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Time To Replace Congress

Before the results of the last election were final we saw Republicans celebrating exactly like the Democrats celebrated when they won control of Congress and the Messiah was enthroned at the White House. Conservatives are acting the same way, as if some huge change has occurred and the “Republican are now going to save us!” Seriously,when has either party ever saved us?! The Republicans are just as responsible as the Democrats for the nightmares we find ourselves in.

Time To Replace Congress?

Truth is, there wasn’t much more turnover of incumbents than usual, which is typically about 15%. It appears that most of the turnover occurred because about 40 people decided to retire. This means that 85% of the incumbents that ran again, the same people that have betrayed our trust so many times we can’t count, are sill in office!

We threw away another golden opportunity to hold them ALL accountable. WE wasted another chance to FIRE THEM ALL! Far too many of us bought into the left/right paradigm again and failed to see we cannot afford to keep playing “their game.” When we do, we lose. It’s as certain as trying to beat the odds in Vegas. The House ALWAYS comes out on top when you play their games.

Time To Replace CongressWe have to become as ruthless with Congress critters as they are with us. We have to look at the election process with complete dispassion if we want to “actually” throw the bums out. We have to look at elections as a purely utilitarian act necessary to hold members of Congress accountable in the only way that we can, by removing them from office. At this point, it makes no difference who replaces an incumbent. None. What would make a difference is if incumbents were replaced en mass! If we did this just once, the whole game would change in ways we can’t even imagine. It would shake up the status quo like nothing else could.

In the next election the powers-that-be will do their best to fixate everyone’s attention on the totally controlled presidential race. Most everyone will ignore the heart of the problem, the Congress and become caught up in the presidential circus. The powers-that-be will once again con everyone into believing the most important issue is who the “El Presidente” is. They do this to drive everyone who still clings to a political identity into their respective camps. The powers-that-be know most people who vote still have strong political identities. Emphasizing the importance of these identities ensures that most of the vote will be split down the middle making most races fairly close, thus easy as pie to rig if necessary. All election results have to be is “believable.”

“Now my question isn’t about who is going to resign,” House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters. “My question is who’s going to jail over these scandals?”

Friends, it’s a CON. The whole game is a con aimed at convincing you that political ideology has some real meaning in politics. It doesn’t. It’s a charade that hides the fact that no matter which party appears to be in power, there is an underlying continuity of agenda that moves forward regardless of which party “seems” to be in control. Overall, both parties endorse and push big government and do nothing to rid government of banking and corporate control. Things have gone so far that there is no longer any meaningful distinction between government and big business. Criminal global banking cartels and their to-big-bail corporations have seized the coercive power of government and are using it to impose their will on us all.

The simple truth is, if Congress was doing its job, the Congress could set everything right. It’s not about El Presidente. It’s about Congress. The Congress has more power than the executive branch. Sure the President can sign or veto bills but the important point to remember is it all starts with Congress.

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