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Red October 2013 Unite for White South Africans

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Date(s) - 10/10/2013
12:30 pm



Website: What is Red October?

Facebook: Click Here

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

We call on people across the World to raise their voices against the oppression of and violence against White South Africans!

On 10 October 2013 we will stage marches and gatherings across South Africa and the World to let everyone know that we have had ENOUGH!

We call on people all over the World to release RED Balloons into the skies, in protest against the inhumane Slaughter and Oppression of the White People of South Africa, at exactly 12.30pm local time on October 10, 2013!  This needs to stop and can no longer be ignored.


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  1. Truth-Teller says:

    The current situation in SA was conceived and created by Jewish people in South Africa. See: <a href="” target=”_blank”> <a href="” target=”_blank”>

  2. phillip says:

    The blacks in control of South Africa are criminals, we the oppressed white minority will fight for our rights

  3. Boetie says:

    It is time for white South Africans to demand our own space and our own leaders. It is and always has been quite obvious that our cultural differences are to great for us to live amongst the blacks.That is not to say we are superior or disrespectful to other racial groups, but our constitution has made that choice available to us as I understand it, so I would rarther live amongst my own thank you.

  4. roberto says:

    unfortunately the situation will be similar in europe

  5. Don Law says:

    Would someone please contact me re; coordination for Red October Rally in Portland?
    I am trying to arrange transport for Willamette Valley Northwest Front folks. Thanks. NF14

  6. Anele says:

    And who exactly is most people? There are 51 million South Africans who are exposed to violence and crime everyday. If we are going to fight crime and violence in the country why don’t we do it together. Mobilise all South Africans despite colour and fight a unified fight. Out of every 33 black people that are murdered in this country 1 is white.

    • American3P says:

      Miss, how many black South Africans are murdered by white South Africans?

      And what is wrong with white South Africans mobilizing against crimes that happen to their population?

      • Phile says:

        Your first comment makes this seem like a fight against a particular race.

        Poverty and Unemployment are major contributors to crime and unfortunately this is highest within the black population. This is of no surprise.

        The baggage we carry from history’s turn of events will haunt us forever.

      • whitesouthafrican says:

        Because they are mobilizing against black South Africans and not against criminality… our problems of this country (and we all live in this country together) can only solve things together. if we don’t even live together properly, how can we work together? Its impossible, of course, but what you do is to draw an even deeper gap between us all. You should use your energy, which you are wasting in anger and aggression in something like community work and to try and understand the different sides, overcome fear… that would be the right direction.

    • juan says:

      Because YOUR ANC does not sing songs killing black people. Stop hijacking this article.

  7. Phile says:

    This is saddening, especially from a “free” country. This seems like a racist driven initiative. What about the other races in South Africa who have been victims of these or even worse crimes? Fight the system, not the people.

    • American3P says:

      It is precisely because this is a "free" country that whites are driven to protest the racial targeting of South African whites. The genocide is racially driven. That's why we protest.

      • Phile says:

        I am a black South African who has been affected by crime. I am not against people taking a stand for justice, my main issue of concern is the fact that crime is a major problem in SA affecting ALL races and color. This will drive a wedge further deep between races worsening racial segregation in the country. It is a war we need to fight together, for Every South African. We are all targeted! “United we stand, divided we fall” …and we fall badly. Myopia might make us believe in the success of these protests and sober us up when results are not as those anticipated.

    • American3P says:

      Whites cannot fight for everybody. We have to represent ourselves because no one else will.

      • NeededChange says:

        The problem is that we continue to identify ourselves as black or white. As long as people still stereotype and associate human behaviors with certain races and feel the need identify eachother by race, we will continue to struggle with racism. We should forget about race! We are all human! Crime, particularly violent-crime, is a socio-economical issue that is aggravated by scarcity, poverty and lack of education. Along with corrupt politicians and union leaders, we are left with a desparate and aggravated population that ‘lashes out’ in frustration and anger. And because our countries leaders and politicians continue to bring up racial issues or make statements that aggrovate certain racial groups, these problems are not going to go away. We need to educate people to see through the political propaganda and hold our government accountable for their decisions and their actions as well as develop an understanding that we are all ‘South African’ and all deserve equal rights and opportunity. Race should no longer be a criteria for identification.

  8. Douw says:

    It is strange that the Communist Ideal are dying everywhere except South Africa ANC unofficially the African National Congress (Communist) doesn't matter it is the same thing, have made a pack with the Chinese Communist Party. Between 1950 -1994 Inkontwe Isiswe Militants were trained by the Communist before 1994 even one of our Earlier Black Leaders was a Terrorist, today he is a folk hero, but that is another story for another day, what Concern me is that he Chinese are flooding South Africa and Africa and the SA Government endorse the situation, in our land Thousands and Thousand are Jobless but the Government Official care less. They won't put a restrain on Immigrates they rather let there own suffer and create opportunities to enrich them self. Like Robert Mugabe Our president does the nothing to protect the White Farmers the exact ones that feeds the Nation, I say bring back the DEATH PENALTY! All this nonsense will stop!

  9. irene says:

    Why just for white people.. ALL WOMEN AND CHILDREN!!!

  10. Jenifer says:

    My guess is that political correctness keeps most people mute!

  11. makeup4art says:

    Thank you for advertising this for us! God has seen you!

  12. Thorsten says:

    It is so unfortunate that people are unaware of what is taking place in South Africa. Perhaps it's more a case of indifference as there are so many atrocities taking place all over the world.
    The mindless killing has to stop!! And those that instigate it should be named and shamed. What ever happened to reason and justice?!!
    Hate crimes should be exposed for what they are and the perpetrators held accountable!!

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