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Examining the United States on the Fourth of July

By Dan Poole | Happy Fourth! What does it mean to be an American? Put it another way, what is an American? The answers vary so much from person to person in the United States that there is no universal understanding of either of these questions.

Or maybe there is.

The consensus across the entire political spectrum is that Americans are not an ethnic group, for we share no common blood, religion, or culture. Liberals see a salad bowl or a “mosaic,” while conservatives and libertarians see a melting pot. But it’s all premised on the same belief: Diversity is good, diversity is strength, diversity is what makes America so peaceful.

A year ago today, yours truly argued that Americans are indeed an ethnic group. I’ve often referred to that group as the “traditional American majority,” which is derived from VDARE’s term, “the traditional American nation.” They’re all code words for “White people,” and neither I nor VDARE really try to hide that fact.

This argument was fatally flawed. It not only boxed all Whites into the same group in terms of blood and religion, but it was also premised on the assumption that conservative/libertarian ideas are good and liberal ideas are bad – an assumption that’s been shattered over the last 12 months for reasons that are beyond the scope of this article.

That brings us back to the United States. If Americans are not an ethnic group, as everyone across the spectrum agrees (even Michael Savage), than who are we? Quite simply, we are everything. Every race, every ethnicity, every religion, and for that matter, every creed. The so-called “self-evident truths” of “freedom” and “equality” don’t unite us, for there isn’t a first world nation that doesn’t swear by those “truths.” If everyone who swears by some pretentious delusional creed is an American, than the “American people” is just a code word for the Universal Brotherhood of Man.

Indeed, that’s what the United States was founded as. There is no mention of race, ethnicity, religion, or anything else that might actually unite a nation, in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Both are the charters of fanatical ideologues – “men” like Thomas Jefferson who envisioned an “Empire of Liberty.” As the wise Englishman Samuel Johnson observed back in 1785:

To a man of mere animal life, you can urge no argument against going to America, but that it will be some time before he will get the earth to produce. But a man of any intellectual enjoyment will not easily go and immerse himself and his posterity for ages in barbarism.

Johnson’s words proved prophetic, as James Kirkpatrick explained in his Superman article:

Robert Kaplan, in an oft-reprinted observation, noted that America, more than any other nation, may have been born to die. It is less noted that he said this while describing the American military as “behind the curve” in understanding this realization, as they still believe they are fighting for their country. More enlightened journalists, like Kaplan, understand these rubes who continue to fight and die for the Stars and Stripes are simply engaged in tying up the loose ends before the End of History, and are making the world safe for Madonna, multiculturalism, and Monsanto, rather than Mom, God, and Apple Pie.

So what did Robert Kaplan once say? It came from a speech on January 14, 1999:

Robert D. Kaplan views the United States as having no parallel in history. It will not be conquered or collapse like ancient civilizations but work itself out of history by becoming the world’s first international nation. It will become an economic junction point for the world’s most talented people, who, while residing here, will retain blood-and-soil links with their homelands.

Is this not exactly what the United States has become? Not only are the “American people” really just the Universal Brotherhood of Man, but the color that “unites” us is green: The almighty dollar. America, it turns out, is just a giant trading post. To disguise this fact, it’s morally bankrupt supporters at Conservatism Inc. defend it with non-sense about “timeless principles,” which is really just a way of saying that America is an ideological frat club – a frat club that everyone is invited to as long as they “swear allegiance” to the “self-evident truth that all men are created equal.” Conservatism Inc: Where we rail against George Soros so we can manufacture enough public support to get tax cuts for – yup, George Soros.

Meanwhile, they shake their fists with outrage when Democrats and Republicans “swear allegiance” to uphold the Constitution but don’t (allegedly) uphold the Constitution. The cognitive dissonance is astounding. It never occurs to them that, from the perspective of most immigrants, both White and non-white, “swearing allegiance” to the American creed is really just a disguise for swearing allegiance to the precious – and the “precious” is the almighty dollar. People will say anything to get what they’re desperate enough for.

To the extent they benefit the economy, they never actually “assimilate.” They always, without fail, radically change the culture. Doesn’t matter if they’re white or non-white. The descendants of European immigrants created the cultural revolutions of the 1960s, from Civil Rights to feminism to the war on poverty. Latino and Asian immigrants successfully transformed California from a libertarian caldron to a deep blue racial socialist state. Soon the entire country will follow suit, just like it did in the 1960s. As always, the dissenters will be dragged kicking and screaming until they are demoralized into submission. America is a continually mutating experiment in “liberty” and “equality.”

There is no single event in American history that sets the precedent for all this. There’s nothing that can be pointed to and said, “that’s where it all started going wrong.” The United States of America was a failure from the start. It was born to die. And it was born to die because it built its house on sand – the sand of money, and the sand of the universal brotherhood of man.

Its founders rejected their European Christian roots, substituting blood, soil, and tradition for civic nationalism and propositional fantasies. The moral worth of its citizens are not judged on how good of a father and mother they are, how good of a husband and wife they are, or how good of a son and daughter they are. Instead their moral worth is judged based on their economic value, hence the conservative obsession with “success stories.” If moral value is tied to the accumulation of wealth, than George Soros is one of the most righteous men to ever walk this planet. “But but, he funds things I don’t like!” Too bad. You made the table. Now eat from it.

Luckily, it seems like there are an increasing number of Whites who would rather flip the table over than eat from it like they’ve been doing for decades. Just look at this admission from David Azerrad of the Heritage Foundation:

Yet some conservatives worry that Obama may actually be right. They wonder out loud whether all the talk of equality and liberty doesn’t set the stage for the egalitarianism and licentiousness of modern liberalism. They are wary of rights and wonder why the Declaration doesn’t talk more of duty, community, and family.

As another anecdotal example, loot at the backlash Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller received in the comment section when he argued that Western Civilization has no connection to the White Christian people who founded it. Sometimes it takes just one spark to start a fire, and hopefully an increasing number of Whites like the Daily Caller commenters and the people Azerrod speaks of come to see the need to put a nail in the coffin of this “empire of liberty” that couldn’t have ever become anything different than what it’s become.

Dan Poole, Detroit Political Buzz Examiner, is a 2012 graduate of Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, with a BA in Political Science and a Minor in History. He supports policies that work for his people and his nation. He’s also a proud, life-long native of Southeast Michigan

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