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‘Europe is Finished,’ Leading Jewish Lawyer Says as he Leaves UK for Israel

So now after poor plebeians (modern civilians) have been suffering for years and complaining about mass immigration of non-whites into Europe, it seems that the rich elite class ignorant to our problems and often times pushing for more immigrants, have finally started to be affected themselves too on a personal level.

Now as they are starting to feel the heat of multiculturalism, instead of admitting its an error and trying to help us fix it by ending the immigration and discussing peaceful deportations of those that have already came to Europe without our consent, guess what the rich elitists are doing.

Europe is Finished

They are fleeing and leaving us with all the problems, which as they leave, we will never be capable of fixing them because in the end we are all just plebeians with no power. So perhaps the more Jews leave Europe for Israel, the slimmer our chances are of ever recovering from this.

So now he leaves, shows us the middle finger and he doesn’t care! Why leave now Mark Lewis??? Stay here and fix this mess!

The article doesn’t mention a word about Muslims but make no mistake about it, this isn’t the second rise of the brown shirts. Its Muslims who come from the Middle East, most of them hating the Jews because of the whole Palestine thing.

According to The Times of Israel:

‘It’s time to wander again,’ Mark Lewis tells fellow Jews facing rising anti-Semitism in Britain and across Europe.

A top British lawyer and his partner immigrated to Israel this week, citing rising anti-Semitism in Europe.

“Europe in my view is finished. Every day you see people being attacked in one way or another across Europe,” Mark Lewis told Israel’s Channel 10 news, which accompanied his arrival, together with partner Mandy Blumenthal, at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport.

“You see people murdered in museums in Belgium, people murdered in schools in France, people attacked in England. There is only one place for Jewish people to go,” Lewis added.

Stefan Molyneux caught up on this and asked a good question which we should all ask ourselves. Where do the Europeans go to??

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