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Generation Identity USA Interview

Generation Identity has its first branch outside of Europe in America, and it’s ready to take action!

Despite a majority European presence, Generation Identity has expanded into America to support the European culture and ideas of the European New Right. France, Austria, and Poland are gaining political ground against the destruction caused by the infinite Marxist; 68ers. America was initially founded by Europeans and The European Guardian believes Americans should fight for what their ancestors fought for, America itself. Generation Identity hopes to inspire and connect to start a youth movement. You can join and be active in fighting for our identity by becoming a member!

Could you briefly explain what the Generation Identity movement is, in your own words?

The Generation Identity movement is an effort to get European American youth (16-17) and young adults (18-30) active in their own future. They have been, in many cases, trained to be self-dismissive, passive, and pathologically altruistic by their parents, teachers, and pop culture. This perversion of Anglo-American culture into something loathsome and shameful has reinforced the self-loathing and sense of powerlessness in our youth. Generation Identity seeks to reverse those effects and restore the rightful pride in their people and heritage to European American youth.

Could you tell us a bit about yourselves and what motivated you to start the American branch of Generation identity?

The co-founders of Generation Identity US are military veterans (Marine Corps and Army respectively) and have been involved in identitarian movements for over a decade. The catalyst that started us thinking about establishing Generation Identity US was when we learned of the steady demographic decline of European Americans caused by a below replacement fertility rate and the fact that our recently born children represented less than 50% of all children born in the US at that time. We realized that we are facing cultural, and eventually, racial extinction. Government at all levels has been aware of this for generations and has only made conditions worse through policies that attack the ability of European Americans to reverse these demographic trends. The only way to save ourselves is to educate the current and future generations of European American youth on the value of their people and the legacy of greatness that has been passed down to them by countless generations in Europe and many generations in America.

Apart from setting up regional chapters, how do you intend to spread out to encompass as much of USA as possible?

We intend to setup local direct action groups representing cities or counties. There are youth across the country already who have communicated their desire to be involved with Generation Identity. The encompassing is already done. We are in the process of identifying and vetting potential leaders of local action groups. As we identify significant active interest in a locality, we will send the designated leader training, standards of conduct and procedural documents and materials to use in recruiting and educational campaigns.

Generation Identity US

What do you hope to accomplish in the long term?

Our long term goal is to encourage European American youth to see themselves as an integral part of an organic culture that exists to see them flourish. The outward signs of that would be European American youth working on and becoming good spouses and parents, getting out among their neighbors to do service and taking control of their local governments to insure that their towns and cities reflect their culture.

“If we are not in the streets, we don’t exist” – Markus Willinger; how active on the streets do you intend for GI USA to be?

Just as in Europe, Generation Identity members will turn off the TVs and go into the streets. Nothing can be accomplished in front of our TVs, but the slow poisoning of our minds. We need to be in the streets getting to know our people, helping them and encouraging them. We need to send a public sign to the aliens that we are not rolling over and giving them our streets and towns. We will take back what is ours.

Could you tell us more about the regional chapters you intend to set up?

Rather than regional chapters, we look to setup direct action groups at town, city and occasionally, county level. Their name describes what they do. They take direct action in the form of recruiting, education and public demonstrations. Ours is not so much a youth movement, but youth in motion, doing things to help themselves and others.

How concerned are you over your public image, and how will you attempt to keep a clean public image?

Our public image is important as we are a public facing organization. We expect a high standard of conduct from our members. Members who decide not to act according to our standards of conduct will lose their membership.

How closely does Generation Identity US intend to follow the image of Generation Identity’s European roots?

As European Americans, our roots are in Europe. We will always seek to keep faith with our European contemporaries by emulating their course as closely as we can.

One large difference between USA and Europe is that most European countries are ethnostates, whereas USA has no such foundation. Do you feel that this conflicts with Generation Identity ideals, and how do you intend to work around this?

The original thirteen British colonies and later United States, were in fact, ethnostates. American history shows us what ethnostates look like. We can imagine that ethnostates, for European Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans could exist one day. There could be multi-ethnic states in between them. These could even exist within the current states. We do not claim to know what the distant future looks like. What we do claim to know is that an America without the descendants of the founding stock will be a much poorer place. We intend to keep that from happening.

How do you intend to handle media bias against you, and how will you make sure that you earn you fair share of media attention?

Nobody can ‘handle’ or manage media bias, so we will work around it. There are many more ways to communicate with people in their homes than the baby boomers had. As long as the Internet is accessible to us, there is a way. As long as we are meeting and talking to people in the streets, there is a way.

One other challenge you face in USA is the two party system which makes it impossible for the introduction of anti-immigration or right wing populist parties into the mainstream. Do you feel that this will be a challenge to the identitarian uprising in USA?

Political factions ultimately do the bidding of the leaders of those factions. The factions grow according to the number of their supporters in the population. We need to increase our numbers in the population and reduce the numbers of aliens though the agitation of any dominant political parties and our actions at the local level.

Generation Identity BookIf you could change one thing about the original book, what would it be and why?

If you are talking about ‘Generation Identity’ by Markus Willinger, I wouldn’t change anything about it. It is his book, written from his world view. We take what we need from it, which by the way, is the vast majority of it, and fill in the blanks for ourselves. European Americans are confronted with many of the same problems as our European counterparts, particularly the ‘Great Replacement’ occurring on the European continent and in countries belonging to the European diaspora such as the United States and Canada. However, there are some minor differences, as well. Thus, while Generation Identity US will remain a part of a pan-European effort, it will have a particularly American feel to it that will be expressed in catering to those minor differences.

What other challenges do you feel Generation Identity will face that are specific to the United States?

Well, the population of the United States is the same as that of Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain combined. Distance is a challenge, too. Most European countries can be crossed in a day or less by car. We will employ appropriate technologies to mitigate those challenges. The European ethnic populations in America are dispersed in many cases. Fortunately, European Americans have developed a pan-European view of European ethnicity as many members of Generation Identity in Europe say that they have. We get along easily despite being of British, German or whatever descent.


[SOURCE: The European Guardian, Written by Alexandra von Hohenfels and August Matthaus]

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    Hello my name is Logan Wyatt, I have researched this group for some time now and I am so eager to join this beautiful movement. How do I do this? What must I do?