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Designed To Fail!

By Dr. Adrian Krieg | Obamacare is a ruse. It is designed to fail! The entire plan was designed from the first day to fail. The plan is to have a national socialist “Single Payer Plan”, eliminating the insurance industry, replacing everything with socialized medicine. They will nationalize 17% of the American economy, destroy the best healthcare system in the world, and convert America into a European style socialist state, just at the time when the Euro-socialists have given up on socialism. Obamacare is designed to create a national healthcare crisis, by which the progressives will then step in and save uninsured Americans. Present healthcare cancellations can be projected to produce over 60 million uninsured Americans by 2015, over 100 million by 2016 and the coming presidential election. Much of the increases due to canceled insurance policies that no longer comply with the laws mandates.

In every international instance socialists first act is the installation of a national healthcare system. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Peron, Mao, Franco, Salazar, Pilsudski, Ceausescu, they all did it!

In the mean time the progressives will take your eyes off the failed Obamacare issue by centering all efforts at the amnesty of illegal immigrants issues and the plan to enroll 25 million Hispanics and Orientals in the progressive cause. If they fail before 2014 mid term elections they don’t really care, because they will have the entire Hispanic, Oriental, gay, and progressive democrat vote, along with all the do-gooders, and at least half of the fence straddlers.

Obamacare-Draft-cardYou ask how I know this. Consider now, the Internet roll-out of Obamacare. They had three years to produce this program. They had not tested it. They used programing systems that are ten yeas out of date. They did not go to competitive bidding for the programing contract; they issued it originally for $50 million that was over the term of the contract expanded to over $ 600 million to one company, without even checking if they could do the job. There are operating systems that handle up to 20 million hits a day that cost less than one million to set up. The contractor they used had never before built such an Internet site. On October 22 just four weeks after going on line, the entire system crashed and was shut down for 48 hrs. Later on the 22nd of October the Obamacare telephone system failed. The problem does not lie in the number of hits, it lies with failed architectural design, this will take many months to repair the Obamacare systems has six times the number of lines as the Raptor computer system. This is what can be expected from an ex governor and mid west state insurance commissioner who is in way over her head.

All this is precluded by a long list of also planned failures, not one of which has seen anyone fired, laid off or even chastised. Fast and Furious with 200 dead Mexicans two dead Federales, and one dead American border patrol agent, Brian Terry. Benghazi with the first U.S. ambassador murdered in 30 years, along with his aid and two bodyguards. The IRS, which illegally withheld tax-exempt status from over 500 religious and conservative organizations, and audited hundreds of conservatives. The FEC withholding National Political Party Qualification from 7 conservative political parties including A3P and AFP. AP illegally wiretapping James Rosen and his family and his parents. Our AG Holder lying to congress, our national security adviser lying to congress. Sebelius soliciting contributions for organizations that the HHS agency regulates. GSA gone nuts spending over $823,000 on a Las Vegas party. VA spent six million dollars on two conferences in Orlando. Sibelius again violates the Hatch Act in North Carolina. Solyndra by Dr. Chu costs half a billion when all counted, Dr. Chu spent over $ 6 billion on failed green energy projects. EPA administrator Linda Jackson using an alias “Richard Windsor” in e-mails and correspondence. The New Black Panthers violate polling laws that AG Holder refused to persecute. Enough, you get the gist I’m sure.

These people are liars, cheats, and criminals. They plan to win and they plan to do this by force. We, Americans will be socialized by the progressive Republocrats whether we like it or not. And don’t you kid yourself; the Republican RINOS are in this up to their necks. The single payers system will be administered by HHS Bureaucrats and enforced by the IRS. Between you and your doctor will sit a Washington Bureaucrat who will make the determination of what services you are entitled to, and when you may apply for them. Waiting times in Canada and England which are in the process of dismantling their systems can exceed 12 months to see a specialists and up to four months to see a doctor. The only people not entangled in this horror are elected and retired elected officials who have been granted a waver and have 72% of their costs paid for by you. Just one more thing, the nice folks at the post office have the Obamacare Gold Plan and will get the same deal as the elected ruling elites.

Just think about this: They claim we have 30 million uninsured. They claim to have signed up 37,000 for Obamacare in four weeks. They claim we need 7 million Obamacare members by March 2014 to make the system work. They, at the present rate, will have less than one million members by March. They claim they are adding 20 million new citizens (amnesty) that’s 50 million more American with the same number of doctors. They claim that costs will go down, they have been rising in the first four weeks by from 45% to 178%. They claim that you could keep your doctor, a lie, keep your insurance, a lie, save $2,500 in policy charges, a lie, and there would be no death panel, a lie. Insurance carriers are canceling hundreds of thousands of policies as you read. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and every progressive have clearly stated that they wanted a single payer system, Obama repeatedly said, “We may not get there immediately, but we will have a single payer system.”

You are no longer allowed the self-determination of what healthcare coverage you have. Thus, everyone will pay for maternity coverage, mental health coverage, drug user coverage, alcoholics coverage, smokers coverage, after all in these people’s warped minds everyone is the same. A healthy 30-year old single male will pay for about twenty services he will never use, and in some cases cannot use. Young people will not sign up, paying the fine is cheaper, and since pre-existing conditions may not be considered, they will pay the fine until they get seriously ill and then opt for the Gold Plan, you know the one that postal workers have, and we all will be on the hook for the cost.

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