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The Collapsing Fairy Tale

January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but this year the rites that usually accompany the Religion of the West have been met with defiance from likely and unlikely sources.

The Internet today embodies the Great Information Equalizer. The free exchange of ideas sans consistent Jewish interception has replaced pyramidal top-down ideological instruction from mass media, Hollywood, and the politicized Education system. The Jews have muddled history, defamed nations and races, and kept the lid on scientific advancements, but it’s getting more difficult for them to get away with it.

Time and time again, people are discovering through mass communication with those around the world that what they’re being told about each other simply isn’t true. The instantaneous availability and reproduction of violently suppressed historical work (David Irving, Robert Faurisson, Ernst Zundel, Jurgen Graf, Germer Rudolf, et al.) has outpaced political police and censors. The compelling arguments they make are proverbial sledgehammers to the base of the myth. Jews are feverishly looking for a solution to the problem of unbridled Gentile-to-Gentile communication, as my upcoming book will extrapolate upon, but for now they are panicking while watching the last granules of sand drop on the consensus of their hoax.

Ayatollah Khamenei Stands Up For Revisionists, Questions Holocaust That Never Happened

Perhaps the greatest myth in human history, the forged atrocity propaganda that accuses the German people of gassing and burning alive 6,000,000 Jews during the Second World War is utilized as an anti-white defamation to foment hatred of European descended people abroad, while also psychologically manipulating people targeted by this bigotry-fueled lie into apathy or guilt.

Throughout most of the European Union, questioning the Holocaust in any shape or form subjects you to loss of employment, violent harassment from Jewish paramilitary groups that operate with state support, and even murder and public sanctions (fines and imprisonment). It doesn’t matter whether it’s expressing scientific skepticism about whether the camps were used to exterminate people, or stating 5,999,999 Jews died instead of the magical, perfectly round figure of 6 million.

The purpose of these laws is to strongly discourage once world-renown historians like David Irving, America’s former top gas chamber specialist Frank Leuchter, and scores of elderly Germans who have long been reluctant to go public with their findings in the post-war climate from disseminating their evidence or testifying as to what they actually have seen. When a wave of Germans who had lived and worked throughout the Third Reich began to speak out against the Holocaust narrative during the 70’s and 80’s, the National Socialism Prohibition Law (Verbotsgesetz) drawn up by the Allied occupation was updated under Jewish pressure in 1992 to include:

“He who operates in a manner characterized other than that in § § 3a –3f will be punished with imprisonment from one to up to ten years, and in cases of particularly dangerous suspects of activity, be punished with up to twenty years’ imprisonment.”

Just to understand the scope of these abusive and shockingly draconian laws, the average murderer in Germany serves 19.9 years in prison, just under the maximum punishment for “minimizing the Holocaust”!

This punishment only applies to the study of the Holocaust in Europe. Denying the Armenian genocide or any other historical atrocity that doesn’t impede on Jewish interests is allowed. When the Swiss courts tried to prosecute a Turk who denied the Armenian genocide under Holocaust enforcement laws, the European Court of Human Rights overruled them and declared that it was a violation of his freedom of speech (Perinçek v. Switzerland , 2013). Incidentally, most Jewish organizations (such as the Anti-Defamation League) and the Israeli government not only cynically deny that the Armenian genocide happened, but unironically aggressively lobby to block governments from recognizing it.

Ursula Haverbeck: Wanted For The Crime Of Speaking About Childhood Memories Jews Don’t Like.

Ursula Haverbeck-300x231The latest case of German totalitarianism was featured in the video of spiritual leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s address to the world on Holocaust Remembrance day. Ursula Haverbeck, an 87 year old woman, was investigated by German secret police for “offenses” committed when she went on television in March 2015, recounting her life as a girl in the Third Reich and what she witnessed. Later in June of the same year, she was again sought for a publication of similar content. In response to this, the German political police hunted the elderly woman down to her Lower Saxony home, broke in, tore everything apart looking for “evidence,” and subsequently arrested her for crimes against the state ideology.

The Zionist controlled German courts showed no mercy to the octogenarian, and she stuck to the facts as she saw them, as loyal Germans usually do. She was sentenced to 10 months in prison to the “applause” of blood thirsty Jewish sadists and their bribed running dogs.

The warped decision to imprison a little old lady who is three years short of 90 years old, in Europe’s alleged “largest democracy” (currently lecturing Poland on “democracy,” …hah!) no less, for simply speaking about the politics of her childhood has been completely ignored by all the “human rights” groups and “skeptic societies” that bang their giant noses on the table when Russia imprisons “Pussy Riot” for attacking an Orthodox Church. Groups like Amnesty International and the ACLU (in the case of Holocaust revisionists like Germer Rudolf, who have tried to seek asylum in the United States) have a distinct policy against helping “deniers”. We all know why.

On this issue and many others, the Iranians have shown that they are more willing to stand up for our rights and our reputation than even our own “Race Realists” are. Using puzzling illogic, certain softer conservative tendencies on the Alt-Right like to build a whole theory around “white guilt” being the culprit of our demise, yet go out of their way to discourage you from attacking the hoax that–if anything–is the locus of white guilt.

Iran is the only state on earth that vindicates the dignity of the German people and fights against this historical malfeasance. Unlike their more primitive and violent Sunni co-religionists who fall into all the Jewish traps, Aryan-influenced Shia Iran has decided to use kulturkampf to expose Jew hypocrites drawing pictures of their prophet Mohammad having sex with animals or Jesus (also considered illegal to portray obscenely in Islam) getting sodomized in Charlie Hebdo under the cloak of “free expression”, by hosting their own cartoon contest mocking the “West’s” pile of 6,000,000 sacred cows. I encourage all of you to participate if you have a knack for the arts.

Black Rapper Stuns Jews With Holocaust Verse

The Alarmist Southern Poverty Law Center and mass media have an unspoken rule: The more melanin you have, the more taboos (not accepting queers, talking down to women, etc) you can break. There are some exceptions however, and one of them is when it comes to blacks criticizing Jews, which is put down with the same racist viciousness as white dissent.

B.O.B., a hugely famous rapper who has had at least three songs that have broken into the Billboard Top 10, has come out of nowhere to dish out a two-handed ear clap to the shrieks of Jewish despotry:

Do your research on David Irving/Stalin was way worse than Hitler/That’s why the POTUS [President of the United States] gotta wear a Kippah.

The rap’s flat earth theory mention sort of takes away from the power of Holo-truth, but I digress. He deserves credit for almost certainly sacrificing his music recording career. The unlikelihood of a person like B.O.B. to even know who David Irving is should serve a lesson: Far more people are reading Holocaust revisionist material than you can imagine, they’re just afraid to break the ice with strangers. Don’t be surprised if taking the initiative to talk to friends, family and strangers about this topic reveals that you’ve been agreeing all along.

In Case You’re Not Aware

The Holocaust has been proven a farce countless times by engineers, historians, archivists, mathematicians, eye witnesses, chemists, and others from all walks of life.

The 1973 memoir Die, Auschwitz-Luge: Ein Erlebnisbericht von Thies Christopherson (The Auschwitz Legends: An Account of his Experiences by Thies Christopherson), was one of many testimonies to the true nature of what went on in Auschwitz-Birkenau. In the book, Christopherson talks about his experiences at the Bunawerk plant laboratory at Auschwitz, where he was dispatched to work on a synthetic rubber project between January and December of 1944.

While life in the camp towards the end of the war was full of hardship (for example, the Obersturmbannfuhrer died at the camp, on page 33), this was by no means an extermination conspiracy. Christopherson confirms the existence of crematoriums, but only for hygenic (for those who died of disease due to doctors being largely sent to the Eastern front to contain typhus epidemics)–not homicidal reasons–and correctly notes that any space or dwelling with 200,000 people (like Auschwitz) has a crematorium.

The Allies claim that the German government kept the purpose of Auschwitz secret from German citizens, which is how they explain why they can hardly find any Germans to corroborate what Jews after the war have said. Christopherson says that relatives of workers were allowed to freely visit them at the camp, such as the wife of the aforementioned German officer who died alongside her husband from camp conditions as well.

Most importantly of all, Christopherson testifies that a meticulous Red Cross inspection was conducted to ensure the camp was operated in accordance to international law:

“There were no secrets at Auschwitz. In September 1944 a commission of the International Red Cross came to the camp for an inspection. They were particularly interested in the camp at Birkenau, though we also had many inspections at Raisko.” (pg. 35)

The Red Cross Report on the concentration camp Christopherson speaks of is today available for anyone to see. While it criticizes certain infrastructural shortcomings at Auschwitz, it makes no mention of genocide or mass killing. Holocaust myth makers have defended against the Red Cross reports by suggesting the chronically short of manpower Germans at Auschwitz somehow were able to conceal that they were killing millions of people right before IRC’s multiple inspections. Somehow they were able to notice dated shower fixtures, yet not homicidal gas chambers or hundreds of thousands of corpses (or the ashes they produce after burning)!

In Volume III of the Red Cross “death camp” reports, the Red Cross addresses the bathing areas supposedly masking homicidal gas showers: “Not only the washing places, but installations for baths, showers, and laundry were inspected by the delegates. They had often to take action to have fixtures made less primitive, and to get them repaired or enlarged” (pg. 594) but no poison gas delivery system was found.

Thies Christopherson’s book was ruthlessly persecuted, and the man who agreed to publish it (Dr Manfred Roeder) was brought before the Disciplinary Commission of the Frankfurt Chamber of Lawyers at the behest of the notorious Zionist Simon Wiesenthal. When this succeeded, even certain aspects of the press asked “Is Simon Wiesenthal the new Gauleiter of Germany?” (Deutsche Wochenzeitung, July 27th, 1973).

Basically, there is no actual evidence for the “Holocaust”. Nuremberg supposedly proved its existence, but the Jews who testified to being gassed, seeing people thrown in ovens alive, human skin used for lampshades, mass summary executions of tens of thousands, etc. all did so via affidavits. In other words, the defense was not able to cross-examine them, and most legal systems in the world would’ve thrown these affidavits out as hearsay.

After extraneous efforts and pressure by Holocaust revisionists, the Yad Vashem of Israel was not long ago forced to admit that both the human lampshades and soap stories were hoaxes . That didn’t stop Jews from accusing a number of people of committing such heinous acts, and it certainly didn’t stop the “Allies” from hanging or imprisoning for life innocent Germans such as Ilse Koch over these malicious lies.

Aside from affidavits from lying Jews, most of the “confessions” from high profile German officers were taken under torture, which Senator Joseph McCarthy (today maligned by Jews for his anti-Communist efforts) brought to national attention after the war. Nuremberg and other Allied tribunals were nothing but kangaroo courts, where men of great honor were murdered in cold blood for crimes the system itself is beginning to be forced to admit were made up. One piece of Allied atrocity propaganda that came to fore when it became useful to tell the truth, the Katyn Forest Massacre, was not done by Germans, but by Soviet Jewish officers of the NKVD just like Joseph Goebbels said. But that won’t bring back the Germans executed when the war ended after being framed.

Other ridiculous “evidence” for the Holocaust is the allegation of the Wansee Conference, supposedly where the “final solution” as defined by the system was plotted by the German high command. Conveniently, all records and notes from the conference were allegedly “destroyed” by the Nationalsocialists to “hide” their conspiracy. Somehow the Jews and the Allies not only know it happened, but exactly what was talked about. And they call us the conspiracy theorists!

And that’s it. That’s all they have to offer to prove the Holocaust is anything more than a politically motivated slander to shake money and nuclear missile capable Dolphin II submarines out of the German taxpayer, so that Jews can obliterate mankind in the blink of an eye in case their slower method doesn’t work. That’s why historians need to be “vetted” by the Polish and German governments before looking at their archives. That’s why you can’t dig up Babi Yar to excavate the bones of the supposed 100-150,000 (!) people that were executed there. That’s why when Ernst Zundel or Ursula Haverbeck challenge the Holocaust in court, the evidence gets suppressed by a Judge’s decree that “The Holocaust happened because it happened.” That’s why defense lawyer Sylvia Stolz was imprisoned for five years simply for doing her duty and trying to argue for Zundel in court.

Exposing the Holocaust as what it is must be one of the main tenets of any emerging Western nationalist movement. Don’t settle for anything less because this is the first–not the last–problem we need to deal with before any real work gets done. Jews are frightened by the freedom of the Internet, and the resistance this freedom is building up to their lies worldwide. Despite having total control of our education system, media, movies, and political structures, Jews know that a truly free debate between Germans (known for their honesty) and Jews (known for their pathological lying) in any venue would mean the implosion of a major tenet of their folklore (“survivors” know it’s a lie, but keep the legend alive) and the neutralization of their sociopathic manipulation of common human (and especially Aryan) empathy. Imagine if enough of us woke up one day and said: “we’ve been had!”. For all their mockery of whites as bumbling cucked idiots and weak dweebs, Jews know deep in their heart that we can fight as fiercely as we can heal.

[SOURCE: Eric Striker, Trad Youth]

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