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Children in Germany Throw Rocks at Priests While Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’

Young nonwhite Muslim invaders stoned a Christian Ethiopian priest last week outside Frankfurt, Germany, indicating in the clearest terms where the Third World invasion of Europe is inevitably leading.

Priest Stoned

According to a report in the Christian Today newspaper, the vicar, dressed in priest gear with a crucifix around his neck, was attacked while visiting the town of Raunheim in the Gross-Gerau district in Hesse, which forms part of the Frankfurt urban region.

The priest, 47, who chose not to be named, was on his way to the Russian Orthodox chapel in Frankfurter Strasse when a group of Muslim kids, aged between 10 to 12 years old, threw stones at him while shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

Alexandra Rang, the Russian Orthodox hotel owner who built the chapel where the priest was headed, was in total disbelief when she first heard of the news. She said to be pelted with stones is the “worst thing a priest can imagine.”

While the incident by itself could be dismissed as a one-off prank, the reality is that there have been an increasing number of such attacks, even in the invader centers in Germany.

For example, a report earlier this year revealed that there had been no less than 743 reported attacks by Muslims upon Christians in invader centers in Germany.

“The documented cases confirm that the situation of Christian refugees in German refugee shelters is still unbearable,” the report, issued by the pro-invasion group “Open Doors Germany,” said.

“As a minority they are discriminated against, beaten up, and receive death threats from Muslim refugees and partly by the Muslim staff (security, interpreters, volunteers) on grounds of their religion,” the report added.

The report noted that the latest numbers of persecuted refugees is most likely only the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to religiously motivated attacks on Christians and Yazidis, estimating that there are a high number of unreported cases as well.

The authors estimated that as many as 40,000 Christian “refugees” could be affected overall.

Whereas the vast majority of the affected refugees that were surveyed for the report said they had been attacked by Muslims living in the same residences, or nearby, half said that “German” security was similarly involved in such incidents.

This means that the “Germans” being hired to work as security in these invader centers are themselves nonwhite invaders who have obvious alignment and sympathies with their newly arrived co-religionists.

The stoning of the priest in Raunheim is, therefore, only the latest portend of what is to come if the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe is allowed to proceed unabated.

It is also clear that unless the Third World invasion is not only halted, but also reversed, Europe will be overrun and turned into a clone of the Middle East and Africa.

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