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Colorado Middle School Brings Guns Into the Classroom for Safety Training

While liberals insist that gun-free zones are the solution to gun violence, Craver Middle School in Colorado City decided it would be better to bring firearms into the classroom — so children could learn how to use and respect them.

Gun Rights and Colorado Safety TrainingKOAA reported that Project Appleseed and the NRA brought the three-day gun safety program to the middle school for the third consecutive year.
“We’re teaching them about the firearms so they are familiar with them, they can be safe with them,” program coordinator Jim Heath told KOAA.

“I think that it’s better for them to have a respect for it [and] know how to handle it,” he continued. “Not that they should, but that they are aware about the firearm. It’s not, ‘Oh, what’s this? What can we do with this?’”

Students also take class trips to a shooting range with loaded weapons and practice firing them.

“You should never be afraid of a gun, never, ever,” said 7th grader Tristin Baker. “You should have confidence around the guns, you should say, ‘this is a gun, we’ve gotta be careful with this.’ Even though we should never trust guns, we should always be careful with them.”

Watch the NBC report below:

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