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Class Warfare

Dr. A. H. Krieg | “What I did that was new was to prove that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat!”
-Nope, it was not Obama. It was Karl Marx!

Progressives and Obama in particular have revived the old European communist class warfare of the 1920’s and ‘30’s to the extent that you become confused what century we are in. You know all that stuff about the evil rich, I mean of course, your employer, you know the guy who pays your salary, well that’s if you have a job. The person investing in R&D, who pays half of your Social Security. Well. Let’s not go on and just get to the point.

Obama has made it plain as the nose on your face that people who earn over $200,000 or couples who earn over $ 250,000 are evil leeches and do not deserve to keep the money for which they worked and should be penalized by massive tax increases just because they are “the wealthy” or “the rich” who must, in the age of Obama, be penalized so that society can be made equal. The fact that these people worked hard for this income seems inconsequential to an administration staffed by lay-abouts who have never in their joint lives worked in a for profit enterprise or been in the military. Unfortunately Obama is right in that class his income is over one million, I’m sure he thinks all those people’s wives also went on vacation to Spain for a cost of over two million dollars. He probably thinks that everyone else, (but excluding Nancy) including all Senators have taken six vacations in the last 18 months. Not really ever having been gainfully employed anyplace you can quickly understand he mind set.

Enough said, what he has alleged is that he does not want the rich to benefit from tax cuts that he thinks others are entitled to. In a word, class-war. The communist nature of his dictum is clear when you read the second article of Manifest der Kommunistischer Partei of 1848 by Karl Marx; which states, a heavy progressive or graduating income tax. Well, why not, after all Wilson whose administration passed the 16th amendment in 1913 was an academic progressive socialist. We find it interesting that people enjoyed in academia, government, and foundations are the great proponents of socialism, those who work for a living know better.

Let’s assume that we can get some reasonable statistics from non-governmental organizations on the Internet, you know the very wellspring of information that our Israeli Senator Lieberman, the guy who thinks he’s in the Knesset not the U. S. Senate wants regulated [i.e. censored] by the FCC. Have you ever considerd that progressives attack their opponents in only two ways, they a) call them names, or b) lie about them and what they say, truth simply obliterates their arguments so a) & b) is all that they are left with.

Statistically, the in Obama’s terms, rich, have declined in number because many are departing the United States for nations offering a libertarian view on economics that is private sector friendly. So from 3 million rich in 2007 we now have 2.5 million of them in America. Just, and by the way, the “Trojan Horse” of “Free Trade” that is responsible for the departure of over 5,000 manufacturing plants to Mexico and the third world has absolutely nothing to do with this issue, and neither does the fact that NAFTA, in a short ten years, turned a $5.7 billion annual trade surplus with Mexico into a $ 64.7 billion annual deficit has nothing to do with it either. The sheer genius of our Yiddish (CEA) Council of Economic Advisors) sometimes simply astounds me. Oh, just to clarify 2.5 million of America’s population is about 0.008 percent, for bureaucrats at the CEA that’s less than one percent.

Just exactly how these remaining 2.5 million mostly private sector employers are going to increase their payrolls, i.e. hire more of us, spend more money on R&D i.e. manufacturing new products, and expand their businesses when their taxes are increased and they have to carry huge healthcare cost increases, is anyone’s guess, but for those in DC, frankly it anin’t gona happen!

Statistically the total annual income is less than seven percent of these peoples total asset wealth. So, think about it, what percentage of your total income is reflected in your asset wealth? My guess is that it’s closer to 20% than 7 %. About half of these “filthy rich” have homes in which they have lived for over 20 years. Over 80% are self employed and earned their wealth. Most live below their means and save about 15% of their annual income, and almost all of the drive older cars. On average they work over 50 hours a week, and only 20% are college graduates. They are very careful about their investment but invest about 20% of their gross income.

Just so you know, half of Americans pay no income tax at all because their earnings are below the IRS threshold. But our president does not fit into any of this mould; he made his money by having some books ghost written for him, and living high on the hog on you. Well, that’s nothing new either think of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Bill Bennett, and an entire raft of politicos that collected publishers’ payola from ghostwriters’ efforts. Hey, I know I have ghost written many.

However you think of this topic, regardless of your political affiliations, economic outlook, or whatever, no one but a total fool would raise taxes on the very people who are in position to take our nation out of this depression. In fact if we return to the depression of 1920 Warren G. Harding is the man who got it all right. First he cut all taxes by half, then he cut all government spending by half, and finally he cut government bureaucrats by half. Low-and-behold within less than 12 months the roaring 20’s commenced with less than 4% unemployment.
Obama and his ill-informed advisors however, are following FDR’s example that succeeded in extending the ‘Great Depression from 1939 to 1945, it took a World War, then engineered by FDR to get us out of it, and end it. It could not possibly be that our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have anything at all to do with these Obama/Bush policies? No.

From day one of the 2008 depression beginning under Bush, and then accelerating to process under Obama, everything that can and could be done wrong was done wrong. Instead of cutting costs, curtailing the bureaucracy, cutting regulations and reducing taxes, they have increased taxes, increased the size of government, increased spending, purchased failing corporations, expanded the bureaucracy, increased regulations, and to boot are in the process of nationalizing 17% of the economy though Obamacare, and then burdened the economy with draconian control of the finacial and lending industries through gross over-regulation with a over 2,000 page bill.

And now I must tell you that all these things were done to benefit you. These matters will interst you even if you still have a job. These benefits include, higher unemployment 22.5%, massive inflation 10.3%, dollar devaluation to the tune of 20%, a falling gross national product, increasing trade deficits, reduced domestic manufacturing, increasing taxes, rinsing prices especially in healthcare insurance, dropping real-estate values, massive foreclosures, I won’t go on it’s far too depressing.

Paul Klugman take note!

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