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Free America Rally! Celebrates White Pride Day

White Pride World Wide EvolutionMarch 21st is internationally known as “White Pride World Wide Day.” While the day is not yet officially recognized by any national governments, this may eventually change. White people, like other people, enjoy celebrating good parts of ourselves and celebrating our Western heritage, and it would be of great benefit to our people if more of us were to become aware of and take part in a holiday of this sort, as a collective recognitions of our contributions to the world. Free America Rally! celebrated the day anyway!

It is asked why we should need such a holiday, why we would need to celebrate our “whiteness.” A celebration of being white is a celebration of Western Civilization. In his 2003 book, Human Accomplishment: Pursuit of Excellence in the Arts and Sciences, 800 BC to 1950, Charles Murray argued that the great artistic and scientific accomplishments were overwhelmingly European. ”What the human species is today,” he wrote, “it owes in astonishing degree to what was accomplished in just half a dozen centuries by the peoples of one small portion of the northwestern Eurasian land mass.” Murray concluded he concluded that “whether measured in people or events, 97 percent of accomplishment in the sciences occurred in Europe and North America” from 800 BC to 1950.

As is well known, white people also have a problem getting along with one another. A holiday celebrating our international kinship is of benefit not only to us but people everywhere. A borderless celebration of non-aggression amongst whites (after decades of genetic loss)might be the very thing the world needs most.

Most people are by nature conservative, and this is especially true of whites. New ideas are not only usually a cause for caution amongst whites, but it can happen that even the best of ideas becomes a target of our vociferous opposition, especially when the idea is in conflict with what we perceive as a popular status quo.

Knowing this to be the case, Free America Rally activists in California, New York, and Oregon nevertheless took to the streets on Saturday, March 23rd (the weekend nearest to the 21st and coinciding with another White Pride World Wide event taking place in New Zealand) to spread word of this new and potentially beneficial holiday to people in our local communities.

FAR activists from New York dumbfounded pedestrians in Manhattan by unveiling a White Pride World Wide flag alongside the Free America Rally banner at Plaza Square, outside the famous Plaza Hotel. FAR’s New York team reported that passersby were mostly confused as to the nature of the demonstration, presumably never having seen such a sight in their lives. While numerous people walked up to gawk at the FAR banner and White Pride World Wide flags, few actually took any literature or spoke with an activist, which would have required reshaping the donut hole-like expression haven overtaken the faces of anyone in the area who saw the words “White Pride.”

In California, FAR activists set up booths and held flags and signs outside of a shopping complex in San Leandro, in the Central Valley. Activists there report a relatively successful campaign, meeting no opposition and encountering numerous interested passersby, passing out over 150 Free America Rally 4”x6” postcard pamphlets.

Oregon’s White Pride World Wide demonstration took place in the center of the state, near to the capitol of Salem. Selecting one corner of a highly trafficked intersection, Oregon FAR activists set up their “Truth Booth” table and several banners from various nationalist organizations represented at the demonstration, including the American Freedom Party, the Council of Conservative Citizens, and Northwest Front. Added to these materials were numerous White Pride World Wide flags and t-shirts, FAR’s “Who We Are” postcards for distribution, signs reading (White Pride World Wide), and even a bagpipe player. All in all, a rather presentable group, it must be said.

In trying to organize demonstrations for White Pride Worldwide Day, Free America Rally local coordinators encountered a surprising level of hesitation and fear on the part of potential attendees, despite many of these same folks having been eager participants in last month’s FAR demonstrations against illegal and mass immigration. The increased anxiety surrounding attendance at our white pride rallies was not due to any lack of sympathy with the event theme, as people have been adamant in pointing out. Rather, the fear was based on an expectation of the negative reaction holders of such a white pride demo would receive from the general public.

For the most part, these fears proved warranted, as FAR activists across the country reported receiving middle fingers from children as young as twelve and women as old as eighty. Getting yelled at by a family of blondes is never fun nor is having to speak with police, reporters, and hostile parking lot security guards. While it is bad enough to have to experience a hostile “Islander” (Pacific?) offer opinions concerning the nature of white identity, it can be extremely painful to have the very people we are trying to reach tell us we are morally suspect, if not downright bad, for spending our free time, hard-earned money, and intellectual effort on a hail-Mary-like attempt at helping their children.

Free America Rally activists know the situation, and we know what to expect as activists for a cause that is not popular at the moment. Our men and women, however, being brainy types, read books now and then and, therefore, understand life is not a stagnant process. Popular trends are more changeable than a child’s mood. Loved today and hated tomorrow and vice versa.

Our goal is not as much to change the world but, instead, to change ourselves first and then the “movement.” Excessive fear can be a bad thing, and so we reject being too afraid of what people think about us at this point. We hope others will adopt this view. We also understand that the infrastructure necessary for a successful political movement must be built now if we can ever hope to attract large numbers of people once the political tide begins to shift in our favor. This means creating a national activist network as much as it does the putting together of pamphlets, banners, websites, etc.

Free America Rally activists would also especially like to thank everyone who donated money in the run-up to our WPWW Day demonstrations. Our first event, the February protests against the flooding of our country with immigrants, was paid for by only a few FAR activists, an obviously unsustainable mode of operation. Saturday’s White Pride World Wide Day events were almost entirely paid for by the generosity of contributors not directly affiliated with the FAR project, making the event virtually free for everyone who participated. Time is money. To contribute both is a double sacrifice. To continue our growth FAR must have the financial means to do so. To everyone who donated to White Pride Day, we are genuinely thankful. To help fund future events folks may donate on our Donate page.

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