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Former Prime Minister of Hungary: Immigration is “Issue of Race and Ethnicity”

Former prime minister Péter Boross claimed that mass immigration into Hungary presents a challenge because of “race and ethnicity” rather than culture, writes.

In an interview for pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap, Boross, who was prime minister for seven months in 1993-94 after the death of József Antall, said that “Although no one has dared to say it so far, immigration is an issue of race and ethnicity, not of culture and civilization. It is so because millions of people speaking different languages and having different skin color from that of Europeans are entering Europe. They do not only have a different culture, but more importantly a different system of instincts accompanied by different biological and genetic capabilities.”

Peter BorossBoross expressed his agreement with the building of the border fence and insisted that “Viktor Orbán is doing everything in his power, but the government’s hands are often tied by EU law.” He also condemned the “opposition” media for showing the “human face” of refugees, while “humanistic considerations are of secondary importance to the fate of our nation in resolving this crisis.”

Not one European derived country is granting asylum to the South African Boer farmers, who are experiencing ethnic genocide daily, as refugees.

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