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The Donald Sterling Affair

Kevin MacDonald | The Donald Sterling affair is the latest example where Americans get to engage in a cathartic orgy of hatred against “White racism.” Another affirmation that attitudes that Blacks are inferior are ubiquitous among Whites, only waiting to slip out in an unguarded moment. Another affirmation of the new religion of White evil.

What is rarely mentioned in the media and never emphasized is that Sterling is Jewish and therefore unlikely to identify with White America. On the other hand, the New York Times apparently wants you to think he’s a Southerner, implying that his attitudes are typical of White Southerners, not Jews. [NOTE: It’s the George Zimmerman “Creepy-ass Cracker” story.]

“Predictable problems plague a league of mostly black players and almost exclusively white owners…” according to Daily News writer Harry Siegel.

Donald SterlingThere is also virtually no mention that he rationalizes his attitudes by what’s going on in Israel. He says “‘It’s the world! You go to Israel, the Blacks are just treated like dogs.” He says there are White Jews and Black Jews, and they are treated 100% differently.’” Which is quite true.

The media wants to keep it simple: Rich White guy hates Blacks. Keep Israel and the Jews out of it. And since we still have the First Amendment, Mr. Sterling will be punished by the private sector and by shunning and ostracism. He is now banned for life by the NBA and will doubtless lose a lot of friends and money in the process.

Okay, that’s an important part of the story. But in listening to the tapes, it struck me that there is a subtext of sexual anxiety by an 80-year old sugar daddy concerned about his 31-year old girlfriend being seen with the Black guys that she seems to prefer as companions when not with Sterling. Quite understandable to an evolutionary psychologist. The video below comprise several minutes of the conversation.

Let us rephrase that “…mostly black players and mostly Jewish owners. Sterling is Jewish. Here is a list of Jewish owners of NBA teams, as of 2011.

Here is the list of the Jewish owners of NBA franchises:

  • Atlanta Hawks – Michael Gearon Jr 2004
  • Boston Celtics – H. Irving Grousbeck, Wycliffe Grousbeck, Stephen Pagliuca, The Abbey Group 2002
  • Chicago Bulls – Jerry Reinsdorf 1985
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Dan Gilbert, Gary Gilbert, Dan Katzman, Usher Raymond, Gordon Gund 2005
  • Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban 2000
  • Denver Nuggets – Stan Kroenke 2000
  • Detroit Pistons – Tom Gores 2011
  • Golden State Warriors – Peter Guber, Joe Lacob 2010
  • Houston Rockets – Leslie Alexander 1993
  • Indiana Pacers – Herbert Simon 1983
  • Los Angeles Clippers – Donald Sterling 1981
  • Los Angeles Lakers – Jerry Buss 1979
  • Memphis Grizzlies – Michael Heisley 2000
  • Miami Heat – Micky Arison 1995
  • Milwaukee Bucks – Herb Kohl 1985
  • Minnesota Timberwolves – Glen Taylor 1995
  • New Jersey Nets – Mikhail Prokhorov, Bruce Ratner, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter 2010
  • New Orleans Hornets – Dell Demps GM (NBA looking for buyer)
  • New York Knicks – James Dolan 1997
  • Orlando Magic – Richard DeVos 1991
  • Philadelphia 76ers – Ed Snider 1996
  • Phoenix Suns – Robert Sarver 2004
  • Portland Trail Blazers – Paul Allen 1988

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  1. James Clark says:

    Very interesting point…Isn’t it interesting how a pale skinned person in the U.S. can be labeled as “white” when something said or done to someone of color is seen as racism.

    • American3P says:

      White European-Americans become a scapegoat…

      • Ekklesiatic says:

        Really? Really? Since when is an ashkenazi jew a "White European-American"?

        • American3P says:

          That’s the point! The media and everyone else transformed this into an orgy of “White racism”… when Sterling is Jewish.

          Of course Donald Sterling is NOT a White European-American. But Jews typically will conceal their Jewish identity by shifting into their “White” mode. And so who gets the blame? European-Americans!