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Editorial: What was and is no more. Or You Can’t Fight City Hall!

Dr. Adrian Krieg | The republic that was America no longer exists. Doubt, if you so desire, but after reading this you will as I am, be converted to all opposition to the Republocrat system that now runs America. The shysters ruling our once great nation have turned it into a Necropolis of virtue-less linguistic crap. For three months our Party, American Third Position has been working on obtaining ballot access for the coming Federal elections of 2012. We have with greatest diligence made every effort to comply with senseless [federally illegal] Florida statutes for Minor Party Accreditation in accordance with state statutes; the grueling effort has been frustrating, being blocked at every effort by the state bureaucracy with every document filed.

All this aside; Florida law as now written for Minor Party acceptance in the state of Florida, is in direct violation of the first amendment of the U. S. Constitution, specifically the right of freedom of speech and the right of peaceable assembly. The state of Florida has no business telling an opposer to the Republocrat system how to speak with each other and what forms of organization they may use or how to construct their internal operating procedures.

City HallOur last rejected and written party constitution is longer than the U. S. Constitution and is according to the shysters in Tallahassee still wanting. Let me clarify the entire process as it now is, so as to allow you to reach your own conclusions and to then act accordingly. A3P [American Third Position] herby asserts that the state of Florida systematically and purposely, by contrived efforts, is obstructing A3P from gaining ballot access. By July 4th this effort was well into its third month. They require of the Party nonsensical legal documents that are the product of lawyers not for any purpose but to obstruct ballot access and to prevent third party ballot access and to maintain Republocrat dominance in the political field and to curtail honest discourse and democratic governance by the electorate. This is un-democratic and clearly shows that the Republic, that was, is no more!

Florida’s election commission requires an applicant party to demonstrate financial responsibility by demonstrating its ability to raise funds. The requirement is modest at $ 125.00 per quarter with an annual amount of $ 500.00. While we by principal do not oppose this requirement, we are confident that it could under no circumstances meet any federal legal test as to its federal legality. If in fact it were legal, what would prevent the state from requiring a quarterly million dollar fund raising. The twist in this statute being that in order to evidence financial responsibility you must open a bank account. Our bank advised that we needed to go to SUMBIZ the state corporate site and register A3P. There are two options to register and a huge problem in both cases. A3P is not a corporation it is a political party but there is no such classification. We chose the least expensive registration (which is still for a corporation located outside the state) “Fictitious Name”. We downloaded their application from the SUNBIZ site made out two checks one for the filing fee of $50, and one for the verification form $10.00 mailed in our money and waited, and waited, finally a letter arrived stating that we had used an improper form and a new form (identical but in differing sequence) was provided. We filled it out and sent it in and waited and waited, finally we telephoned and were told that our application contained parentheses, which was not allowed, a month had transpired. We called the governor’s office that was kind enough through one of his aides to direct us to the corporation’s department head who was then able to resolve the issue in three minutes. We opened our bank account deposited funds, and foolishly thought we had overcome opposition and would shortly be granted minority party status.

We wrote a party constitution based on common sense, which was a monumental mistake, nothing in this or any government I have ever dealt with makes any common sense at all. It was shorter than the U. S. constitution. Our constitution was rejected but the process due to problems in the Department of elections took almost 20 days. When we finally called the department we were told the man who oversaw this department had just retired and our paperwork could not be located. When I told them it had been sent registered mail and I had the receipt, after a five minute pause they were able to find the Constitution. It was transferred to the Florida Department of State to a lawyer, why was I not surprised? We asked for e-mail notification of acceptance, none came, we asked again, none came, we called and a very agitated civil servant told us that three e-mails had been sent, we contacted our Internet server who searched all e-mail traffic to us from every name imaginable, they had lied. Another four days and we received our rejections notice via snail-mail with an outline document listing all of our delinquencies. We fixed them all and now our constitution was substantially longer than the U.S. constitution, only to turn up with another rejection and two caveats. We were informed on the telephone, not in writing, that the date for submission of an electors list had been moved from September 1 to July 15th, some 45 days, the goal posts had just been moved by the opposition. Since we were already in July ballot access was rapidly evaporating. Secondly they told us we were not a nationally recognized political party. The facts that we had been granted ballot access by the state of Colorado, had a national published monthly newspaper, operated a presidential web site (1) operated a national A3P web site (2) a Florida A3P-FL web site (3) and have listed on our national site offices in 11 states and two offices in Florida, and provided FEC (4) and a federal IRS EIN numbers was apparently irrelevant.

We speculate that a decision had been reached by the Republocrats in Tallahassee that they do not want some new upstart political party to upset their very comfortable lifestyles in any way; consequently steps would be taken by the bureaucracy to block A3P from ballot access in Florida.

We ask all readers regardless of party affiliation, who see the injustice of this to contact Rosanna Catalano at:
Secretary of State
Division of elections
Room 316
500 Borough St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2050
Tell # 850-245-6200

Thanks for your help.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Mitch Stevens says:

    I must admit that while government actions by no means surprise me, steps taken by the A3P leadership indeed do, but in a good way.

    I recently rejoined the party because it has become clear to me that you experienced gentlemen are not messing around.

    A write-up like the above only confirms my suspicion.

    Merlin Miller seems like a genuine badass, and with KMac on our side, who can be against us?

    Regards, fellow party members.

  2. Mitch Stevens says:

    While it is impossible to shock me with any more news about goverment attempts to silence the collective voice of legitimate Whtie Americans, what does shock me is that there are at least a few older mothers like you gents putting forth the effort to expose their scam(s) and to continually fight on.

    I tip my hat to you and have rejoined the party, newly emboldened by the thought that at least a few stalwart fellows care about me and my family.

    Merlin Miller seems like a genuine badass, and with KMac on our side, who can be against us?