to the website – Merril Associates brokers mailing lists from:

  • CCKRBA (Chairman Alan Gottlieb)
  • SECOND AMENDMENT FOUNDATION (“The Gun Mag” Publisher, Alan Gottlieb. Editors: Joseph and Peggy Tartaro).
  • GUN WEEK SUBSCRIBERS (Publisher Alan Gottlieb)
  • NRA (A list of NRA members who contribute to CCKRBA)

One more thing, the owner of Merril Associates is Mr. Alan Merril Gottlieb, the Chairman of CCRKBA.

Sound familiar? The ADL, SPLC, and other “human rights” groups have been entangled in legal cases involving spying upon and record-keeping of a variety of “right wing” groups and those Americans deemed subversive. I don’t doubt that this “record-keeping” includes gun owners. (See “A Look Into The Southern Poverty Law Center” .)

A privacy policy found on the CCKRBA website stated that members’ email addresses and phone numbers are not distributed. But home addresses are a different story. As a Second Amendment advocate, I would not want my personal information to be publicized or to be funneled to any buyer or potential snoop.

Second Amendment Foundation Privacy Policy

Your Personal Information
SAF collects your information in order to record and support your participation in the activities you select. The information that you provide is also used as part of our effort to keep you informed about special offers and other products and services of SAF and selected third parties

Sharing Your Personal Information

We will not sell, rent or lease to others telephone numbers or e-mail addresses. We will share the personal data you provide only with other SAF entities and/or business partners who are acting on our behalf for the uses described above, except as provided below (see Consent).

SAF will use and share the personally identifiable information you provided to us in ways related to those described above. We reserve the right to disclose any and all pertinent customer information to law enforcement or other government officials as we, in our sole discretion, believe necessary or appropriate.

We contacted the NRA and informed them of CCKRBAs policy of selling the NRA Contributors list. The NRA indicated that they do not distribute names and addresses of their members nor are they affiliated with CCKRBA.

Gun Rights Policy Conference Flier

CCKRBA 2010 Tax Form 990 (a public document)
(Read page 18 and the $261,213.00 transaction of “mail, marketing and list rentals” between Merril Associates “owned by Alan Gottlieb, Chairman.”)

We Just Don’t Get It!

Dr. A. H. Krieg | According to the “Lamestream” about half of America’s population still support Obama, We don’t get it! Obama has a great life insurance policy called Joe Biden. That we get! What part of abject failure do these nimrods not understand? Were this half of America’s population away on another planet for the last four years? Well, I think that just like Obama, all were watching ESPN while the news was on. So we have some very specific questions relating to our economy, social issues, and other things all of which impact on every one of us. After four years of blaming success, Bush, business, the weather, banking, the Republicans, and anything else coming to mind it is now finally time for the “progressives” to accept responsibility for their accomplishments?

Try to remember that for the first two years of his presidency the progressives controlled the House of Representatives, with Nancy Pelosi, the Senate, with Harry Reid, 48 Czars, all cabinet positions, the presidency, and a near majority in the Supreme Court that in fact turned into a majority with the Obamacare decision.

So let’s get right to it! Obama’s greatest supporters were the Black population. They have not exactly done well. Today after four years of Obama, Blacks have the highest unemployment numbers in American history. Those Blacks over 30 have a 34% unemployment rate and those under 30, 50%. Blacks have the highest HS drop out rate in history, a prelude for failure in life. Well over half of black children are born bastards without a father in sight; consequently they have the highest percentage of crime and incarceration of all ethnic groups. He’s done a great job for his own people! Why do these fools continue to support him by a margin of over 85%? We don’t get it!

Jews almost exclusively supported Obama in 2008 that has hardly changed, the entire Obama administration has more Jews than blacks, by the way Jews are 3.5% of the population, and Blacks are 15%. Why Jews and Zionists continue to support a man who obviously does not support them, or Israel is anyone’s guess, as for me We just don’t get it!

Women who have a number of qualifying issues, by a large margin support Obama. Now, ladies don’t get testy, but your fair sex has seen an increase of female unemployment of 800,000 in the last four years. Outside a small number of lesbians, the entire Obama administration is void of women. Hell Romney had just fewer than 50% females in Massachusetts as employees when he was governor. I personally think that that’s a lot more important than $6 worth of contraceptive pills per month. We just don’t get it!

Hispanics we are informed support Obama by a margin of four to one, what has this man ever done for you? Hispanics continue to have massive unemployment, almost as great as Blacks. Republicans have the most articulate and one of the best Hispanics as in senator Marco Rubio. The first female Hispanic governor, of New Mexico, a presidential candidate whose son addressed the RNC convention in Spanish, I don’t get it! All the mouth service about amnesty will just boost Black and Hispanic unemployment levels, and do nada for American citizen Hispanics. We just don’t get it!

Huh?Then there are all the great accomplishments by Obama. Let’s together count them; 48 months of unemployment of over 8% by M-3, 14.4% by M-6, and 24.7% using ShadowStats the only realistic real unemployment level. A national debt increased to over $ 16 Trillion a $5 Trillion increase in just four years resulting in the highest in history national debt, the greatest increase in national debt in a four year time frame, and more accumulated debt than the first 42 presidents combined. The highest recorded inflation rate in US history at over 10% ShadowStats. The enactment of Obamacare, a law that is intended to eliminate private health insurance replacing it with a socialist fit-all system replacing 14.7% of private sector business with a massive government bureaucracy that is by all accounts not financially sustainable, and consists of over 2,000 pages of taxes, rules, fees and restrictions, including a death panel. The loss by the middle class of 40% of their equity investments in their homes and retirement plans. A 45% increase in welfare, 47 million Americans on food stamps, doubling of the number of Americans on disability compensation, 36% of Americans now are below the poverty line, the largest number since the “Great Depression”, even with 23 million unemployed Americans our borders remain open and we now have 24 million illegals living in our nation, and a foreign policy in shambles, the refusal to build the Keystone pipeline, deep sixed the entire space program and lost 20,000 jobs in Florida in the process, the waste by Dr. Chu of the energy department of over $ 6 billion on failed green energy projects.

On that issue let’s count the ways! Solar Trust $ 2.1 billion, Sun Power $1.5 billion, First Solar $1.46 billion, Solyndra $535 million, Enerl $118.5 million, Evergreen Solar (unknown filed for bankruptcy), Spectra Watt, (unknown filed for bankruptcy), Beacon Power $453 million, Around Solar $400 million, Ammonia $5.9 million, Babcock & Brown $ 178 million, A 123 Systems $ 279 million. Oh, no, I’m not finished, Fisker Automobile, $529 million with plans to build a car costing $ 100,000 in Finland, The Atlantic, has a credit line of $ 193 million plans to build a car costing $ 50K, that’s all we know, Tesla Motors $ 465 million is producing a car in California that costs about $ 100,000 sales are dismal, I predict another bankruptcy, GM, used to be General Motors is now Government Motors, The Chevy Volt, production was just halted for the second time due to lack of sales, and that’s with a $10,000 rebate from uncle. The car actually costs $ 40,000 with a $10,00 rebate but production cost is $230,000 per unit due to slow sales. Oh, and PS most of these companies were huge Obama cash cows for the 2008 campaign and no one was prosecuted. We just don’t get it!

Fast and Furious was an attempt by Obama, and Holder to create a circumstance allowing the passage of the repeal of the second amendment to the Constitution. Hundreds of Mexicans, and at least three American federal agents lost their lives due to this moronic effort. No person has been arrested, no one has been charged, and everything has neatly been swept under the rug. We just don’t get it!

America has only one discernible energy policy. Buy it overseas, directly after financing it with American taxpayers funds. Obama has funded refineries in Columbia, offshore drilling in Brazil, blocked every federal lands exploration, stopped pipeline development, and drilling, eliminated off-shore drilling and stopped expansion of oil production in Alaska. Every drop of oil or gas produced greater than under Bush is produced on state controlled lands not federal. Oil and gas production on federal lands has drastically declined. We just don’t get it!

This is not a failed presidency this makes Jimmy “the Twit” Carter look like a chess master. This is not as Romney said, a failed presidency, this is a failed administration, and there are still Americans supporting this troop of fools! We just don’t get it!

This by the way is just the tip of an economic iceberg bearing down on America? According to Obama’s budget projections, he anticipates that with massive tax increases the national debt will grow to $ 20 trillion by 2016. Rubbish, based on my calculation and Obama’s first four years, the national debt will climb to over $24 trillion by 2016, unemployment to 49%, should he by misfortune be reelected. Inflation will spiral out of control, and like Greece there will be riots in the streets, that’s why HHS is buying 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition (Dum Dums). In fact if Obama is reelected the American experiment will terminate and America will spiral into a third world cauldron of poverty, distress, and death. We, Americans have a clear choice we can opt for communism/socialism or a continuation of a free society and free economy, that’s the only choice worth thinking about. Why do some American’s support this mediocre, no not that, terrible Obama administration, We just don’t know, We don’t get it! Help us out tell us why!

SPLC Retrospect

By Dr. A. H. Krieg | Prof. William A. Jacobson, Asoc. Prof. of Law at Cornell, is very clear about SPLC when he says, “[SPLC]…labels any group that they disagree with as “Racist” or “Hate”. He is exactly correct, but what is far worse is the fact that SPLC only reconciles politically right and conservative individuals and organizations. They have no tracking in their systems for the radical left, communists, socialists, or any of the leftist organizations, who after all are responsible for most anti-social acts of the 20th and 21st Centuries. The fact that SPLC is radical anti-Christian and anti-Western civilization is rarely mentioned anyplace. Unlike SPLC, the American Third Position (A3P) political party is not a litigious organization, so we have simply chosen to expose these charlatans.

Mark Potok, director of SPLC’s so-called “Intelligence Project,” recently designated the Family Research Council as a “Hate Group,” solely based on their support of family values and opposition to homosexual marriage. Well it is queer (i.e. strange) is it not? This by the way is the same man who has designated “the Tea Party”, Sarah Palin, and Pamela Geller of the Atlas Shrugged blog as hate groups/individuals. Potok also designated Public Advocate as a hate group. Mark Clayton is the VP of Public Advocate, and has just won the US Senate nomination on the Democratic ticket in Tennessee. What poor Mr. Clayton did to obtain the ire of SPLC is to date unknown; perhaps he simply did not actively enough support the Zionist cause that Potok so adamantly supports.

All this boogeyman hate against the political right sits well with those in charge at Homeland Security and the “progressives” of the Democratic Student Alliance in the White House. Harper’s Magazine was also right on when they editorialized that the “[SPLC] “is a fraud.” When even ultra liberal Steven Colbert lampoons SPLC as a “Fundraising Hustle”, the jig must almost be up. In an article in the Examiner by Anthony Martin, we learn that Morris Dees, the co-founder and acting head of SPLC, admitted that SPLC does not track or monitor “left wing extremism.” In view of the fact that the entire management of SPLC is Jewish, that’s not at all surprising, especially when one considers that every leftist organization in America is headed up by Jews and their accomplices.

SPLC has clearly stated, “We are not set up to monitor the “Left”. Charles Cooke of the National Review asked SPLC spokesman, “Are you set up to follow the “Occupy Movement,” and was stunned to be told that the spokesperson did not know. This journalist was turned over to SPLC’s intelligence section who told him “we only follow right wing extremists”. Any statements by SPLC executives, or pitch men not withstanding, all this proves that when the FBI, U.S. Marshals, and individual police forces and our military hire SPLC to instruct their personnel on hate and terror, that they are all barking up the wrong tree.

Most terrorist acts of the 21st century have been by the Mossad, Islamic radicals, the political left and lone nut cases; the exact element that Janet Napolitano refuses to identify. That SPLC omits these terrorist acts from its records correctly does not obviate the facts surrounding these horrible events. An even worse state of affairs is the “Lamestream” media’s acceptance of blatant lies, fabrications, misinformation, and leftist Zionist propaganda as fact. Alas, journalists are not what they were a century ago, they are mere prostitutes today. They are lazy and have the tendency to accept any PC (Cultural Marxist) garbage that SPLC produces, without ever checking the source for factual content. In the case of A3P’s Wikipedia account, SPLC has 37 references added to the site. 35 of them are wrong, not related to A3P, or simply inventions of SPLC about A3P.

The SPLC and Morris Dees

by Dr. A. H. Krieg, A3P Director | Morris Dees together with Millard Fuller started the Southern Poverty Law Center in 1971. Some years later after Mr. Fuller left the firm, Mr. Fuller made the following revealing statement; “Morris Dees and I, from the first day of our partnership (SPLC) shared one overriding purpose; to make a pile of money. We were not particular about how we did it; we just wanted to be independently rich… we never wavered in that resolve.” SPLC is by far the wealthiest, claimed by them, civil rights group in America; Charity Navigator rates them as poor. Dees and SPLC are the kings of hate Christians and Whites on the American scene. The Southern Center For Human Rights director Steven Bright was more forward {To Dees} “You are a fraud and a con man.” SPLC when audited by the Arlington based Better Business Bureau failed the audit. 89% of all collected funds by SPLC are used for fundraising.

Gloria Browne Esq. was a staff lawyer for SPLC, she quit and told reporters that “The Center’s programs are calculated to cash in on Black pain and White Guilt” as of 2012 SPLC is the undisputed self appointed thought police of the nation, with contract from numerous NGO as well as governmental organizations. We know exactly where they come from, Mark Pokto a SPLC spokesperson made it abundantly clear when he said, [we are about] “Keeping an eye on the political right!” The radical left is completely missing from their agenda, which is understandable considering that the entire management staff of SPLC is Jewish and the political left is led by and controlled by Jews. It is after all, all about [Jewish] ideology as Pokto pointed out.

In an article for the Federal Observer vol. 12 # 227 I pointed out that the average manager at SPLC’s income is about 12 times the national average and that in 2011 Dees had an income of over $280,000 benefits unknown. It is “Hates Profits!”

Just this week The Family Research Council, who has been on the receiving end of relentless verbal anti-Christian and anti-White attacks by Mark Potok of SPLC, saw their Washington DC office attacked by a crazed gunman who shot a security guard before being wrestled down and held for police. We all wonder if the radicalization of this individual was caused by SPLC indoctrination propaganda?

We really marvel why some poor Jewish schmuck who makes a measly $30,000 sends money to SPLC

Editorial: What was and is no more. Or You Can’t Fight City Hall!

Dr. Adrian Krieg | The republic that was America no longer exists. Doubt, if you so desire, but after reading this you will as I am, be converted to all opposition to the Republocrat system that now runs America. The shysters ruling our once great nation have turned it into a Necropolis of virtue-less linguistic crap. For three months our Party, American Third Position has been working on obtaining ballot access for the coming Federal elections of 2012. We have with greatest diligence made every effort to comply with senseless [federally illegal] Florida statutes for Minor Party Accreditation in accordance with state statutes; the grueling effort has been frustrating, being blocked at every effort by the state bureaucracy with every document filed.

All this aside; Florida law as now written for Minor Party acceptance in the state of Florida, is in direct violation of the first amendment of the U. S. Constitution, specifically the right of freedom of speech and the right of peaceable assembly. The state of Florida has no business telling an opposer to the Republocrat system how to speak with each other and what forms of organization they may use or how to construct their internal operating procedures.

City HallOur last rejected and written party constitution is longer than the U. S. Constitution and is according to the shysters in Tallahassee still wanting. Let me clarify the entire process as it now is, so as to allow you to reach your own conclusions and to then act accordingly. A3P [American Third Position] herby asserts that the state of Florida systematically and purposely, by contrived efforts, is obstructing A3P from gaining ballot access. By July 4th this effort was well into its third month. They require of the Party nonsensical legal documents that are the product of lawyers not for any purpose but to obstruct ballot access and to prevent third party ballot access and to maintain Republocrat dominance in the political field and to curtail honest discourse and democratic governance by the electorate. This is un-democratic and clearly shows that the Republic, that was, is no more!

Florida’s election commission requires an applicant party to demonstrate financial responsibility by demonstrating its ability to raise funds. The requirement is modest at $ 125.00 per quarter with an annual amount of $ 500.00. While we by principal do not oppose this requirement, we are confident that it could under no circumstances meet any federal legal test as to its federal legality. If in fact it were legal, what would prevent the state from requiring a quarterly million dollar fund raising. The twist in this statute being that in order to evidence financial responsibility you must open a bank account. Our bank advised that we needed to go to SUMBIZ the state corporate site and register A3P. There are two options to register and a huge problem in both cases. A3P is not a corporation it is a political party but there is no such classification. We chose the least expensive registration (which is still for a corporation located outside the state) “Fictitious Name”. We downloaded their application from the SUNBIZ site made out two checks one for the filing fee of $50, and one for the verification form $10.00 mailed in our money and waited, and waited, finally a letter arrived stating that we had used an improper form and a new form (identical but in differing sequence) was provided. We filled it out and sent it in and waited and waited, finally we telephoned and were told that our application contained parentheses, which was not allowed, a month had transpired. We called the governor’s office that was kind enough through one of his aides to direct us to the corporation’s department head who was then able to resolve the issue in three minutes. We opened our bank account deposited funds, and foolishly thought we had overcome opposition and would shortly be granted minority party status.

We wrote a party constitution based on common sense, which was a monumental mistake, nothing in this or any government I have ever dealt with makes any common sense at all. It was shorter than the U. S. constitution. Our constitution was rejected but the process due to problems in the Department of elections took almost 20 days. When we finally called the department we were told the man who oversaw this department had just retired and our paperwork could not be located. When I told them it had been sent registered mail and I had the receipt, after a five minute pause they were able to find the Constitution. It was transferred to the Florida Department of State to a lawyer, why was I not surprised? We asked for e-mail notification of acceptance, none came, we asked again, none came, we called and a very agitated civil servant told us that three e-mails had been sent, we contacted our Internet server who searched all e-mail traffic to us from every name imaginable, they had lied. Another four days and we received our rejections notice via snail-mail with an outline document listing all of our delinquencies. We fixed them all and now our constitution was substantially longer than the U.S. constitution, only to turn up with another rejection and two caveats. We were informed on the telephone, not in writing, that the date for submission of an electors list had been moved from September 1 to July 15th, some 45 days, the goal posts had just been moved by the opposition. Since we were already in July ballot access was rapidly evaporating. Secondly they told us we were not a nationally recognized political party. The facts that we had been granted ballot access by the state of Colorado, had a national published monthly newspaper, operated a presidential web site (1) operated a national A3P web site (2) a Florida A3P-FL web site (3) and have listed on our national site offices in 11 states and two offices in Florida, and provided FEC (4) and a federal IRS EIN numbers was apparently irrelevant.

We speculate that a decision had been reached by the Republocrats in Tallahassee that they do not want some new upstart political party to upset their very comfortable lifestyles in any way; consequently steps would be taken by the bureaucracy to block A3P from ballot access in Florida.

We ask all readers regardless of party affiliation, who see the injustice of this to contact Rosanna Catalano at:
Secretary of State
Division of elections
Room 316
500 Borough St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2050
Tell # 850-245-6200

Thanks for your help.

Second Amendment Refresher Course

Editor | The American Third Position party supports the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. I was emailed these timely reminders and I post them here for the readers and visitors.

Firearms Refresher Course

  1. “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.”~ Thomas Jefferson
  2. “Those who trade liberty for security have neither.” ~ John Adams
  3. Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.
  4. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
  5. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
  6. Gun control is not about guns; it’s about control.
  7. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.
  8. Know guns, know peace, know safety.
    No guns, no peace, no safety.
  9. You don’t shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.
  10. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
  11. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
  12. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.
  13. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
  14. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ do you NOT understand?
  15. Guns have only two enemies; rust and politicians.
  16. Removing people’s right to bear arms is a critical step to slavery.
  17. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.

The Second Half

Dr. A. H. Krieg | This is one possible outcome in the second half of the 21st Century.

My basis for this essay is current history and events. I learned many years ago as a CEO that projecting possible future events based on recent past history is not only necessary, but also imperative, for the well being and continuation of any entity. Based on such projection, I shut down my business “Widder Corporation” in 1986, before probable bankruptcy, which would have been inevitable based on governmental anti-machine-tool measures and national economic and trade policies. The writing as it were, was ingrained in the policies of our American government from 1960 onward, it came to fruition in the late 70’s to become seated into the American psyche by 1982, as “Free Trade” the “Trojan Horse” of the new internationalists. (Multinational corporations) Hopes of corporate survival in the horrific climate of the mid to late 80’s would have been impossible. Numerous of my friends Cosa Corporation, Alina, and others had already failed.

By 1992 the bulk of the American machine tool industry was history, those who remained had either moved their operations overseas, changed to become an importer or assembler of products made in the third world or simply shut their doors. Policies primarily based in Washington through the Department of Commerce (USDC) the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the World Trade Association (WTA), General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, GATT and last, but far from least, the World Trade Organization, (WTO) all spelled out the utter ruination of what was once the worlds leading machine tool industry, America. As I have written extensively on this issue I do not feel it necessary to prove my contention, the proof is in the events within the industry from 1970 to 1990.

Any consideration of how America will fare in the second half of the 21st century must be based on national policies relating to many issues of the 20 or so years spanning 2010 to 2030. While I possess no crystal ball, projecting what may be anticipated in the coming 20 years is no difficult matter. We know what the effects of past policies in various nations were and how they affected societies of those nations; and thus, if we study history are able to project the likelihood of coming events. I suppose that this makes me a futurist. Well, not really, just farsighted. So I will base what I think we might anticipate in the second half of this century based on the occurrences of immediate past history beginning in the 1990 and to 2012 and what proposals are in enactment by our government recently. As I lived through WWII, which, I remember all too well, I will draw some parallels between the time between 1920 and 1950 that evidences much similarity with our present time in history.
Trade polices are important in that they have huge impact on the general welfare of a nation. Free Trade as practiced in the last 30 years has been detrimental to our economy destroying over 10 million manufacturing jobs and shuttering about 44,000 industrial manufacturing plants. This has accelerated our economic decline by producing ever-growing trade deficits, unrealistically high unemployment, along with a dramatic increase in state dependency by its citizens, international trade deficits are now in the hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Add to that congressional and executive spending binges and you have the perfect formula for economic decline. When we then add the empire building wars of conquest in the Middle East we can conclude that finacial collapse is not very far off.

Primary consideration must be directed at policies enacted under the W. Bush and Obama administrations, because both have demonstrated a new and different outlook on America, which was not the case of any previous administrations except perhaps Wilson, and FDR. I should also caution that in my personal opinion the elected presidents of America from Truman forward have been the dupes (marionettes) of a clique’ of billionaire internationalists that have for all that time controlled all presidents. If control failed they were executed (Kennedy) or warned (Reagan) or sidelined after accomplishing many parts of the agenda making him very unpopular, (Carter) dumped (Nixon) or made to look like fools (W. Bush) some like Clinton and Obama served the purpose so well that they are idolized by a fawning media. It is imperative for the reader to understand that in my opinion the entire mainstream media is so firmly seated in the pockets of the internationalist cabal, that any hope of journalistic exposure of this political control is not likely.

This new outlook of which I speak is multiculturalism, internationalism, free trade, one world, single world currency, and a total disregard of the American Republic, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. More exactly it represents the “New World Order” (NWO) words often bandied about but very rarely clarified. NWO is a philosophic internationalist outlook comprising a long string of “isms” and centered upon the elimination of nation states and the replacement of representative government by a bureaucracy, not unlike what has been put in place in Brussels as the EU. It is a managing self-serving bureaucracy that is un-elected, being appointed by local national assemblies, who have no power whatsoever. The elimination of man as an individual, with human rights and replacement of that, by an insect-like centralized an all-consuming world bureaucracy.

So, the question is where are we headed? There are markers, or indicators that exactly give us the answer. In the time since 9-11 many new laws have been issued. They are very telling in indicating our national political direction. Let’s examine what this new issued law allows and their effect on society. But before we do that, we must understand that like in every previous historic instance, these laws were made “for the safety and protection of the people” Previous governments who did that are: Italy under Mussolini, Russia under Lenin/Stalin, Germany under Hitler, Spain under Franco, Portugal under Salazar, China under Mao, and Argentina under Peron. Let me clearly point out that every one of these governments whatever you call them were socialist. Socialism is a failed socio/economic philosophy that has not one single instance of success in application in world history.

Let us also accept that the political left in America believes itself to be morally above the remaining population. They are convinced that their do-gooder concepts and social programs make them “Better People” than the rest of us. It never enters their minds that through their social programs they have enslaved one third of the population to perpetual state welfare, having lost their ability to take care of themselves, this class of citizen has become the elective fodder of the politicians that provide for their welfare. It is the ugly enslavement of humanity to the state that has become the end-all and do-all from cradle to grave. It now encompasses, when combined with government employees, welfare recipients, Social Security, retired military, food stamp recipients of which we now have 47 million and extended to years of payements for unemployment, just under half of our population.

The first law enacted after 9-11 was the American Patriot Act, it was enacted just days after 9-11 having been written many years before. We were told that the “GOVERNMENT” required this law “to protect us”. The first thing that the law did was to remover Habeas Corpus rights from the Constituion. Habeas Corpus means, “You have body” it allows you to face your accuser and protects you from indiscriminate government arrest. The Concept of Haebeas Corpus can be traced back to the Magna Carta of 1215 and has been part of the English-speaking world’s legal system since that date. Then the Patriot Act, the most misnamed law ever enacted struck down the First Amendment, The Fourth Amendment, The Fifth Amendment, the Sixth amendment, The Seventh Amendment, The Eight Amendment, The Ninth amendment and the Tenth Amendment. It guts almost the entire Bill of Rights. This protects no one and nothing, all it does is to make us unsecured in relationship with our Washington bureaucracy. It was the first step closer to a centrally controlled socialist police state. Every socialist dictator in history, from Lenin to Mao did the same sort of thing, always in the name of protecting the people. The Patriot Act was re issued in 2011 by close to unanimous House and Senate majorities.

As a general observation, the centralization of power in Washington has continued unabated for the last 40 years. For someone born in the 30’s who lived through the Communist take over of Russia and all its satellites and the Nazi German takeover of central Europe, these are ominous signs. 1920-38 History is repeating itself in America the new century.

Obama passed HR 374 into law on the 3rd of May 2012. This law makes it a felony for any citizen to express his opinion in opposition to the government of any member thereof, anytime the secret service is present. The law stands in violation of the First Amendment of the Constituion by restricting freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to petition for grievance. Additionally it makes such act a felony that can result in a 12 months prison term for the offender. This has absolutely nothing to do with citizen’s safety; it concerns itself solely with the expansion of bureaucratic state authority and the prevention of opposing opinions, especially at town meetings and political rallies. It was passed for the sole reason of eliminating political opposition to the coming RNC and DNC national conventions.

NDAA sponsored by progressives, McCain (R-AZ) and Levin D-MI) Also passed with only a handful of opposition, in 2012, it eliminates the Posse Comitatus Act (U.S.C. 1385) of 1878 which prohibits the government from using U.S. military for any law enforcement activity. The enacted law also permits “Indefinite Incarceration” “Torture” or the “Execution” of any American citizen on the say so of a secret inquest panel or the word of the president. Obama has already used this authority numerous times. This repealed law was enacted due to the oppressive acts of the Union in “Reconstruction of the South”; it has stood us well for 134 years. It is imperative for the reader to understand that police and military functions are not compatible; Police protect and serve the community while the military kills and destroys.

Homeland Security first run by an inept Judge, Chertoff and then by a loony incompetent ex governor, expanded and centralized scores of agencies under one single controlling authority. Homeland Security is the largest agency of the American goverment employing over 220,000 people. Among their most hated is TSA (“Tyrant Support Administration”) run by Mr. Pistole who is the front agent forcing change on Americans. The population is being conditioned by TSA to accept violation of liberty, individual freedom, personal security and common sense along with the elimination of the guarantees of the Bill of Rights, for the TSA granted security in travel. The fact that any possible brush with terrorism by any citizen is a 3.7 million to one shot remains unreported.

It should also be clearly articulated that the reported success of the FBI in arresting and preventing terrorist attacks on America is totally bogus. Since 9-11 there have been 19 reported major arrests of terrorists in America. The last of these, like all others, was entrapment by the FBI of someone too stupid to realize he was being set up. The announcement by the FBI was “The FBI has arrested another home-grown terrorist and that there has been a spike in home grown terrorism” The man was Moroccan, living in Washington DC illegally without papers and had been here for over ten years. Had Homeland Security done its job there would have been no event. The FBI provided him a non-operative gun, and a non-functioning explosive belt, suggested a target and then arrested him when he appeared. All other terrorist attack arrests were of similar nature. Entrapment is illegal, so convictions have been very sparse.

What I see here is a documented escalating centralized expansion of a Washington bureaucracy, which is being supported by both parties [The Republocrats] because they see in these laws the institutionalization of power in Washington and thereby expanding their empowerment of themselves.

In consideration of future proceedings here in America, we can look at the EU and how they are fairing in Europe. The EU is a huge bureaucracy centered in Brussels, Belgium, of un-elected bureaucrats appointed to their positions by national legislative bodies. They make the rules they make the laws, they control the currency [The Euro], and through their ECB (European Central Bank) they control currencies, interst rates, borrowing, and lending. Individual national input is limited, and partially restricted by rules and enacted statutes by these “Eurocrats”. Thus the concept of Democracy, or Republic, ceased to exist in Europe with the Exception of Switzerland, a confederation that is not an EU member state. The progression of Europe under an all-encompassing centralized bureaucracy indicates to me, a general direction of larger more centralized and citizen unfriendly form of Governance. This is verified in America by the NAFTA agreement which is intended to merge the economies of Canada, America and Mexico into a single trade block, which by the way, was the exact originally planned announcement when the European Coal Union, (ECU) the first step of EU consolidation culminating in the EU. Likewise the Amero to be the North American version of the Euro was also announced in the late 80’s. The NAFTA agreement that consist of two books not sequentially numbered 8 ½” X 11” and volume one 1 ½” thick and vol. 2, 1” thick comprising at least 1,000 pages is the forerunner of this premeditated North American consolidation. Its planned capital is San Antonio Texas.

Another ominous factor is the ever-present Green-Socialists that remain active in the entire Western World with an intended centralization, run by and controlled by Enviro-socialists. The World green movement is controlled and paid for by the same universal internationalists that fund the socialist movements–the Gyoergy Schwartz’s, Michael Gorbachev’s and Rockefeller’s of the World. When socialists had to conclude that socialism had failed everywhere and the public was simply not in a buying mood, they hooked their carriage onto the environmental movement where it has remained for the last four decades. From “A new ice age is coming”, to “Global Warming” to ‘Climate Change” — it’s all BS for socialism and control of private and government property.

All these issues supposedly relating to individual security are almost identical to those used by the numerous socialist dictators aforementioned. In other words they are a barometer indicating political and social direction of our country. The very sad fact however remaining is, that well over 40% of Americans will not believe these facts, or are comfortable in allowing a state controlled security apparatus, to dictate their lives and actions into the 21st century and allowing TSA agents to grovel about in their crotch. None of these things has anything to do with safety, security, and protection of population they deal solely in people control, the eminent requirement for the implementation of a centralized, socialist, bureaucratic state.

There is just one more part of this puzzle the people who plan; more exactly the New World Order has a number of organizations that carry their banner. These are the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) which has about 4,300 mebers based in NYC at the Pratt House on 68th St. an American organization The TC (Trilateral Commission) an offshoot of the CFR, about 340 members an International organization in Europe, Asia and America, and the Bilderbergers a completely international organization of about 300 members, who is at this time meeting in Chantilly, Virginia. . In England and the commonwealth there is the RIIA (Royal Institute on International Affairs) these organizations represent the heart of the NOW.

Into this conundrum we bring America’s military. Ever since the end of WWI, top American military commanders have been political animals. The fact that Eisenhower had a dismal career and was in fact fired by Mac Arthur as a colonel, but then eventually showed up as Allied commander of Europe is just one of many including, Walter Bernard, George Marshal, right on to all the commanders from 1950 forward, most of whom are CFR members, including for the last 30 years, almost the entire military general staff. W. Bush as well as Obama proceeded to fire every military officer who disagreed with the neo-cons on Middle East wars and policy. Today the majority of good soldiers are past history, and politicians with limited or questionable military experience along with politically well connected generals and admirals are in charge, at least so long as they tout the zionist line.

The total takeover of neo-cons of the Obama administration and the fact that Romney’s entourage’ of foreign policy advisors are to a man neo-cons, along with many dual national Israelis, simply seals the case. They control the banking, Insurance and media and now they control the military to boot. They will regardless of who wins the election, control the executive branch of government, and have at least 70 DSA members and 40 Jews in congress, and hugely disproportionate numbers in the Judiciary. Just to support that is HR 4133. “The United States Israeli Enhancement Security Cooperation Act” of 2012, which pledges America to veto any UN resolution critical of Israel. This law was passed with only one opponent Dr. Ron Paul, well, at least one man read the Constitution. This is not good for America. Dual nationals should not be allowed to serve in our government or our military in any leadership capacity and Zionist should not be elected to American legislative office, because they have divided allegiance.

Our Vision for AmeriaBased on the aforementioned information, I believe that America is headed for a socialist centralized multicultural state that will be fully functional directly after the 2016 presidential election. In fact I wrote about this in 2,000, 12 years ago in my book, “July 4th 2016 The Last independence Day. (Hallberg Pub.) . Since then I have written five more books on history and politics, which I am afraid is just more spilt milk. 40% of Americans are illiterate, 40% are steeped in one or the other Republocrat party, 40% don’t care enough to even vote, and half of our population is so dumbed down that they are unable to identify the three branches of goverment and have not read the Constituion or Bill of Rights and that includes our president. For a lecturer on Constitutional law not to know that a statement made by him before congress, came from the Declaration of Independence and attributing it to the Constitution puts a whole new meaning on the word stupid.

There is one slim chance to escape this conundrum; it is American Third Position Party (A3P), the only political party with the ability and people to put an end to this. They have published a book “Our Vision for America” you can get it from or any bookstore.

America 2013

Dr. Adrian Krieg | In 2008 when Obama took his oath of office without a bible, that had to be repeated in private later on, the national debt was $9 trillion. Today 3 ½ years later we are at $15.5 trillion and will be over $16 trillion by the 2012 inauguration. During 8 years of Bush the debt rose by $4.889 Trillion during Obama’s 3 ½ year it rose $5 + trillion. Our national debt now exceeds our National Gross Product. According to the Obama administration’s own projections a second Obama term will mean a national debt of $ 20 + trillion by 2016. By the way, I predicted the end of America ten years ago in my book “July 4th 2016 the last Independence Day” I don’t think I was wrong.

The American Housing market continues to get worse. Realtors BS not withstanding, the facts are truly scary. Present existing housing inventory not bank owned, in foreclosure 2.8 million units. 90 days mortgage delinquent 1 million units. Foreclosed on 2.3 million units. Bank owned with foreclosures completed 500,000 units. Foreclosures pending from 2011, 2.87 million units. Number of homes under water 23.1%. Average home value decline 2011-12 33%. Residential home sales decline 2005-2011 80%. Late on mortgage payments 2012, 5 million. Of the about one million homes owned by banks only 400,000 have been put on the market. One in ten homes remains unoccupied in legal limbo. Average time for foreclosure legal process is now 674 days, almost two years. This carnage makes the “Great Depression” look good. I predict that the value of homes in 2013 will fall an additional 4% and the residential home market will continue to fall thorough 2014.

The housing market is indicative of our national situation, which due to its severity and longevity promises to continue as the anchor dragging us down the slippery slope. The fact that progressive democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd created all this seems to totally escape public notice.

The basis of what we may anticipate in 2013 is already well established. Obama said it to Medvedev “Tell Putin that in my second term I will be more flexible” The fact of the matter is that both Romney as well as Obama are surrounded by Neo-Con zionist and Fabian socialists who support Keynesian economics and war expansion in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, to include Iran, all the basic causes of our present economic depression. Both Republocrats have exclusively dual national Israeli Americans as international policy advisors; both men’s economic advisors are Keynesian, fiat money bail out Ponzigoniff banksters. Both men’s advisors are to a man internationalists as are Obama’s Supreme Court appointees. Where was the opposition? In fact is there any opposition?

The Obama administration has done everything wrong that can be done wrong, in economic policy, foreign policy, domestic policy and energy policy. I frankly see no improvement by a Romney administration, at least he has not articulated any. Energy is without question one of the major impacting issues on our national economic well being, that the administrations, including Bush have screwed up. The obvious pandering to the environmentalist, not jobs, in perusing green energy policy, has confounded any possible recovery in America. Americans politicians seem captive of the environmental movement a structure dominated by Malthusian’s whose scientific acumen is equivalent to that of an insect. We should all look at Spain whose radical environmentalist agenda has producer 30% unemployment and a collapsing economy.

A brief overview of Bushes’ economic policy includes the single largest waste to date. Ethanol is less effective as a motor fuel than gasoline; it reduces gas mileage by about 15%. Ethanol through its production cycle makes more pollution than is supposed, to inhibit in use or gasoline. Ethanol is about 23% more expensive than gasoline. Ethanol due to much of its production from corn has increased food prices across the board. Ethanol is through its entire production cycle from seed to fuel subsidized by the federal goverment at every single level, without these subsidies ethanol would cost over $6.00 per gallon. This brings us to Obama and Dr. Chu his energy secretary. Sun Power subsidy $1.5 billion presently under reorganization and cutting jobs. First solar subsidy $ 1.46 billion presently under reorganization and cutting jobs. Solyndra subsidy $535 million bankrupt fired all 1000 employees. Evergreen Solar-Bankrupt.. Enerl subsidy $118.5 million filed for bankruptcy. Spectra Watt after 91.4 million invested filed for bankruptcy 4.95 million was offered for the company by Canadian Solar. Beacon Power subsidy $ 43 million filed for bankruptcy. Abound Solar got $400 million filed for bankruptcy. Amonix got 5.9 million, filed for bankruptcy. Babcock and Brown (an Australian company, that will really improve our unemployment problems) got $178 million and filed for bankruptcy. Solar Trust got $ 2.1 billion and filed you guessed it, bankruptcy. Nevada Geothermal got $98.5 million and just advised the SEC of potential default. To date Dr Chu the scientist from hell has wasted over $6.5 billion dollars, all on losing propositions, he may well be a great physicist but he is among the world’s worst administrators. To paraphrase Einstein, “ proof of an idiot is someone who tries the same thing over and over again each time expecting a different result”. Dr. Chu has indicated that he wants at least 10 billion more for green energy projects.

Not to be overlooked is the automobile industry that is under assault from the departments of Energy as well as Transportation. Their stunning success in green car production is un-presidented. Fisker Automotive got $529 million to produce a car in Finland (that will help hire more Americans) that is to sell for about $100,000 on a battery life of 50 miles with an onboard gasoline engine driving a generator. Good luck with sales they will need it. The Atlantic is to produce a car that sells for about $50,000 they got $ 193 million, and that’s all we know to date, possibly Dr. Chu has some insights he might wish to share with us. Tesla Motors got $465 million to produce a car in California that is to sell for about $100,000 quick where can I get a loan. Government Motors produced something called the Volt; they suspended production due to poor sales. The car costs $40,000 Uncle gives a $10,000 kickback, and GM together with the Autoworkers union kicks in the additional $240,000 that each car costs.

US Debt

I just picked energy as a sample of government incompetence that is now at levels never ever dreamed of in the 20th century. There is nothing in the world that some bureaucrat or politician can’t screw up. What amazes me is the rate at which Americans keep electing the same incompetent morons to office who then appoint fools to administer the nightmares that they concocted and invest our taxes in losing ventures. We in America have an 87% incumbent re-election rate and bureaucrats are appointed for life, competency has nothing to do with it.

A3P (American Third Position) is the only party running a presidential campaign that has no politicians, no bureaucrats, and no crooks in their political lineup. We do not accept money from corporations, foundations, unions, only from individuals, that’s why we can’t afford to advertise in lamestream media. Our Candidate is Merlin Miller, learn more about him at and visit our sites and, and We need your support. More Americans are waking up to the Titanic. We must take bake the wheel.

Save America! Vote A3P, American Third Position — join us and our capable team-members Merlin Miller and Virginia D. Abernethy. Buy our book $9.95 “Our Vision for America” from

State of the Union Address 2012: The A3P ResponseProlific author and historian, Dr. Adrian H. Krieg, CMFGE, SME certified manufacturing engineer, has written numerous engineering books as well as over 100 technical articles. Dr. Krieg is a columnist and a contributing writer in numerous magazines and newspapers in America and Europe.

Born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1938, one of his most famous books, “The Satori and the New Mandarins” (now out of print), was written after Dr. Krieg had obtained a contract from an American manufacturers organization to do an expose of the environmental movement. Dr. Krieg began researching the book in 1996 and Hallberg published it in 1998 at 342 pages. It was the first book since the 1920s to expose The Order, also called Bones, “The Order of Death,” and “322?. It is an organization, according to Krieg, which George Bush Sr., George W. Bush and John Kerry belong. The book sold well, and the print run was sold out in 2000. Dr. Krieg’s latest book is called “Rendezvous with the New World Order”

Out Of Touch, Out Of Mind

Dr. Adrian Krieg | Americans are in dire situation. Many of our people are hard pressed to pay their bills, don’t go out to movies because they can’t afford it, and a big night out is a burger at McDonalds. While all of us have had to tighten our belts and give up on steaks Obama boasts about spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign. When one citizen questioned the rising food costs his response was “Get used to it”. When another person complained about the high cost of gasoline told him to “Get a more fuel efficient car”. This president acts like a landlord addressing miserable sharecroppers, and behaves like a nouveau-riche that just won the power ball. In just three and a half years, this man has taken 61 vacations, more than I took as a CEO in 37 years, and played hundreds of rounds of golf, I never had the time to learn the game, then to top that he spent $5.3 trillion borrowed money on the economy with no noticeable result. His wife, no slouch, takes Air force planes on vacation to India, Spain, Hawaii NYC, and Chicago and wherever she pleases on our dime. The White House has become the imperial circus, even Nero would be jealous; the only thing missing is a horse as senator, we do have any number of Asses in the executive.

Opulent vacations, 61 of them by latest count, Hollywood in the White House, command performances, sports outings, dinners in Manhattan and Chicago, the list is endless as are the expenses we are all forced to pay. No time in my lifetime of 12 presidents has any president ever spent so much on himself and his family, played so much golf or taken so many days off. Then there’s Michelle, the worst dressed first lady, representative of our country in its entire history. Over priced clothes that don’t fit, weird wigs, fashions more commonly found on 3rd avenue, spandex pants over a butt larger than the back end of a bus, the first couple paint a picture of the ultimate low class lottery winners. These people behave, as they are, uneducated and ignorant, if the shoe fits—. The media is replete with pundits telling us how this is the most intelligent president in American history, Einstein coined the phrase; “An idiot, is someone who does the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result” that my friends might be definition of Obama, however in consideration that America is purposely being destroyed he is doing a remarkable job. If these were his and his wife’s only faults, nobody would care; unfortunately they are but the tip of a president, who is in over his head, incapable of learning the job, and who covers up his faults with an arrogance and narcissism that is truly magnificent.

If this was only in the last days of this administration we could shrug it off, it is not. He publicly insulted the entire Supreme Court in a State of the Union Address, the Republican Party to which he was an invited lunch guest, and speaks to Americans as if they were a bunch of morons. This from a man with zero accomplishments, no business experience, without any commercial ability, whose high point was as a lecturer on Constitutional law, which he obviously knows nothing about, at the U. of Chicago law school. This is the first president in my memory incapable of giving a speech without a teleprompter. Oh, I almost forgot he was a Community Organizer, a Bolshevik Eh? Oh, you say he was in the Illinois Senate, well yes, but all he ever did was to vote present, actually understandable if you don’t understand what’s transpiring the best move is to stay neutral. .

I am no psychiatrist but would venture a guess that our president among his many attributes is unable to cope with criticism, which is an exclusive trait of arrogant narcissists, this was revealed in numerous encounters with media types who asked the wrong question, you know one that required thought for response. In some cases you simply can’t use a teleprompter on which Axelrod is able to provide the appropriate phrase.

One of our more able Congressmen is Representative Paul Ryan (R, WI) like an episode of Archie Bunker the president invited the congressman to sit in the front row and then proceeded to berate and insult him before the entire nation, even the progressive CNBC was put off.

I have heard many speeches by many presidents, some recorded some on film or TV, well over a 100 and I have never in my life seen a president tell blatant and obvious lies endlessly to anyone with a TV camera. I simply cannot believe that he is so ignorant that he does not know when he is lying, or that citizens will be in the know. When he’s not lying he’s engaging in class warfare, pitting black against white, rich against poor, hispanic against black, or catering to illegal’s. Obama is the most mendacious politician in American history, if not world history. He is deceitful especially to his black constituency that he treats like vote fodder. The dumber or less educated the person is the greater are the lies. “Obama Money”. Under his direct administrative acts young blacks have the highest unemployment in history, well over 50%, overall blacks who voted for him with an 87% plurality have national unemployment levels of over 30%. 47 million Americans are on food stamps. The percentage of poor in this administration as a percentage of population is higher than when LBJ instituted his “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” and that was in 1964, 48 years ago. Another four trillion down into the back hole.

And what of the media, they act as if Obama was the second coming of the Lord. They expose none of it; tolerate being spoken to as if they were idiots, never ever for fear of being chastised, ask any difficult questions, and in general behave as if he was the American employer not an elected politician. He can tell a boldfaced lie at a press conference and the entire media all the so-called journalists (“Presstitutes”) heads bob up and down just like dashboard dummies. Race is used like a blackjack against all opposition, be it from the left or right, Black, Hispanic or White and if that does not suffice lies, misrepresentation, fabrication of imaginary information and phony government statistics are brought to bear.

There has been no leadership from the president on any issue; it’s not difficult to understand, a leader demonstrates by example he has experience he has knowledge. The American presidency is a seriously difficult executive position that requires a leader of men, Obama was never in any military, has zero leadership ability and lacks the knowledge required to perform the duties of president as he has so ably demonstrated in his first term.

He told us that he would ”Fundamentally transform America” No one can claim that he is not doing so. The problem with the transformation being, that American’s are not interested in converting this nation into a socialist failure like Greece, Spain, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal all of which will be going belly up before the year is out. .

Outright lies include Obamacare that he promised would bring health insurance costs down. We are now all apprised of the fact that, 16,000 more IRS Obamacare workers, 30 million more Americans covered by government, a $300 million cut in Medicare contributions, increased taxes on medical instrument producers, insurance companies and the drug industry will produce severe doctor shortages, cost three trillion more than budgeted, and has already increased private insurance by over 40%, will improve healthcare, The latest cost estimate by congress estimates a 10-year cost when counting all the mandated services and taxes at $14.2 trillion. .

They spent over two trillion when interest for the borrowed funds is calculated, produced; nor shovel ready projects, no highway construction, no easing of credit for small business, and now we learned that in March 2012 the administration issued bridge building contracts for NY, CA, AK to China which will fabricate the bridges in China and then bring Chinese labor to America to install the bridges. He did bail out his largest by far campaign contributors the Banks, stock brokerage houses, insurance carriers and labor unions to the tune of essentially giving the American auto unions (UAW) the major share of GM stocks. PS GM has not repaid one cent and the government can’t sell their stock because they would lose billions.

Unemployment when correctly calculate remains above 20% (ShadowStats ©) inflation at over 11%, Black youth unemployment at over 50%, Hispanic at over 44%. He promised an 8% unemployment level, using the A3P (American third Position Party) proposals that he has not even read, he could do that.

In foreign policy he has made America the second most hated nation in the world, has apologized to every foreign nation for everything but the Marshall Plan, which he is saving for his second term. On every foreign visit he has groveled before royalty and politicians alike presenting a front of unquestioning subservience. Relentlessly pandering to our enemies while insulting our allies, with the consequence of offending everyone and everything.

On Energy he deliberately closed the Keystone pipeline project, granted Columbia funds to build a refinery, funds Brazilian off shore drilling while closing it in the Gulf of Mexico, Refuses off shore drilling in the Atlantic, Pacific, Alaskan North slope, has EPA bloc shale oil production, and then plays the class warfare card by informing all that the petrochemical industry gets $4 billion in tax breaks neglecting to inform that the government collects over $400 billion in taxes from the same industry. Losses for failed bankrupt green energy companies loans by Dr. Chu’s Energy Department are nor over $ 6.7 billion and continue to rise.

He got the banks out of the student loan business by telling us that the government can do better, and then promptly instituted programs allowing loan holders off the hook, granting government jobs to students that then are forgiven the outstanding loan and funded the entire project by printing more money out of thin air. The program in effect will cause education cost to rise sharply because the increased government subsidies will again allow colleges and universities to raise prices, already 14% above the total inflation costs, and pay edu-crats, who are already grossly overpaid even more.

He posted the two most left wing nut cases to the Supreme Court one of them is a member of La Raza (Hispanic supremacist) the other Belizean grove (Feminist and Lesbian supremacist) which I won’t even bother to comment on, save the fact that the Republicans are so pussy-whipped that they lacked the courage to challenge the appointments.

On defense he killed the F-22 at the time that China and Russia are both actively producing such a plane, he sent 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, he cut our missile defense programs, and he succeeded in forcing retirement on hundreds of staff officers from the military for the sole reason that they disagreed with Mr. Axelrod’s goofy ideas of national defense. Obama directly order Marines in Afghanistan to attend a speech by Defense Secretary Leon Penetta, ordering Major General Mark Gurganus to disarm the troops in a theater of war lest they shoot the ignorant ass of a defense secretary.

In Texas and around the nation Obama’s AG Holder has brought suite against states for requiring a photo ID to vote, Well, yes, you need one to drive, you need one to fly, you need on to enter government buildings, why the hell would we allow some unknown person the privilege of voting? Then the very same moron Holder bring suite against Arizona for implementing constitutionally mandated immigration laws that the Department of Justice refuses to enforce.

Non-one could possibly think that this man is this stupid. This is a plan; the plan is the destruction of America and turning it into a socialist if not communist state.

I could in fact continue for pages there is nothing the man has done in 3 ½ years that I find acceptable. Obama will go down in history as the worst president the country produced in its over 200-year history.

Save America vote A3P American Third Position; join us and our capable team Merlin Miller and Virginia D. Abernethy. Buy our book $9.95 “Our Vision for America” from

State of the Union Address 2012: The A3P ResponseProlific author and historian, Dr. Adrian H. Krieg, CMFGE, SME certified manufacturing engineer, has written numerous engineering books as well as over 100 technical articles. Dr. Krieg is a columnist and a contributing writer in numerous magazines and newspapers in America and Europe.

Born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in 1938, one of his most famous books, “The Satori and the New Mandarins” (now out of print), was written after Dr. Krieg had obtained a contract from an American manufacturers organization to do an expose of the environmental movement. Dr. Krieg began researching the book in 1996 and Hallberg published it in 1998 at 342 pages. It was the first book since the 1920s to expose The Order, also called Bones, “The Order of Death,” and “322?. It is an organization, according to Krieg, which George Bush Sr., George W. Bush and John Kerry belong. The book sold well, and the print run was sold out in 2000. Dr. Krieg’s latest book is called “Rendezvous with the New World Order”

The Usual “Intelligence Report”

April 18, 2012 | The spring “intelligence” report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has been released and as usual it has little to do with intelligence and more to do with fear mongering and misdirection. As an intelligence analyst I know what an intelligence report is and this is not that.

They start off with identifying what they call “Patriot” groups in the United States in 2011. Now in my 56 years in this country I always thought of myself as a Patriot. I have served in the military, went to war, was awarded the Purple Heart, swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, and always thought being a Patriot was a good thing.

Not these, ahem, intelligence analyst of the SPLC – they classify these groups as anti-government. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of anti-government groups around but just because citizens are wishing to hold government accountable, which is their duty, is admirable and does not make them “anti-government.” Maybe anti-unlawful government.

So how does a group get on this prestigious list? Evidently not hard at all; I personally know of a number of these “groups” that have only just started and have done nothing so far, and I mean absolutely nothing. In fact one group, and I’ll get to them later, has a total of 3 people involved, have only had a handful of meetings and have set up a rudimentary web page – that’s it. They must be very dangerous and scary to the “intelligence” folks at the SPLC.

They say they derive their list from “field reports, Patriot publications, the Internet, law enforcement sources and news reports.” Wow, the internet – really? Hmmm. So they search the internet for any group that may identify themselves as patriots and question government. First of all who are we to question government? They would not do anything wrong, would they? I mean they wouldn’t do things like waste public funds on expensive junkets to Hawaii, and Las Vegas (GSA) on the taxpayers dime, or tell the American people lies to get us into wars (Gulf of Tonkin, etc), cause massive economic ruin (Fannie & Freddie), or pass laws that affect us and exempt themselves, etc, etc, etc. But I digress.

So let’s take a look at some of what the SPLC passes off as “intelligence” these days.

First is the “Constitution Party,” now that is something to be frightened of. And what does the Constitution Party say they stand for that can frighten the SPLC so much to add them to a list of potential ne’er-do-wells?

According to the party platform, a legally recognized political party by the way, they proclaim – “We declare the platform of the Constitution Party to be predicated on the principles of The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States and The Bill of Rights According to the original intent of the Founding Fathers, these founding documents are the foundation of our Liberty and the Supreme Law of the Land.”

Intellingence ReportWhat I find interesting is that a party that espouses a position of freedom, liberty, under a basis of law comes as a threat to the SPLC yet nowhere in there list will you find any of the various “Communist Party” organizations that admittedly want to overthrow our existing system. The communist party openly wish to limit freedom and expand government largess and self-admit to being militant but they do not make the SPLC list. There are a number of American Muslim “militias” that have openly stated their hatred for the American culture and government; they are not on the list. But if you call for law, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence to be your foundation then you must be up to no good, according to the SPLC.

How about the organization “Get Out Of Our House (GOOOH)?” Does that sound radical? GOOOH states: “It is a NON-PARTISAN plan to place citizen representatives on the ballot in 2012, ideally in the primary against the incumbent, competing for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The members of each district will have an honest opportunity to replace the career politicians…”

Here is an organization that works to get citizens involved in politics and especially those that will adhere to the Constitution and the founding principles of our country. Wow, that is really scary! Hmmm, I’m starting to see a theme here… but let’s look a bit further, shall we.

Uh Oh, a really scary group here – it’s the “Oath Keepers.” So what do the Oath Keepers stand for? Well, how about integrity of our elected officials, military personnel, police, and anyone that has sworn an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Wow, that is so scary I almost peed my pants. Not really, and out of fairness I will have to confess I know a bit about this group, I’m the President of the Nebraska Chapter of Oath Keepers and you know what? I will not apologize for being proud that I have lived up to my oath to support and defend the Constitution and all we ask is that our leaders do the same. But to the SPLC we need to be watched and placed on a scary list. Starting to see the common thread here? Let’s keep going.

The “Tenth Amendment Center” – for those that do not know, the Tenth Amendment is the one that says that any power not delegated to the federal government is reserved to the states and to the people. This was supposed to put the nail in the coffin of federal expansion of power by explicitly telling the federal government that they only have certain enumerated powers and all others belong to the states and the people.

Now the Tenth Amendment Center believes that the federal government should obey and abide by the Constitution and stay within those bounds. They state that the center: “Works to preserve and protect states’ rights and federalism through information and education.” What could be more harmful than information and education? Well, I guess if you’re the SPLC this group is really dangerous.

Next we have the “We the People” organization. We the people have been around for years and have ALWAYS worked within the law to get government to answer tough questions. You may have even heard of one of them, which was – “What law, specifically, in the code makes the average taxpayer liable for the income tax?” Now you might think that would be a rather funny thing to ask but do you realize in the past twenty years it has never been answered. They have petitioned the government many times, sent letters to nearly every congressman, posted large bounties in major national news media, and no one has been able to answer the question. Think that might be important to know? They won’t tell you and today you can be fined for even asking the question. How’s that for freedom.

Let’s look at the mission statement of the We the People organization to see what scares the SPLC so much; they state:

“The mission of the We The People organization is:

    1. To protect, preserve and enhance the unalienable rights, liberties and freedoms of the people.
    2. To teach people that under our system of governance all power comes from the people and all government is limited by our written constitutions.
    3. To help people become better informed about the history and meaning of every provision of the Declaration of Independence and their State and federal constitutions.
    4. To help people become better informed about what is really going on in government.
    5. To help people become better informed about how to confront unconstitutional and illegal behavior by those wielding power in government at all levels.
    6. To institutionalize vigilance by the ordinary, nonaligned citizen-voter-taxpayers”

Hmmm, let me see, rights, liberties, freedoms, constitution, becoming informed, confronting illegal behavior. These guys must be kooks. I bet they believe the Constitution is supposed to be followed by our government or something.

I’m going to step outside the common thread on this next one, only because I think this is a bit funny. They list as a dangerous, anti-government group that needs to watched as the notorious “eMilitary Manuals.” Really? I looked up their website and found that they are a business site that sells open source government books and manuals. They found a niche that people wanted and filled it. Wait a minute that sounds like capitalism. One of the very things the Constitution provided for, free commerce. Never mind this kind of sounds like it does follow along that common thread – oops I think I just gave it away. Anyway, let’s continue.

Here is a good one, the “Constitution Lobby of Nebraska.” You know what these radicals are trying to do? Well according to their website they state: “We will hold elected officials accountable, not just on election day, but every day, regardless of party affiliation and whether we voted for them. Individuals and small groups cannot prevail: it’s time for us to come together and do what we cannot do alone.”

What they plan on doing is assembling a group of constitutional lawyers and citizen lay-persons to watch over state and federal laws to determine if they align with state/federal constitutions and if not file petitions with the corresponding governments or bring legal action if necessary. Wow now that is really scary – using peaceful and lawful means to effect change. Remember earlier that I said I would point out an organization that has done nothing thus far? This is it – how do I know? I helped found it. We have only established the legal framework and filed for status with the government (still waiting), and have held only a few meetings so far. But we have made the big bad SPLC list without doing anything – I think maybe this SPLC “intelligence report” is looking more like a “report” and less of having any real intelligence.

Oh, wait a minute, that’s right the SPLC is in league with the unions which use strikes, intimidation, and violence to make changes. Maybe the rest of us are just a bit naïve and think that honor, truth, liberty, freedom, and keeping our oath means something.

I certainly do but I cannot attribute that to the SPLC based on the garbage they produce. They call this an “Intelligence Report” I would not, I would call this fear mongering, and self-serving to enlarge their target base. Remember it is THEIR mission to go against supposed hate groups and the more they can list the more they think they are needed.

You see I have been an intelligence analyst for nearly 20 years now, still am. I have given hundreds of REAL intelligence reports and I can tell you that this is by no stretch of the imagination an intelligence report. You see an intelligence report would back what they are saying with something that eludes the SPLC – facts – not just opinion or points of view.

Everything I have placed in this article can be found with a simple search on the internet. What really worries me is not that the SPLC publishes such unfounded misinformation; it is that the current administration and especially the Department of Homeland Security have a history of communication and sharing with the SPLC and that the SPLC is taken seriously by our government when so much of what they “report” is just plain wrong. The SPLC has been cited numerous times in state fusion center and DHS literature as being a credible source of their information. That, to me, is what is really scary.

And the thread that passes throughout this article that has garnered the ire of the SPLC? It is anyone one or any organization that stands for adherence to the Constitution as our founders intended it to be. What that tells me is the side of the Constitutional issue the SPLC appears to stand. But it might be asking a bit too much to have them add the SPLC to their own list.

© 2012 Michael LeMieux

Michael LeMieux was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma in 1956 and graduated from Weber State University in Utah with a degree in Computer Science. He served in both the US Navy and US Army (Active duty and National Guard) and trained in multiple intelligence disciplines and was a qualified paratrooper. He served with the 19th Special Forces Group, while in the National Guard, as a Special Forces tactical intelligence team member. He served tours to Kuwait and Afghanistan where he received the Purple Heart for injuries received in combat.

Mr. LeMieux left military duty at the end of 2005 after being medically discharged with over 19 years of combined military experience. He currently works as an intelligence contractor to the US government.